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What are some common mistakes newbies make in preparing for a cross country road

  1. Ken R. Abell profile image82
    Ken R. Abellposted 7 years ago

    What are some common mistakes newbies make in preparing for a cross country road trip?

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    CASunshine33posted 7 years ago

    Failing to get organized and make a checklist prior to a cross country trip including...
    1.  Maintenance of vehicle
    2.  (Using a GPS device) will help locate gas stations etc.

    * As I often travel alone, this minor pre-travel activities are important.

    3.  Look up activities in local cities you plan to visit.  Smaller
         towns always see to have some parade or local event
         including farmers markets.
    4.  Take an ice chest - save $$$
    5.  Make checklist for each person in your family and have
         them pre-pack themselves.

    Planning should start right after your last trip for the items that you forgot....

  3. profile image47
    joyce.blueposted 7 years ago

    Being unprepared and thinking that everything will go the way they planned it, not anticipating what may happen next.

  4. Powerful Pierre profile image79
    Powerful Pierreposted 7 years ago

    Well since Flo BE and I just did one last year the biggest booboo on my part was not considering ALL the mileage and time required daily to achieve the goal and the return trip. Though Flo BE helped me organize everything we thought could happen, we missed the human factor. when we would tire, have to pee or go eat, when to quit the daily driving cuz @59 I haven't got the stamina I had at 30. Getting stuck for traffic snarls, construction, animals crossing the road, or unexpected stops were never considered until they happened, then you gotta wing it as best as possible. O yea and carry a freakin map of your destination to avoid getting off to Timbuktu and wasting time. NEXT time I fly  LOL.

  5. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    In general, they over prepare.  They take too much with them.  They do not give due consideration to dressing in layers to cover their weather changes thus they take far too many clothes.  They focus so much on the planning that they kill the spontaniety which could make the cross-country trip an adventure instead of a game plan laid out to follow day by day.  I remember an unfortunate trip my family made to the Grand Canyon which turned out to be something none of us wanted to do by the time we got there but me, being me, is bound and determined that everyone was going to the damn Grand Canyon and we were all going to like it!  I have since had time to reflect on that position and find my position undefensible.  WB

  6. 50 Caliber profile image61
    50 Caliberposted 7 years ago

    #1. Not considering finances. Thinking you can take 1 credit card
          for fuel expenses, only to find that the card ends up getting denied after X amount of charges 1,500 miles from getting back home, thus calling and getting a friend to wire money to them after sleeping in their car 3 nights.
    Travelers Checks are your friend.

    #2 Not checking firearm laws for every state they intend to cross,
         as to type allowed and ammo in car, gun locked in trunk. 3 days in jail, $800.00 pistol confiscation, fined, yet convicted, sentence suspended.

    #3 Full service of vehicle, battery test, brake inspection. All
         roadside break downs will cost more than a front and rear brake job at home.

    #4 Adding water and food rations to vehicle encase of prolonged
         road side sit due to #3

    #5 Adding safety signaling devices to notify oncoming traffic of
         broke down vehicle.

    #6 lawn chairs/blankets to sit or lay on well away from vehicle
         while waiting, to alleviate being injured in the event a cell phone talker hits the vehicle by crossing out of the lane.

    #7 Buy towing and replacement rental car insurance for the     
         longevity of the trip.

  7. GNelson profile image78
    GNelsonposted 7 years ago

    They don't get off the interstate and travel the two lanes.