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What are some Common Mistakes people make when Getting a Haircut?

  1. J.S.Matthew profile image83
    J.S.Matthewposted 6 years ago

    What are some Common Mistakes people make when Getting a Haircut?

  2. cebutouristspot profile image76
    cebutouristspotposted 6 years ago

    Actually I dont know what are the diffrent haircut.  So when I go to a barber shp I always just say clean cut and its up to you to make it nice smile  So I guess my mistake is not knowing the different haircut.

  3. petenali profile image86
    petenaliposted 6 years ago

    My wife's best friend cuts my hair and the biggest mistake is when I take my wife with me when I go. My hairdresser spends too much time chatting with my wife and not enough time concentrating on cutting my hair!

  4. callieGp profile image58
    callieGpposted 6 years ago

    They will assume that it looked good on someone else. So why wouldn't it look on the person getting the haircut

  5. ChristyWrites profile image82
    ChristyWritesposted 6 years ago

    I would say a common mistake is bringing in a photo from a magazine of a celebrity who you want to look like. Recognize that many photos are enhanced before publishing by being air-brushed etc. Don't have unrealistic expectations of how you will look at the end of the hair appointment.

  6. Julie Jensen profile image58
    Julie Jensenposted 6 years ago

    Not listening to the advice of your hairdresser is one. Another is keeping the same exact style for twenty years!

  7. lauraatkin profile image58
    lauraatkinposted 6 years ago

    When I look through magazines, flip through 'haircut photo-books' or even scroll through blogs online - - I find myself drooling over the ever so bettering looks and locks of the tv/movie/music industry's A listers.
    The only thing I always forget is, I don't even come close to looking ANYTHING like Jennifer Aniston.
    This is where myself, and everyone else make the biggest mistake.
    OUR FACES AREN'T ON THE BIG SCREENS FOR A GOOD REASON. They're not perfect. (or airbrushed....)
    Let's get real people.... if i had her face, heck yes ANY hair style would look 100% glamorous on me. Alas, I wasn't birthed from superstars.

    I went into my stylist's shop one day, happy and confident in knowing that the magazine photo i held in my hand was going to change my life forever.
    When I sat down and presented my stylist with said photo, she giggled and said "Hunny, that is going to look awful on you."
    You know what I said? "THANK YOU!!!"
    She saved me from an embarrassing cut, and probably a lot of money from NOT buying dumb hats to cover it up.

    Just remember. We all have different face shapes. Different skin tones. Not all cuts and colors flatter. (unless you're the spawn of supermodels)

  8. prism3x profile image38
    prism3xposted 6 years ago

    Thinking the latest haircuts will look good on everybody including yourself.  Then again  there are people you try newer looks!

  9. rLcasaLme profile image74
    rLcasaLmeposted 6 years ago

    You wanna know the biggest mistake one could ever commit?
    That is when one does not say what he/she does not like. It's pretty normal to say what haircut style you like, but your perception and the haircutter's perception of a particular hairstyle might vary a little. I've already got frustrated so many times that I really need to specify what I like and don't like in my later visits. I have learned my lesson. Take it from me.

  10. old albion profile image71
    old albionposted 6 years ago

    What the client must understand is that a haircut must suit her face. In general terms a long face should have a style which is low on the top and fuller on the sides. This 'shortens' the face. With a 'full' or 'round face' the style should have some height and be short on the sides. This makes the face appear more 'slender' Should the client not want her hair short on the sides, then a style which takes the hair back from the face should be chosen.
    Always ensure the client that you can cut her hair in the requested style, but ensure that she understands that she will not look like the Glamorous Model in the photograph.
    Best Wishes.