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  1. Kadmiels profile image52
    Kadmielsposted 8 years ago

    Are there any Expats on Hubpages?? if so what country are you in ??

    1. TraveLapland profile image71
      TraveLaplandposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Kadmiels. We moved to Northern Sweden from England over five years ago.  We love our new lives and could not go back to our old way of life as much as we enjoyed it when were were younger.

      We have many friends who have moved away from the UK.  Some as far as Argentina and Australia, but also Spain, France, Norway and Southern Ireland.

      Everyone we know moved under their own volition and not through work.  All to start a new life.  Some had the luxury of an early pension and others like us just needing a change when hitting forty years of age.

      We have learnt a reasonable amount of Swedish and can now chat with the 70 year old's that crossed the street a few years ago for fear of having to speak English with us.  Swedes are generally very modest about their excellent command of English. 

      Children take compulsory English lessons from age 8 or 9 and are well versed in English and American slang very quickly due to the large presence of both countries TV programmes aired every day, not to mention music and computer games and of course the internet.

      As the winters are long, the children have plenty of time to watch TV and use the internet.  We have real seasons up here in the north.  It is now the beginning of October and we have +14c in the daytime and -8c at night.  From midsummer through to midwinter we lose about 7 or 8 minutes a day. 

      One Christmas we sat indoors looking outside at -36c.  On days with those temperatures, most people leave their cars running outside of the supermarket when they are shopping. We have to plug our cars in 2 hours before using them most of the wintertime and then six months later in July I will be painting our house in shorts burning in +30c.

      It really is like living in two different worlds.  I could not imagine leaving now.smile

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    ryankettposted 8 years ago

    You realise that the term 'Expat' can be applied to people from any country that lives outside of their country?

    That is many people. Misha is a Russian expat, Sufidreamer is a British expat..... Eaglekiwi is a Kiwi expat.....

    1. Kadmiels profile image52
      Kadmielsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Yes i understand what expat is..It is nice to know where people are from when they have left there own coutnry and where they are headed. i wonder if anyone has any tips for a new expat?

      1. sannyasinman profile image61
        sannyasinmanposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Whatever country you go to, learn the language, and mix with the local people. Your experience will be so much more rewarding. Guaranteed!

    2. awsydney profile image57
      awsydneyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Just a clarification, I think if a person become a citizen of the country outside the country of birth, he/she is no longer an expat, unless the resident country recognises dual citizenship. Eg, if Eaglekiwi takes up US citizenship, she is no longer an expat, unless NZ allows dual citizenship which I think it does. smile

  3. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    I'm one Kad. What do you want to know?

    Calma Ryan ... calma (portuguese for calm Ryan Calm - learn with the frog wink)

  4. sannyasinman profile image61
    sannyasinmanposted 8 years ago

    I am an English Ex-pat currently living in Costa Rica. Before that I was an ex-pat in Switzerland, Austria, Japan and France. Most ex-pats are moved to the country in question by their employer - an assisted move with all expenses paid, accomodation provided etc. I have experienced this twice (Switzerland and Autria). But I have also moved to a different country totally under my own steam (Costa Rica, Japan and France). This is much more difficult, but also a much richer experience.
    For example, it took me three weeks to be able to pay my property taxes in Costa Rica. I kept turning up at the Municipality with the money, but they would not accept it until all of the proper legal documents were present and correct. This meant standing in long lines at various government offices, explaining in pigeon Spanish what I needed etc. Great fun!
    AND learning the local language is a must - although I know many ex-pats who don't bother. An American in Austria told me he would not bother to learn German because when he went home he could travel 2000 miles and everyone spoke English, so what was the point. He missed out on so much!
    So as a result of my residing in various countries, I speak Fluent French, some Spanish, some German, a tiny bit of Japanese, and pretty good English (:-).

    1. tantrum profile image60
      tantrumposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Pura vida !! Enjoy Costa Rica !

      1. sannyasinman profile image61
        sannyasinmanposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks, I am doing my best!

  5. SunSeven profile image61
    SunSevenposted 8 years ago

    Indian, Living in Singapore at the moment. smile

  6. Eaglekiwi profile image81
    Eaglekiwiposted 8 years ago

    My only advice would be dont try and change the country to fit you , you fit in with it wink ie learn the language  and /or traditions, get to know ya neighbour,eat the food, smile alot smile

    P.S Im part way through learning Americakiwi lol  Cracker idea ,aight!!

    1. tksensei profile image61
      tksenseiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Very good points!

  7. Misha profile image74
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    Yeah, as Ryan said, Russian expat in the USA. smile

    1. Eaglekiwi profile image81
      Eaglekiwiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      How long you been in the states for now Misha?

  8. Misha profile image74
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    10 years as of next Monday smile

    1. Eaglekiwi profile image81
      Eaglekiwiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Wow how cool , you must like it then.

      I have been here only 7 months.

      Happy Anniversary for Monday smile

  9. Marisa Wright profile image99
    Marisa Wrightposted 8 years ago

    I'm originally from Scotland. I have been an expat in England (yes, to us Scots, England does count as another country!) and in Africa. 

    I now live in Australia but I became a citizen so I'm no longer an "expat" under your definition - or mine, for that matter.  I've considered myself an Aussie ever since I went "home" to visit my folks in Scotland, a couple of years after I emigrated, and found myself feeling homesick for Sydney!

  10. The Farmers Wife profile image59
    The Farmers Wifeposted 7 years ago

    Am originally from London but now live on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. I tried living in Spain in 98 but only managed a year.

    I'm mad about ancient sites and history, so as well as having good weather for most of the year, there is also so much to see and many adventures to be had!!

    Love also the food, the people and of course, my native husband and huge family!

    I have to say I sometimes miss the hustle and bustle of City Life though.

  11. NorDac profile image58
    NorDacposted 7 years ago

    Well, originally from the US, Northern California. Now living in the Dominican Republic