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Where are the best Cornwall skinny-dipping places, please ?

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    Graham174posted 5 years ago

    Where are the best Cornwall skinny-dipping places, please ?

    I am preparing a national magazine article about naturism in Cornwall and would much appreciate some (paid) help, if that appeals to you, please ? I want to make it original and
    not just another beach review, so some human interest needs to go in, along with some less
    well-known scenic locations. Happy to share fees 50/50 with you.

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    decor-girlposted 5 years ago

    Hi Graham, thanks for your comments, I will have a think abiout some suggestions and come back to you, whats the deadline on this?

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      Graham174posted 5 years agoin reply to this


      Let's hope the weather will be turning warmer soon ! Any more thoughts on my publication offer, please ?   Best wishes, Graham

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    Graham174posted 5 years ago


    Thank you for your reply.

    The magazine publishes every month and the deadline is the 20th. An absolute
    must though is photo's taken on a sunny day (There need to be about 4 photo's)
    as gloomy or rainy days just don't cut it !  They asked me to supply several
    pieces last year but the dreadful Summer weather put an end to it. I'm also
    thinking in terms of a small guide-book for later, to be published probably as an
    e-book, to get search-engine sales without printing costs. Naturism is now
    going mainstream and there is a huge market to be tapped, especially ordinary
    folk who do not want to be viewed as eccentric !

    You could easily add a day-trip project like this to your hub portfolio, which
    would greatly boost it's rankings. I was very flattered when Country Life showed interest a year ago, but they only do a coast issue every May, and I could not get it ready in time - perhaps we could get one ready for next May ?

    Hope this apeals to you - I really liked your piece about the Lost Gardens,
    and will try to read the others shortly.

    Best wishes,