What can you do or see in Italy?

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    Crystal Conceptsposted 5 years ago

    What can you do or see in Italy?

    What did you do in Italy? Did you join any tours? What were they like? What did u see? We're the tours expensive?
    Where did you stay? What was it like? Was it expensive or cheap? Did it come with breakfast? What facilities did the place have?
    How did u get there?

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    mjkearnposted 5 years ago

    I'm relatively new here and hadn't seen this before, a question or questions asked of another hubber.

    I visited the silhouette profile and as it blank, I conclude that this hubber had poor quality whatever and as there is nothing left now, I assume they have gone their merry way.

    I would just like to say, well done and good job, if this was another way of flagging. I have spent many many hours in the learning centre and have attempted to produce quality work.

    I respect more experience hubbers and understand the amount of thought and work it takes to produce a good hub and the annoyance when, "I want it easy and I don't want to work" types show up.

    I must say I like this and your approach. Hammer with questions if you think the author doesn't know what they are talking about.

    I must bookmark this. As an aside I came across a hubber who seems to know a lot about Southern Italy for those who might be interested.

    The authors name is Suzie HQ.

    I presume it is ok to recommend another hubber,