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Hey, i'm Bhargvi Sharma.

I love Reading & writing poems. I have written some poems about my experiences & feelings.Moreover i am reading freak i can read any kind of stuff that catches my eyes.

I had tried writing poems & articles read them out & tell me
your feedback.
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  • Exorcising Ghosts and Spirits

    Exorcising Ghosts and Spirits

    4 years ago

    Stories about having been accosted by ghosts and troubled by spirits are often hair-raising. Mostly one hears of such stories and sensational accounts in villages or undeveloped area where ignorance is high. Sleazy and...

  • Diabetes- It's Sugar Free

    Diabetes- It's Sugar Free

    4 years ago

    Today Diabetes become very common among the world population as every 5 out of 10 is facing the problem of Diabetes and that is why 27 June is considered and celebrated as a World Diabetes Day on which the awareness...

  • I'm Afraid of

    I'm Afraid of

    5 years ago

    I'm not afraid of brightness, I'm afraid of darkness. I'm not afraid of dreaming, I'm afraid of not being fulfilled. I'm not afraid of loving someone, I'm afraid of not being loved back. I'm not afraid of caring,...

  • Conquering your Weakness

    Conquering your Weakness

    3 years ago

    A famous Quote "A man who can't believe in himself, can't believe in anything else". So believe in yourself & always remember everything happens for a right reason. We never know our limits without our skills being...

  • A Certain Changeover

    A Certain Changeover

    5 years ago

    A simple girl, I used to be, With Heart so pure, Not all could see. So Sweet, so Quiet, so Shy, With innocence Creeping High & High. But!!! See what a trick, Time did Play. The innocence Vanished all its way. I Have...

  • A Affair to remember

    A Affair to remember

    4 years ago

    In the solitude of the night, When the clocks are ticking, My beloved and I, Sit under the oblivion, Where dreams come true, Not just mine but yours too!!! In the wet and cherry rainy, we sit under the air...