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Hi, I'm Mulberry. I've lived a number of places in my lifetime but now call a small town in Indiana my home. I am the owner of Home Media Store and have been creating Squidoo pages on the side since 2007. You'll also find a my writings scattered across a vareity of other sites such as HubPages, Qondio, EzineArticles, InfoBarrel, and others.

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  • Freezerless Refrigerator

    Freezerless Refrigerator

    2 years ago

    Sometimes all you need is a refrigerator, no freezer. Luckily there are freezerless refrigerator models on the market. They are also known as "all refrigerator" units. But either way, they give you a way of safely...

  • All About Green Beans

    All About Green Beans

    2 years ago

    I do, I love green beans. I like them steamed, sauted, cooked in casseroles, and even when they're served with just with a few of the right seasonings too. I like them best when they are fresh. No green bean is as good...

  • Electronic Writing Pad

    Electronic Writing Pad

    2 years ago

    An electronic writing pad can go by many names; digital memo pad, electronic writing tablet, digital writing pad, electronic tablet, and several other monikers are common. But in general what these devices do is allow...

  • Portable Door Alarm

    Portable Door Alarm

    2 years ago

    Doors are a preferred target for would-be home invaders. Many intrusions are stopped by a door that is simply too difficult to break down or break through. Portable door alarms are often preferred since they require...

  • Wainscoting Ideas

    Wainscoting Ideas

    2 years ago

    Wainscoting has a number of advantages. Firstly, it can be an excellent design decision. Whether you prefer a cottage style beadboard wainscoting or a more traditional/formal wainscoting, both can add a lot of appeal to...

  • Outdoor Cat Shelter

    Outdoor Cat Shelter

    2 years ago

    If you care for cats who live outdoors, then you need to learn how to keep them safe from winter's wrath with an outdoor cat shelter. Here are the practical tips you need.

  • Text Only Plans

    Text Only Plans

    2 years ago

    For many people voice calling is not a primary method of communication on their cell phone. Text messaging is their preferred mode. For these individuals, it makes no sense to pay fees for voice services they seldom or...

  • Language Development Activities for PreSchool Age Children

    Language Development Activities for PreSchool Age Children

    2 years ago

    Many years ago while I was in school, I had the chance to co-lead a preschool language stimulation class. It was a lot of hard work, and it taxed my brain to come up with fun and creative ways to stimulate minds and...

  • A Look Back at 1970s Toys

    A Look Back at 1970s Toys

    2 years ago

    If you were a kid in the 1970's then you might have some fun remembering some of the games and toys you had. Of course, some of them are still around today, even if in a more modern format. On this page you can...

  • How To Choose Medical Alert Systems

    How To Choose Medical Alert Systems

    2 years ago

    Many millions of us find ourselves taking care of elderly parents or other loved ones who are trying to continue to live independently in their own home. We may worry because we know that their balance is poor or their...

  • Finding a Phone for Calls, Only Calls.

    Finding a Phone for Calls, Only Calls.

    2 years ago

    Cell phones are great little tools and entertainment devices. Many of them can access the web, take pictures and even video, let you read your e-mail, text message others, and even provide you with video and audio...

  • The Influence of Advertising

    The Influence of Advertising

    2 years ago

    The influence of advertising on our lives, for both children and adults, has changed over the years. In the early days, advertising for toys and other products for children was primarily targeted toward parents and...

  • The Best Cell Phones for Music Lovers

    The Best Cell Phones for Music Lovers

    2 years ago

    Cell phones offer a number of great of functions. Of course, all phones provide calling but from there, things get more individualized. Some people prioritize fast and easy texting, others want a camera that can produce...

  • Best Camcorders for Still Pictures

    Best Camcorders for Still Pictures

    2 years ago

    Many camcorders on the market are capable of taking still photos in addition to recording video footage. The question that many consumers have however is whether or not these devices can do double duty well enough so...

  • Cell Phones for Seniors

    Cell Phones for Seniors

    2 years ago

    Why would cell phones for seniors need to be any different than typical phones? For many of us, as we get older our needs change. In some instances, a senior may find they need a cell phone that is easier to handle,...

  • Influence of Media on Children

    Influence of Media on Children

    2 years ago

    Have you ever wondered about the influence of media on children? Television can be a powerful entertainment and education tool for children given the right programming. However, studies have shown that television, and...

  • Text Messaging Help

    Text Messaging Help

    2 years ago

    Text messaging is a great communication tool. It allows quick and easy messaging that's less disruptive than a voice call but more immediate than e-mail and it potentially allows for true two-way communication. However,...