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Finally made over 500,000 views!

  1. Stacie L profile image87
    Stacie Lposted 12 days ago

    I have been watching and waiting for this milestone over 8 years and it's finally happened! I see that I have over 500,000 views today.
    The last six months have increased tremendously .so thanks to HP's positive changes, I have achieved this goal...and now looking forward to 1,000,000. big_smile

    1. Ashish Dadgaa profile image83
      Ashish Dadgaaposted 12 days ago in reply to this


      Wow, Congratulations smile
      I wish you best wishes that you reach 1,000,000 very very soon smile

      Happy Hubbing smile

    2. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 12 days ago in reply to this

      Congratulations! Great work. smile

    3. kenneth avery profile image82
      kenneth averyposted 12 days ago in reply to this

      @Stacie, wow! Congratulations and keep up the fine work!

    4. sallybea profile image96
      sallybeaposted 12 days ago in reply to this

      Well done Stacie, that is quite an achievement.

    5. Terrielynn1 profile image81
      Terrielynn1posted 12 days ago in reply to this

      Yeah, Stacie that is amazing.

    6. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image92
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 12 days ago in reply to this

      Congrats!  Good Job!  You'll find now that views will be coming much faster, so hang on to your hat!!

    7. threekeys profile image84
      threekeysposted 12 days ago in reply to this

      Congratulations Stacie L!

    8. Elsie Hagley profile image80
      Elsie Hagleyposted 11 days ago in reply to this

      Congratulations, all the best for your next 500,000, don't think I will ever make that mark.
      Happy days writing and reading.

  2. Ilonagarden profile image83
    Ilonagardenposted 12 days ago

    Congratulations! That is something to be proud of smile

  3. Kenna McHugh profile image80
    Kenna McHughposted 12 days ago

    Awesome. Does in make the revenues better?

  4. Fiddleman profile image78
    Fiddlemanposted 12 days ago

    My oh my, that is awesome!!!! Congratulations on reaching this huge milestone.

  5. Coffeequeeen profile image85
    Coffeequeeenposted 12 days ago

    Well done Stacie.  That's a great achievement.  smile

  6. janshares profile image90
    jansharesposted 12 days ago

    Great milestone, Stacie L. Congratulations!

  7. chef-de-jour profile image90
    chef-de-jourposted 12 days ago

    Well done, lots of hard work gone into this deserved achievement. Let's hope you inspire many others!

  8. Blond Logic profile image89
    Blond Logicposted 12 days ago

    That's fantastic to hear, congratulations. Now you have momentum, the 1,000,000 will arrive much quicker.

  9. Solaras profile image89
    Solarasposted 12 days ago

    Huge congrats!!

  10. MKishor profile image81
    MKishorposted 11 days ago

    Congratulations on reaching this great milestone!! It shows the quality and versatility of your hubs. Kudos to your efforts.

  11. peachpurple profile image76
    peachpurpleposted 9 days ago

    congrats, you have done well, I am not until there yet, eventhough I had been here for 8 years already, maybe one day I will

  12. Jason mackenzie profile image81
    Jason mackenzieposted 9 days ago

    Congratulations!!! Awesome hubbing - keep it up!!!

  13. Stacie L profile image87
    Stacie Lposted 8 days ago

    I Thank everyone for the kind words and inspiration. big_smile

  14. AudreyHowitt profile image76
    AudreyHowittposted 8 days ago

    Congratulations to you!!!

  15. Lydia domes profile image79
    Lydia domesposted 7 days ago

    that is amazing, keep it up