Just reached 100,000 views

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  1. Writer Fox profile image26
    Writer Foxposted 9 years ago

    I just reached 100,000 views on 35 Hubs. (I only had 2 beginning in May of this year.) So, you can get great traffic from Google on HubPages! I'm happy about the traffic, but I wish the CPM were higher.

    1. Anna Marie Bowman profile image79
      Anna Marie Bowmanposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Congrats!!!  I love hearing about Hubbers reaching different milestones. I completely missed my 1,000,000 views milestone. Of course, I have been here a long time. It's great to reach new milestones like that, and know that you are on the right track. I don't think I had that many views with only 35 Hubs!!

      1. Writer Fox profile image26
        Writer Foxposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks. How could you miss noticing your milestone?  I know it takes a few days for the accolade to appear, but didn't you notice when you were getting close?  A million views from Hubs is quite an achievement.

        1. Anna Marie Bowman profile image79
          Anna Marie Bowmanposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          It was during a period of inactivity for me. I reached the milestone, and didn't know about it until I got back into writing on here. It had happened a few months prior.

    2. Cardisa profile image88
      Cardisaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Congrats WF, I remember the feeling of that particular milestone very well. Next you will be waiting for 500,000 (though there is no accolade for that) and then the 1 million mark...lol

      1. Writer Fox profile image26
        Writer Foxposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you! That could be a long wait unless I publish more Hubs.

    3. Hikapo profile image80
      Hikapoposted 9 years agoin reply to this


      1. Writer Fox profile image26
        Writer Foxposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I really like that accolade! I wish I could have that one instead of the one HP will give me LOL!

      2. Billie Kelpin profile image84
        Billie Kelpinposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Hikap, how did you do that image or where did you get it?  Really cute. It blends in and has no frame.  Very cool

        1. Muttface profile image67
          Muttfaceposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Ha ha! I always used to think that Writer Fox's picture was a horse with a pointy nose.

        2. Hikapo profile image80
          Hikapoposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          lol. I forgot where I got it from. Need to find that link. :X

    4. Laura Schneider profile image86
      Laura Schneiderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations, Writer Fox! That is an accomplishment, indeed! You must be a master at picking the right topics and keywords to get all of that traffic--I just recently hit 100,000 views on my 75+ hubs after some of them had been published for over 3 years. I'm totally jealous and proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  2. EGamboa profile image77
    EGamboaposted 9 years ago

    Congratulations! You are a beacon of hope. I've only  published three so far, and the third has the lowest Hubpages rating. My score seems to swing between 79 and 87. It might have something to do with the topics as I'm not searching out specific 'key phrases' in search of a topic; but do it later to include in topic. I'm just writing randomly, about whatever comes to mind. My first was the best, so I must have lucked out on that one. Just getting a handle on the way the new Keyword Tool works; was trying to avoid it. :0

    1. Writer Fox profile image26
      Writer Foxposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you!  Your Hubber Score and Hub Scores have nothing to do with traffic.  They should, but they don't.  I always start with keyword research so I know what people want to find.

  3. Billie Kelpin profile image84
    Billie Kelpinposted 9 years ago

    Writer Fox, Congratulations.  Wow! That's a lot of views.  I know what CPC is but what is CPM?  Do you write summaries with different content for your hubs and link back to hubpages on bubblews.  That's not illegal to do.  For my children's book article, I took a different slant on bubblews and linked it back to the article and get hits there with more lucrative results.  I have a business blog too and when I blog about an article on hubpages, the google ads I have running on that page get clicks

    I still think that the best thing we can do for each other and for all small business (and I checked this out with hubpages) is to notice the ads that appear on hubs we read, and if we are TRULY interested, then click the ads to help each other along.  Hubpage staff replied to me that if you are sincerely interested in an ad, it's ok to click.  I did that on a hub I read about fragrances and clicked on an ebay ad that introduced me to a place that sells lovely oils that I ordered right then and there.  Another time on a friend's blog I made a point to notice an ad and I can't remember now, but it was an ad for something that I really knew a friend of mine would love and passed it on. 

    I have an app that I decided to give away as a free Android download (because no one will pay even 99 cents for an app).  I have had over 2000 downloads of that app and made 8 cents with Admob.  Eight cents!  It took me WEEKS to create that app.  I keep telling our adult kids that, like they say in that insurance commercial,  everything can't cost 5 cents!  If writers are going to survive to write another day, it's my feeling that we have to support each other in this way.  Again, I stress I'm not talking about spamming or any such thing - just NOTICING something we might be interested in and taking the time to click and check it out.  That's a small price to pay for reading a really informative or inspiring piece of writing!

    Again, congratulations

    1. Writer Fox profile image26
      Writer Foxposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you, Bille. CPM is the amount you are paid on the HubPages Ad Program per 1,000 views. (I'm getting more than 10,000 views per week now.) The higher the CPM, the more money you make. You earn this in addition to Amazon, eBay and your personal AdSense.

      I'm not on Bubblews but it sounds like a good place to get links.  I know that a few people have linked to my Hubs from there.

      1. Billie Kelpin profile image84
        Billie Kelpinposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        WF,  Yep, It's a good place to set up your profile and then write a little blurb about your hub and then link to it.  For example, under "Business" or "Tech" or "Tutorials"  you could list all of your free picture hubs (Thanksgiving, Hearts, etc.)  with a title like, "Dress Up Your Blog"  or "Copyright Infringement - Me?"  or something and then give a little blurb about being careful with images on the web.  (I had a friend who was fined $1000 for using an istockphoto improperly)  It wouldn't have to be more than a few sentences then have a list of all your hubs with the free pictures and link back to them. 
        (I made $2 since the weekend) and didn't do a thing.  I only have a few little pieces there.  I'm sparky with a capital "S".  Let me know if you link there.  I have to follow some other people there as well - didn't get around to it!

    2. Adept2012 profile image71
      Adept2012posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Billie Kelpin, you are right, I believe that writers should help one another. There is nothing bad if you click on the advert on your fellow writer page SO FAR you are clicking it because you find it relevant to you and NOT just spamming.

      1. Billie Kelpin profile image84
        Billie Kelpinposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Adept2012.  See?  I just went to your Scholar hub to see what ads were there.  (I'll read your article later, but wanted to see if my theory works).  So, we live in Laguna Hills, CA and are moving out of our condo.  My husband is a software engineer and we have lots of electronics to ditch.  Right there on your hub was an ad for OC electronics recyling!  They pick up!  I didn't know!  So I bookmarked it for later.  Ta DA!

        1. Adept2012 profile image71
          Adept2012posted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Beilie Kelpin, Thanks for stopping to check my article. I believe that together we can help one another.  It is nice knowing you.

  4. ologsinquito profile image78
    ologsinquitoposted 9 years ago

    Congratulations WriterFox. Thank you for sharing.

  5. profile image0
    healthylife2posted 9 years ago

    Congrats Writer Fox!! You did it in less than two years which is awesome and a goal I set for myself but will see what happens. Let us know when you reach one million!

    1. Rock_nj profile image92
      Rock_njposted 9 years ago

      Congrats Writer Fox.  Reaching the 100K milestone so quickly is a nice reflection on the quality of your writing.

    2. Writer Fox profile image26
      Writer Foxposted 9 years ago

      Thank you, Ologsinquito and Rock_nj.

      Thank you, Healthylife2. Actually, I did it in six months. All but two of my Hubs have been published since May. (I published three of them in the last 30 days and I didn't count the one I published yesterday.)

    3. LCDWriter profile image87
      LCDWriterposted 9 years ago

      That's fantastic Writer Fox.  I follow what your hubs and your posts.  You have great insights.

      1. Writer Fox profile image26
        Writer Foxposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you!  I follow you, too.

    4. Nimesh De Silva profile image70
      Nimesh De Silvaposted 9 years ago

      That's a great achievement. HubPages strong online presence is definitely a help to the articles we post.

    5. NateB11 profile image87
      NateB11posted 9 years ago


    6. brianlokker profile image95
      brianlokkerposted 9 years ago

      Congratulations! That's an excellent achievement, and it's well deserved!

    7. FlourishAnyway profile image94
      FlourishAnywayposted 9 years ago

      Terrific job, Writer Fox!  I love hearing about others' success.

    8. profile image0
      RTalloniposted 9 years ago

      Congrats on your milestone!

    9. janshares profile image95
      jansharesposted 9 years ago

      Hey Writer Fox, yeay for you, great news! Congratulations on this milestone. You're a good hubber in more ways than one. smile

    10. sparkleyfinger profile image86
      sparkleyfingerposted 9 years ago

      Congrats!!!! Big milestone! smile

    11. Adept2012 profile image71
      Adept2012posted 9 years ago

      Congrats Writer Fox

    12. brakel2 profile image76
      brakel2posted 9 years ago

      Congratulations for a great achievement. In five months, you have reached a milestone many people hope to achieve after two or three years. I have been here three years, and your feat amazes me. Maybe you could write a hub on finding success quickly on HubPages.  Cheers   Audrey

    13. EGamboa profile image77
      EGamboaposted 9 years ago

      Oh, yes, I agree with Brakel2, that would be a good article. I'm a newbie, of course!

    14. prospectboy profile image87
      prospectboyposted 9 years ago

      Congrats! That's a great accomplished, especially with only 35 hubs. I'm sitting at a little over 70,000 views, so that 100,000 milestone is my next goal.

    15. Gcrhoads64 profile image92
      Gcrhoads64posted 9 years ago

      Awesome Writer Fox! How inspiring.  smile

    16. agilitymach profile image95
      agilitymachposted 9 years ago

      Hey!!!  Congrats!!!

    17. profile image0
      Beth37posted 9 years ago

      Congratulations. smile

    18. susi10 profile image95
      susi10posted 9 years ago

      Congratulations Writer Fox! That is a very worthy milestone to reach and I'm sure it took you a lot of hard work and endurance! Well done and here's to one million! big_smile

    19. Dennis AuBuchon profile image62
      Dennis AuBuchonposted 9 years ago

      Congratulations Writer Fox.  Continued success in the future.

    20. sallybea profile image95
      sallybeaposted 9 years ago

      That is pretty awesome - congratulations - may you go from strength to strength.

    21. LongTimeMother profile image93
      LongTimeMotherposted 9 years ago

      Is this the face of a surprised woman? lol. You obviously have your finger on the pulse of the internet. smile  Congratulations.

    22. srsddn profile image89
      srsddnposted 9 years ago

      Writer Fox, congratulations! I am sure it will motivate many to work hard and achieve better results. Good luck to you for your future Hubbing.

    23. Writer Fox profile image26
      Writer Foxposted 9 years ago

      I thank you all for your kind comments.  Just got the accolade.

    24. WryLilt profile image90
      WryLiltposted 9 years ago

      Woohoo great job! Now onto a million!


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