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Fairly new. Any advice or tips? All is welcomed!

  1. Hannah Herrera profile image79
    Hannah Herreraposted 5 days ago

    I am new-ish to hubpages. I've written three articles so far, but i feel there is so much i need to learn. So i wanted to ask for advice from more experienced users!

    Thank you. smile

    1. theraggededge profile image95
      theraggededgeposted 5 days ago in reply to this

      Hi there,

      You can find out a lot if you read some of the articles in the Learning Center: https://hubpageshelp.com  Then come back here and ask your specific questions.

      Meanwhile, the best tip I can give you is to write top quality, evergreen articles with titles that people are searching for.

  2. Hannah Herrera profile image79
    Hannah Herreraposted 5 days ago

    Thank you! What are evergreen articles?

  3. Marisa Wright profile image93
    Marisa Wrightposted 5 days ago

    Evergreen articles are articles that don't go out of date.   

    For the average Hubber, if an individual Hub earns $2 per month, it's doing well.  That may not sound like much - but consider that if you sold that article, you might sell it for $30.   Whereas I have a Hub which has been online for eight years, earning about $2 per month, which means it has earned me about $190.

    However, if that Hub had been about a current news item or a fashion trend, it would've gone out of date after six months, and would have stopped earning.  So I'd have been lucky to make twelve bucks from it. 

    That's why evergreen is important.

    The learning centre (which Raggededge referred you to) has lots of useful information, but it can be a bit overwhelming.  I have a Hub about the Essential Rules which summarises what you absolutely must know to get started - you'll find it on the slider on my profile.

    1. RTalloni profile image86
      RTalloniposted 3 days ago in reply to this

      Great points here to keep in mind and share with others.  Reviewing our goals every so often helps us keep our perspective and expectations in line with reality.  Remembering to keep up with updates from HP headquarters is important...preaching to the choir now.  smile

  4. mchllhwgt profile image81
    mchllhwgtposted 5 days ago

    I am beginning to see that evergreen is best too. Although I'm only on my 10th hub I signed up 9 months ago and find that my article on a certain mobile game is now a bit useless and defunct. It was new, fresh and current but now better people than me have written about it and it really old news.

    There's a fine line between looking at search trends and writing about topical issues that will be able to be updated seamlessly in time.

  5. Hannah Herrera profile image79
    Hannah Herreraposted 4 days ago

    Thank you guys so much! This is great information.

  6. Kierstin Gunsberg profile image96
    Kierstin Gunsbergposted 4 days ago

    Hi Hannah! The three things that I've learned here that have helped me the most are:

    -To rework my titles once or twice a year to make sure that they are relevant and that they are easy to search

    -Share my articles on sites like Pinterest

    -Write whenever possible. I have two little kids at home and a I also am in college. I know that if I had more time to write I would make more money. Hubpages has been an awesome source of extra cash for my family smile

    1. RTalloni profile image86
      RTalloniposted 3 days ago in reply to this

      These are great tips.  Going to look to see if there more of them from you on your profile page.  smile

  7. Aristotle Junior profile image79
    Aristotle Juniorposted 4 days ago

    wow, I'm a new Hubber too, and this helped a lot, but I write my articles in a story format... Is that a bad idea?

    1. theraggededge profile image95
      theraggededgeposted 4 days ago in reply to this

      Kind of. You might need to categorize them as 'Creative Writing' and they are unlikely to attract much traffic. Put it this way: there are far fewer people searching for short stories than there are people looking for answers to their questions.

      When you create a hub you are posing a question (that you hope many people are asking) and then proceeding to answer it. Does that make sense?

    2. Marisa Wright profile image93
      Marisa Wrightposted 4 days ago in reply to this

      It depends what your goal is.  If you're hoping to earn money here, then fiction will not work.  Stories and poetry do not do well here, generally, because it's not known as a site for fiction.   Our traffic comes overwhelmingly from people seeking answers on Google to their problems and questions.

      If people are searching on Google for fiction or poetry, the results they get will always be the big story and poetry sites, not HubPages. Try it and see!

      1. Aristotle Junior profile image79
        Aristotle Juniorposted 3 days ago in reply to this

        Well, that's a depressing thought, but I guess I'll submit a fact based article once a week and see how it goes. Thaanks for the explanation, guys smile

        1. RTalloni profile image86
          RTalloniposted 3 days ago in reply to this

          It's always nice for HPers to search the site for stories and poems and share them for each other to help get the word out that there is a neat variety of them here.

  8. Hannah Herrera profile image79
    Hannah Herreraposted 3 days ago

    All great information, I am in the processing of brainstorming my next article.

    1. RTalloni profile image86
      RTalloniposted 3 days ago in reply to this

      Good for you!  Each new piece is a useful learning experience.

  9. PGupta0919 profile image82
    PGupta0919posted 3 days ago

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here as well. All these comments were of great help smile
    Can someone help me with Google Adsense? Is it necessary that one has 10 Featured articles before applying?

    1. Marisa Wright profile image93
      Marisa Wrightposted 3 days ago in reply to this

      Yes, definitely.  15 to 20 is safer.

      Also the oldest Hub needs to be at least a month old. If you live in India, you have to wait six months.

  10. VirginiaLynne profile image92
    VirginiaLynneposted 3 days ago

    My best suggestion for writing articles that get a lot of views is:
    1. Write "how to" articles which solve a problem that you can't find a solution to online.  My "How to Cover Popcorn Ceiling with Plaster" was exactly that.  I actually published the first version on my blog, which I then stopped looking at for over 6 months.  When I finally went back to see it, I had gotten thousands of views.  That made me realize I had an idea that could sell.  At about that same time, I discovered HubPages and re-worked the article for publishing here.  I've had a number of Hubs do very well that were the same sort of situation.
    2. Write really great content about something you are an expert on.  Google your competition and make sure what you offer is better than anything on the first page of the Google search.  I am a writing teacher and have about 100 hubs on writing, which are about 80% of my traffic.  I re-work these Hubs to improve them once or twice a year.
    3. Try out a bunch of different topics that you like to write about.  I've found that some of these did really well and others have never caught on.  If you do find one that gets good traffic, then write more articles on that same basic issue.
    4. Don't get discouraged if some great articles don't get much traffic.  Rework them a few times but just know that sometimes you can't beat a bigger entity that writes on that topic.  I have about 5 really good articles about caregiving for Alzheimer's.  I have personal experience with that topic and did a ton of research.  I know my articles are better than the competition, but I still don't get the views because there are groups like The Alzheimer's Association that gets a boost from Google.
    Good luck, and have fun!

  11. thatsprettygood profile image86
    thatsprettygoodposted 2 days ago

    Hanna, I love that name. Well , it helps that you're cute though that alone isn't all it takes. Anyways.  How to does well. I do a lot of those myself. Distinguish yourself and don't be scared to challenge norms.  Click bait works well, if you have the ability to record you can start linking youtube and hub pages and double the income potential from this.  Far as starting adsense , it took me almost a year and a half to get mine approved.  As you grow in popularity and you should consider starting you own WordPress blog and splitting content between that and here.  Ever Green topics are the bread and butter of many but I see a lot of top earners writing click bait articles.  You can do both.  I've seen poorly written articles about gay marriage and god on here get entirely too much attention. I would suggest you be real and honest, just let everything awesome about you flow.  Don't be scared to write about things that haven't gone great.  I wrote an article about marriage a few days after a recent divorce.  I did it just to recap the last 8 months of hell lol now that it's over.  Shockingly, I am getting a very large amount of traffic to it. I even got some subscribers and fan mail from it.  I would read articles from others as well and stay active when you are not writing.  How To Get Rich From Home is probably the most popular 'How To" and articles on "religion, travel, history" are probably the best ever green articles you can have. Don't be afraid to dive after more attention but try not to write rhetoric or fallacies in your articles. If you need any help on the technical side, software, hardware whatever. Just send me a message. I am a computer scientist and I help everyone I can with software tools.