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Should the Commission on Presidential Debates lose its tax-exempt status? is reporting (September 2, 2016) that the Libertarian VP nominee claims the Commission on Presidential Debates could lose tax exempt status by excluding Libertarians from the 2016 presidential debates. The Commission controls who we learn about during televised debates prior to elections. To be invited to the debate, the rule (not law) is that a candidate needs over 15% of voter support as shown in a series of polls prior to the debate. The article shares that this rule was made when %30 of American voters identified as Independent. Today, that number is nearer to 50%.

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Best Answer Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

3 months ago
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    FitnezzJim 3 months ago

    To be fair, if a candidate has qualified to be on State ballots such that those States have enough electoral votes to support a win, then they should be able to debate all others who have qualified.

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Dont Taze Me Bro says

4 months ago
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    FitnezzJim 4 months ago

    The main sponsors for the Commission are the Democratic and Republican Party. Constructing rules to not invite third parties to the debate is similar to constructing laws against voting. It is suppression of other of views being voiced.

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