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What specific strategies can we take in the US to heal after November, no matter who is elected?

Psychologically, this terrible divide is not healthy. I think we should plan on strategies to heal with our friends, family, and neighbors after the election is over. My fear is that no matter who is elected, there will be this continual arguing and division in ouf country. To me it feels as if we're all children in a dysfunctional family. Assuming we are all good people in our own lives, what can we do AFTER the election so this stops. In my view, it makes day to day living in the US very uncomfortable, and I"m sure most of us feel embarrassed.

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Jack Lee (jackclee lm) says

4 months ago
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    PhoenixV 4 months ago

    It's like thinking you made a choice between Mcdonalds or Burger King. Try ordering a pepsi at either, they only serve coca cola. Its the sometimes overlapping entities behind the facades that we unwittingly vote for.

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MizBejabbers says

4 months ago
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    Billie Kelpin 4 months ago

    Miz Bejabbers, That's how tense the feeling is. I agree. But remember "Hands Across America" - maybe we need something like that. There seems to be at the base a question of what we perceive as morally good and that's a gap difficult to bridge.