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Christians; how would you define 'mocking' of your beliefs?

As an atheist who often participates in religious discussions, I try to be polite as much as I can. Though I get the impression that things might be coming out wrong from time to time. I often hear that some Christians (or other theists) dislike when atheists 'mock' their beliefs. And, I'm curious what sort of responses you would consider to be 'mocking'. Obviously name calling is a direct attack, so I'm more curious about subtler instances.

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Niko Linni says

2 years ago
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Stargrrl says

2 years ago
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    cathylynn99 2 years ago

    i wouldn't call god names or say jesus is crazy or that you are stupid, but the other criticisms you're allergic to are spot on. the christian god has some unpleasant characteristics. he ordered genocide and raped mary, for example.

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