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I consider myself a pure mixture...usually described as pretty, flexible and stubborn. I'm the kind of person who accepts mistakes and tries to learn from them, who admits "I don't know" but says "I want to know". I think, right now, I don't know much of anything but I am willing and interested to know and learn. I have an open-minded curiosity...a character that I would like to get fully filled.

I am a Filipina, married to an Indian and living in and around the Himalayas for three years now.

"I am a simple girl who feels most happy and free among meadows and streams, who can live without the city lights but not without the lights of stars, for whom the trees and the birds and their very flowers and feathers are like her own home and family. I am a lover of nature, its protector and appreciator."

I am also an atheist, vegan, and childfree! Pretty much sums up who I really am.

Some of my interests include Nature & Wildlife; Photography; Scrabble; Movies; Music; Trekking; Blogging (Just writing some stuffs as a start).

When I found Hubpages, I instantly had a liking to it so I think this will become my home for blogging. I'll be around once in a while. Blogging requires a lot of time but I will try my best to write useful, informative, interesting, awesome, and funny hubs since I like reading the same kind of hubs.

Since I call myself a pure mixture I think I'll stay here long. I like writing just about anything though I'm still learning to enhance whatever writing skill I have. Since monotony is boring to me, I need variations and I guess I just found the right place for that. Let us see!

You can join Hubpages, too, and let your writing skills and ideas be known to the world!

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