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  • In Pursuit of growing up!

    In Pursuit of growing up!

    5 months ago

    The pursuit of growing up add meaning to lesser known things about life.

  • Little Things Cheery People Avoid!

    Little Things Cheery People Avoid!

    5 months ago

    Happiness- a epic beauty product that enhances the person inner beauty and glows their soul. A Happy individual lives a healthy,wealthy & wiser life. Here are few little threads happy people avoid.

  • At times!

    At times!

    5 months ago

    Maybe life is a wink of eye and the winking stars as sometimes it seems too easy going but at times mysterious things intricate it.

  • The Way I Feel For You!

    The Way I Feel For You!

    5 months ago

    U are the spark of my life, U are the shine of my eyes, U are the smile on my face. U are the source of my enthusiasm, U are the sophistication of my thoughts, U are the sanctity of my believes. U are the silence of...

  • There is always a

    There is always a "Hope"

    5 months ago

    When the clouds of pain loonies in the sky, When shadows of sadness flare by, When tears catch it's way to the eye, When dread keeps the lonesome alive, There is always a "Hope"... A hope of sunshine after the rain, A...

  • Exorcising Ghosts and Spirits

    Exorcising Ghosts and Spirits

    5 months ago

    Stories about having been accosted by ghosts and troubled by spirits are often hair-raising. Mostly one hears of such stories and sensational accounts in villages or undeveloped area where ignorance is high. Sleazy and...

  • Diabetes- It's Sugar Free

    Diabetes- It's Sugar Free

    5 months ago

    Today Diabetes become very common among the world population as every 8 out of 10 is facing the problem of Diabetes and that is why 27 June is considered and celebrated as a World Diabetes Day on which the awareness...

  • Some sort of letters

    Some sort of letters

    5 years ago

    Dear Optimist, That's not a light at the end of the tunnel, That's the Train. Sincerely, Pessimist. Dear Icebergs, Sorry to hear about the Global Warming. Karma is a Bitch. Sincerely, Titanic. Dear Money, Now the...

  • Someone Will Be Waiting For me!

    Someone Will Be Waiting For me!

    5 months ago

    Someone will be waiting for me, Far away at some distant land, Someone will be waiting for me. Ready to forgive me for every mistake i had made, Ready to bring a big smile on my face, Ready to answer all my worries...

  • I'm Afraid of

    I'm Afraid of

    5 months ago

    Fears may rule us than we know

  • Conquering your Weakness

    Conquering your Weakness

    5 months ago

    A famous Quote "A man who can't believe in himself, can't believe in anything else". So believe in yourself & always remember everything happens for a right reason. We never know our limits without our skills being...

  • A Depressed Teenager Says

    A Depressed Teenager Says

    5 months ago

    My life in not good as it should be, It has lots of sorrows & worries, And I get more Sad, When i hear about the love story of other. It's not that i don't enjoy, But where does it go when I cry. My tears start flowing...

  • A Certain Changeover

    A Certain Changeover

    5 years ago

    A simple girl, I used to be, With Heart so pure, Not all could see. So Sweet, so Quiet, so Shy, With innocence Creeping High & High. But!!! See what a trick, Time did Play. The innocence Vanished all its way. I Have...

  • Loneliness: Folk's new Friend in Town!

    Loneliness: Folk's new Friend in Town!

    5 months ago

    Loneliness: Person's new friend in town ! Company that alters ones soul.

  • An Affair to Remember

    An Affair to Remember

    5 months ago

    In the solitude of the night, When the clocks are ticking, My beloved and I, Sit under the oblivion, Where dreams come true, Not just mine but yours too!!! In the wet and cherry rainy, we sit under the air...

  • Remembrance of My Father

    Remembrance of My Father

    5 months ago

    Father: Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.