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  • Personal Trainer Benefits

    Personal Trainer Benefits

    5 years ago

    A personal fitness trainer might just be the answer to your fitness needs. One benefit of exercising with a personal trainer is that they can evaluate your fitness level and develop a fitness program

  • Ankle Exercises for Strength

    Ankle Exercises for Strength

    3 years ago

    If you have weak ankle muscles or suffer ankle pain when you walk, you can benefit from doing ankle exercises. I had ankle problems, but corrected them by doing daily ankle exercises.

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    Wrist Exercises

    5 years ago

    Learning to exercise your wrists for strength and flexibility could eliminate pain. Keeping them in a straight forward position on keyboards and phones all day creates many problems

  • Neck Exercises

    Neck Exercises

    5 years ago

    I had neck pain almost all day long, my head drooped and I had a hard time turning my head while driving to see cars along side of me. If you have one or more of these problems, neck exercises help.

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    How Eye Exercises Improved My Vision

    3 years ago

    I have been doing eye exercises for over four years, and my vision continues to improve. These simple vision-improvement exercises made a huge difference in the quality of my eyesight.

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    5+ Advantages of a Small Travel Trailer

    12 months ago

    Camper-trailers and small travel trailers are great if you love to get away from it all. Small travel trailers are easy to park and easy to tow, and you will be the talk of every campground.

  • 12

    Dachshund Back Problems and How to Prevent Jumping

    2 months ago

    Many Dachshunds have back problems, but you can help keep them in good health by using the correct leash, using pet stairs, or using a doggy stroller.

  • My Treadmill Selection

    My Treadmill Selection

    3 years ago

    What kind of fitness equipment is going to get you the results you want? A treadmill might just be the answer. They come in many sizes with multiple programs to help you improve your fitness level. These machines allow you to work out in any type of weather. This is my selection for fitness.

  • Betta Fish Tanks

    Betta Fish Tanks

    3 years ago

    To keep your betta fish happy and healthy, you need to give them a good home, good food and a great place to live. Select a quality fish tank, keep it clean and have a happy betta fish.

  • What Killed My Betta Fish

    What Killed My Betta Fish

    3 years ago

    I really enjoy Betta Fish. I love to see their beautiful fins gently waving in the water and their colors are just amazing. My little fish "Joey" was a beautiful blue male. He got sick and I didn't know why or what was the problem. This is "Joey's" story.

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    Why Is My Cat Urinating in My House?

    2 months ago

    Is your cat urinating inside your home? Discover why they do it and learn about the simple methods you can take to stop the smell and clean up their messes.

  • The Best Dog House For Your Pet

    The Best Dog House For Your Pet

    3 years ago

    You love your dog, you feed them good food, use the right leash and take them for walks. But do you provide good shelter for them? A good dog house is worth its' weight in gold for you dog.

  • Flying With a Cat

    Flying With a Cat

    2 years ago

    Traveling by air with your cat can be a difficult task. Learn the ins and outs of traveling with your cat on an airline. Do some research on travel crates, pet friendly airlines and the rules and regulations that each airline uses. You can also check the TSA website for up to date information.

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    Flying With a Dog

    3 years ago

    Flying with a dog can be a nightmare if you don't have enough good, solid information. There is a lot to consider, pet carriers, shots, TSA regulations, airline policies and where you are going. Start your information search right here.

  • Flying With a Baby

    Flying With a Baby

    3 years ago

    Airline travel with a small child can be quite a challenge. There are many things that you need to know such as TSA rules, airline rules and when do you need to buy another seat. Start here you can discover the knowledge you need to make your trip easier.


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