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    2 years ago

    Corona Pandemic; news of deaths, sounds of cries, thoughts of "what next?" Amidst all this, how did I reach the decision to get myself vaccinated.

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    His Girlfriend

    6 years ago

    From the point of view of a man, who starts making efforts to value and keep happy the girl he loves.

  • Your(still lost) Friend - A Letter

    Your(still lost) Friend - A Letter

    5 years ago

    Sometimes a person feels he/she lost a friend. Sometimes he/she feels lost in a friendship, howsoever close. This is a letter from one such person to her best friend.

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    "The Mahabharata Secret": A Book Review

    3 months ago

    A review of this fiction mystery book, "The Mahabharata Secret" by Christopher C. Doyle.

  • The Guesthouse

    The Guesthouse

    6 years ago

    The story of a girl who stays with her friends in a Guesthouse. The history of Guesthouse is tragic and some say even....haunted. But will past mix with present? Is it only a story or for real?

  • I Wish To

    I Wish To

    6 years ago

    An expression of Pain and Moments of Helplessness, Hopelessness.

  • O Cindrella-I

    O Cindrella-I

    7 years ago

    A poem requesting Cindrella, or any girl with a beautiful, successful love story to share her feelings with a common girl.

  • O Cindrella-II

    O Cindrella-II

    4 years ago

    A poem asking Cindrella her viewpoint on a common/ordinary girl's love-story.

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    Radha Krishna Reunion Series: Part I(i) (From Sri Garga Samhita)

    2 years ago

    A brief account of Radha-Krishna re-union in Kadali Van.

  • Friendship Is....

    Friendship Is....

    6 years ago

    A poem summarizing meaning of Friendship, about journey of friendship, and associated happiness with Friendship Day celebrations. One day for all excitement, everyday for all friends. :-)

  • To You My Mother

    To You My Mother

    6 years ago

    An Ode to Mother, My Mother, and Yours. :-)

  • A Journey of Words

    A Journey of Words

    6 years ago

    This is a story I had written for submission in a contest, which demanded inculcating writing a diary written by your lover. Not to mention here, what was the result! :-)

  • Radha-Krishna: The Perfect Valentines'

    Radha-Krishna: The Perfect Valentines'

    6 years ago

    On this Valentine's Day, this hub is dedicated to the eternal, divine lovers: 'Radha-Krishna'.

  • Birthday 'Thank You'

    Birthday 'Thank You'

    6 years ago

    A "Thank You Note" to Friends, for their Lovely Wishes on Birthday.

  • Gratitude: My Hubtree.

    Gratitude: My Hubtree.

    4 years ago

    A poem to celebrate "One Year" on "Hubpages".

  • To Friendship

    To Friendship

    4 years ago

    1)A poem dedicated to my best friend. 2) It is a kind of showcase of happy feelings associated with a special friendship like this.

  • All That- A Poem

    All That- A Poem

    6 years ago

    1) A poem written for first love and associated feelings. 2) When the one you love is not with you, or you think he/she is changing.

  • Love Still

    Love Still

    6 years ago

    1) A poem about a love. 2) For a person with whom you were never in a relation, but for whom you still have some b'ful, true feelings. 3) This poem depicts the feelings one year after the girl has seen her love; one year after she thinks she has separated from her love.

  • My Five Books

    My Five Books

    4 years ago

    This is not a review but an attempt to write an informative hub, about the recent books which I read and some of them loved too. It was in response to one of the hubber's question.

  • Come and Feel

    Come and Feel

    6 years ago

    Valentine's Day generally is a celebration for romantic couples. Here, in this poem, I have tried to showcase the feelings of a person who is even though single, but still wants to enjoy this day with as much fervour and enthusiasm as he/she would have, had they been in any relation. This person...

  • I Don't Feel

    I Don't Feel

    6 years ago

    This is a poem about a mental & emotional state, where a person has moved on from the habits/tendencies of being overtly emotional, for his loved ones, or every small hurt. But he/she still hasn't been able to get rid of his/her emotional nature completely.

  • One Day One Life

    One Day One Life

    6 years ago

    1) A poem dedicated to a love, which even though pure and true, but is impossible to attain. 2) This poem depicts the desires of a lady, who wants to spend some love filled moments with her love. Knowing that she can't have a lifetime of companionship with her love, she wishes to live all that she...

  • 19

    Whose World Is It?

    6 years ago

    It is a story from the perspective of "The Earth", this beautiful planet we live in. It is about its worries and thoughts about the natural resources, animals, plants which are also a part of this planet. Plus it is also about the path our humanity has been treading on since a long-2 time, which...

  • Silence & Speech

    Silence & Speech

    6 years ago

    1)This is a contemplative poem. 2) On plus and minuses of both silence and speech. 3) When even speech is necessary. 4) When Silence is beneficial.

  • What is Moving On?

    What is Moving On?

    6 years ago

    1) Sadness after heartbreak; 2) Moving on and healing after heartbreak. 3) What is healing and moving on? 4) What is strength and weakness? 5) Right way of moving on and healing.

  • Goodbye Dreams

    Goodbye Dreams

    6 years ago

    1) Dreams & desires 2)For lovely relations or success in other goals. ) Particularly in love.

  • Contemplations


    2 years ago

    1)It is a poetry/poem. 2) For some one special in one's life. 3) The special person can be the one you love or one you respect. 4) It is a dedication.

  • I Remember

    I Remember

    6 years ago

    1) Poem/poetry for father's birthday. 2) Childhood memories

  • Tears for a Passenger

    Tears for a Passenger

    6 years ago

    1) It is about relationship with close friend(s), 2) When one friend or friends are so close that you cannot imagine life without them. 3) When there is a conflict between one's emotions and practical steps which need to be taken.

  • They Tell Me

    They Tell Me

    6 years ago

    1) Lament on friend's suggestions. 2) When friends want you to change yourself.

  • You Take My Heart Away

    You Take My Heart Away

    6 years ago

    1) It is a love poetry/poem. 2) Perfect idea of a romantic relationship. 3) One which is every girl's dream.


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