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Hello there. I'm Christene, you may have seen me on Squidoo. I'm a mom to one 13 year old girl, and a kid at heart so I usually write about topics for kids. Toys, entertainment...Disney. I'm a Disney nut.

If you haven't already, come on over to Zujava. It's a brand new publishing site similar to HubPages and Squidoo.

What else...
I'm from Massachusetts.
I have stores on CafePress and Zazzle.
I love to dance and travel. I love music and sign language.
I'm an internet junkie.

Say hello if you know me from elsewhere!

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      • Finally!


        6 years ago

        Yay! I've finally had a decent month with HubPages! I'll get my first Hubpages Ad earnings, and I'm close to my third AdSense payment (though Wizzley helped with that one).Oh, and I've passed the 100,000 views milestone...

      • So confused

        So confused

        6 years ago

        When the # of Amazon items rules changed we got notices at the top of hubs that needed to be fixed. I updated every one until the notice disappeared.Emails were sent out for hubs that were still not in compliance. I did...

      • No search terms found?

        No search terms found?

        6 years ago

        I keep checking a hub's stats hoping to see Keywords show up, but they still haven't 14 days after I've published it.It's getting plenty of traffic from Google. I don't know why the Keywords section is still blank.Any...

      • Accolades


        6 years ago

        I just noticed one of my accolades was taken away.  (?)Didn't know they did that.

      • My first Hubpages $100

        My first Hubpages $100

        7 years ago

        I passed the $100 mark in Amazon today. w00t!Now for AdSense... I'm about $22 away. Slow and steady.

      • Revenue Potential

        Revenue Potential

        7 years ago

        What does Hubpages use to come up with the Revenue Potential stat?A hub that says Revenue Potential $$ has earned about $100 while hubs with a Revenue Potential of $$$$ haven't earned anything at all.(Yes, I read the...

      • Something different for me.

        Something different for me.

        7 years ago

        Hub #10 is my first non toy related hub. I think it's my best Any advice for me before I make another along the same line? I have plans for more Arizona travel pages.http://hubpages.com/hub/Devils-Bridge-Trail

      • Google Adsense Account

        Google Adsense Account

        7 years ago

        I was just checking my affiliate settings and it says 'Error' next to my Google Affiliate code.I checked and I have the right codeit's my AdSense for Content: ca-pub-(my 16 digit number)My 'hubpages.com' channel is...

      • Today is my HP anniversary

        Today is my HP anniversary

        7 years ago

        I published my first hub 1 month ago today. w00t.

      • Hello...I'm a newbie

        Hello...I'm a newbie

        7 years ago

        I'm a longtime lensmaster on Squidoo (and have seen some familiar faces here!) but am a complete newbie on HubPages. I joined last night and just published my first hub.I've got to learn the ropes here so if you could...