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Craiger is a name that I acquired whilst living in the USA, I now use it for my online publishing. I live in the UK, work in the Hospitality industry and am interested in travel, cooking and current affairs.

You will find a healthy mix of recipes, news, history and general observations mixed into my articles. I have been writing on the internet for about two years on several different sites with varying degrees of success.

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  • UK Bank Of England cut rates in 2016

    UK Bank Of England cut rates in 2016

    5 months ago

    Bank of England cuts UK interest rate in 2016 to counter falling oil prices and boost consumer demand. Deflation is serious concern for central bankers and indebted governments looking for growth

  • Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower

    9 months ago

    Eiffel Tower | Paris | France |seven million visitors attraction on the river Seine. Inspiring, record breaking, 1665 steps to the top, 704 stairs to second floor, tallest building in the world

  • Ben Nevis

    Ben Nevis

    9 months ago

    Climbing Ben Nevis is an exciting experience and you need to be relatively fit to do it. I took my time, probably took about seven hours to complete. Gets very difficult about three hours in,

  • Outbreak of noro virus

    Outbreak of noro virus

    2 years ago

    Norovirus requires strict hygiene measures in order to contain outbreaks in hotels, hospitals and cruise ships. Guidelines provided are a practical and inexpensive control measure to santitise areas

  • Food Allergens

    Food Allergens

    4 months ago

    Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 are the basis for food allergen labelling requirements which came into force on 14th December 2014. Fourteen allergens must be clear

  • Brexit


    5 months ago

    So Britain voted to leave the EU but is European Union membership vital to UK economic growth. Do we want the Euro? Immigration is the problem or the answer?

  • How the Labour Government ruined Great Britain

    How the Labour Government ruined Great Britain

    8 months ago

    Labour governments lead to debt, stagnation, borrowing but 1997-2010 saw Britain greatest economic opportunity squandered by a spendthrift Labour party that for the first time had considerable wealth

  • Stoke words and sayings

    Stoke words and sayings

    4 months ago

    Potteries folk have a language not a dialect, all of their own. If you dunna know 'ow to tewk lak a Stokie, this is the place to learn. From up 'anley to Longton to the blokes in Stoke on Trent city

  • Make Money and Save Money

    Make Money and Save Money

    4 months ago

    My Top ten ways to make money on line, businesses you can start from home and ten UK sites to save you money. Computer can make you money but there are plenty of cottage industries.

  • Kiosk or trailer catering business plan

    Kiosk or trailer catering business plan

    2 years ago

    Starting a small catering business such as a coffee shop, trailer or kiosk can be done with limited capital. A business plan no matter how basic is crucial to secure finance and to check progress.

  • Aqua Blu Hotel

    Aqua Blu Hotel

    2 years ago

    Sharm el Sheikh is home to some fantastic all inclusive hotels, this one is my favourite. The Park Aqua complex has over sixty slides, several of which are thrill slides for adults and older kids.

  • Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding

    Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding

    5 months ago

    Great Britain, Roast Beef is always served with Yorkshire Pudding, gravy, horseradish sauce & roasted potato. Yorkies are usually made with a plain, white flour batter, baked at a high temperature.

  • British Empire today

    British Empire today

    4 months ago

    British Empire, the sun has not set on Gibraltar, Falklands, Cyprus sovereign bases, Bermuda, Atlantic outposts, Pacific territories, Antarctica, Indian Ocean, Anguilla, Pitcairn, Queen has 14 realms

  • Kindle Fire HD top free films

    Kindle Fire HD top free films

    2 years ago

    Kindle Fire offers a unique viewing and sound experience. There are several sites where free movies can be legally downloaded and viewed on the HD device. Android gives you flexibility and choice.

  • Kindle Fire HD UK

    Kindle Fire HD UK

    2 years ago

    Kindle Fire HD as a tablet using workarounds to get Flash Player using Dolphin Browser, watch free films, download free third Apps not from Amazon store,, Candy Crush, ITV

  • Sharm Excursions and Trips

    Sharm Excursions and Trips

    2 years ago

    Egypt Sharm el Sheikh excursions include Cairo, Jerusalem, glass bottom boat, snorkelling, star gazing. Value for money in Egypt given the current situation. Easyjet to resume flights in January 201

  • Prevent Norovirus when travelling

    Prevent Norovirus when travelling

    2 years ago

    Noro virus can strike on a cruise ship, at a hotel or even whilst travelling by coach or plane. Ten tips to help avoid this contagious virus whilst on holiday.

  • Watch Movies Free

    Watch Movies Free

    9 months ago

    Free movie sites on this page are genuine and legitimate. Watch and download free content, movies, TV shows and old footage from around the globe. Modern classics and popular films are all here.

  • Names that are embarrassing

    Names that are embarrassing

    2 years ago

    Unusual names can be found all over. First and second name combinations, surnames alone and of course funny place names can all make us laugh. A sense of humour is important if you have one.

  • Optical Illusions

    Optical Illusions

    6 months ago

    Optical illusions maybe you have seen before. These tricks are the internet classics of magic eye tricks, Jesus, Obama and several all time greatest visual confusions that you can show your friends.

  • A British Halloween

    A British Halloween

    4 months ago

    Apple Bobbing is a British tradition on Halloween and Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night. It has its roots in Celtic Britain and was a game played as part of Samhain Festival in ancient times.

  • Learning Welsh

    Learning Welsh

    2 years ago

    Learn the Welsh language, dysgu Cymraeg, phonetic Welsh alphabet, how to pronounce each letter including ch and ll. Wales language dates back 4000 years and is one of oldest Celtic European tongues.

  • Sleeps Until Christmas 2017

    Sleeps Until Christmas 2017

    5 months ago

    Counting down to Christmas is great fun. How many sleeps is the one question all kids have leading up to 25th December. On Christmas Eve, children want to know what Santa is doing and where.

  • Smallest House Attraction Conwy Quay

    Smallest House Attraction Conwy Quay

    9 months ago

    Conwy quay is the home of Britain's smallest house. North Wales smallest fee paying attraction, the two storey abode is painted red and has not been lived in for 400 years.

  • Noro virus Information and Advice

    Noro virus Information and Advice

    5 months ago

    Contagious diseases such as Norovirus require absolute vigilance to prevent rapid spread. Hand washing is crucially important, hand gels do not work on noro virus.

  • HACCP: Best Practice

    HACCP: Best Practice

    2 years ago

    HACCP for caterers is a very important aspect to due diligence and compliance. Accurate documentation of processes and continuous monitoring are crucial aspects to food safety.