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  • More Pop Questions Answered

    More Pop Questions Answered

    9 years ago

    Our offices were swamped with requests from readers for more answers to pop questions, so here's another selection – just for you, curious pop fans.

  • Your pop questions answered

    Your pop questions answered

    9 years ago

    There have been many questions asked by pop musicians through the years and world-renowned pop expert crassnsilly is here to answer some of them – just for you.

  • The real Downton Abbey

    The real Downton Abbey

    9 years ago

    The television series, Downton Abbey, has been a huge success, both in the UK, where it originated, and in many countries abroad, where people aren't lucky enough to have social superiors to order them about. What these unfortunates fail to...

  • Let's allow women to run the world

    Let's allow women to run the world

    9 years ago

    Let's face it, guys – we've messed it up. Those people who criticise us should be allowed to show us how it should be done. Come on girls – put your words into action.

  • CALM DOWN!!!

    CALM DOWN!!!

    9 years ago

    Stressed? Anxious? Frustrated? Music is the most wonderful, powerful thing in the world. Lie down, shut your eyes and listen to some of these songs. You WILL feel better.

  • Some Questions Asked About England By Americans

    Some Questions Asked About England By Americans

    9 years ago

    Ever wondered what England is really like? Find out all you need to know here.

  • Telegram Sam – the lost verses

    Telegram Sam – the lost verses

    9 years ago

    Marc Bolan's career as one of the world's leading, most complex lyricists, was cut tragically short. But previously unseen lyrics have recently come to light.

  • Ten truths about racists

    Ten truths about racists

    9 years ago

    Racists can't tell you a joke. They can repeat a joke that somebody else has made up. It's never funny. They are never funny. Racists are all stupid. Ask a racist to write a song. They cannot. They are unable, because they are stupid and do not...

  • What your dreams really mean

    What your dreams really mean

    9 years ago

    Crassnsilly is a qualified dream interpreter, with a proper qualification from the Cambridge University Academy of Dream Interpreting. What follows is real science, and not just made up nonsense. We all dream, even people who have no imagination....

  • Are there any interesting people on HubPages?

    Are there any interesting people on HubPages?

    10 years ago

    They go on and on about their dumb or dim or daft poems that never rhyme or scan or tell you anything that you couldn't have thought up by yourself, like 'I'm unhappy' or 'I was happy once'. Me, me, me. • Writing about what happened to you is...

  • How to write great SEO content

    How to write great SEO content

    10 years ago

    Wizzley is run by people with no sense of humour, so what is the point of them?

  • 5

    The easy guide to how to write great modern poetry

    11 years ago

    There was a dull bloke on Hub Pages Who wrote, knowing there were no wages But he wrote, nonetheless, To everyone's distress He went on for ages and ages Hmm ... Poetry is really easy. With my 9-point guide, beginners like yourself who...

  • Mr Potato Head is Dead

    Mr Potato Head is Dead

    11 years ago

    There are more and more and more and more and more and more developments added every day which add value to cyberworld. Add-on things to add on to your virtual things. New virtual this and new virtual that to add to your virtual stuff, stuffed in...

  • Up North is ... where?

    Up North is ... where?

    11 years ago

    In England, as in other nations, one will often hear persons declaring that they are from 'Up North', or 'The North'. One immediately wonders where this 'North' begins, and where it ends, if, indeed, it does ever end. Also, how wide it is. Does it...

  • I hate Arsenal

    I hate Arsenal

    13 years ago

    I can't help it. I can't stand them. It's hate. But hate in its own box. It's not like a global hatred of racists, bullies, the spiteful and the uncaring. It's not as big as hating tribal massacres in Sudan. It's not even as big as hating the...

  • The Pope is a Bloke

    The Pope is a Bloke

    13 years ago

    The Pope gets up in the morning and goes to the toilet. He puts on his socks, one at a time. He has his breakfast. Then he goes to work. Remind you of anyone? Yes, it's you! But you haven't got the same job as the Pope. You have to physically DO...

  • Ten things English people don't know about America

    Ten things English people don't know about America

    13 years ago

    Although acknowledged as the obesity capital of the world, not everyone in America is grossly overweight. For instance, Bobby Lardsome, a prisoner on Death Row in a maximum security penitentiary in Iowa, convicted of stealing his mom's apple pie,...

  • The perfect pop song

    The perfect pop song

    9 years ago

    It may not be your favourite, you may not even like it, but it is perfect.

  • Facebook spite

    Facebook spite

    13 years ago

    Scissors, paper, stone. A picture paints a thousand words. But: The pen is mightier than the sword. But: A sword can rip a picture into smithereens. According to my extensive research (a quick Google), Facebook may or may not be the fifth most...

  • Nice round numbers

    Nice round numbers

    14 years ago

    HERE'S a quote from today's BBC news. "The UK's banks should be forced to publicly disclose the number of their employees who earn more than £1m a year," according to a government report. One million pounds. Exactly. One million pounds. Nice round...

  • Who's your favourite celebrity pet?

    Who's your favourite celebrity pet?

    14 years ago

    What's your favourite colour? Who are your Top Ten favourite Olympic shot-putters of the 1990s? Who's your favourite celebrity shoelace designer? The word 'favourite' is not as positive as it sounds. It's a negative term, because, if you decide...

  • bloke down the pub told me

    bloke down the pub told me

    14 years ago

    Christmas is coming. This means many things to look forward to, most of them accompanied by television. You can't get away from it, that benign cancer. So take what you can, because you can't give television anything. When I was young, we used to...

  • 20

    Why Oasis are rubbish – the quantum explanation

    6 years ago

    NOEL Gallagher is not the only rubbish songwriter in the world. There are plenty of others, possibly myself, possibly yourself, certainly sacred cows like Bob Dylan. Noel and Bob are purveyors of the impenetrable, proudly waving the nonsense flag...

  • 146

    Ten things Americans don't know about England

    9 years ago

    England. Land of green fields, tea drinkers and a Royal family living next door. Or is it? Forget your preconceptions and read on to find out what England is really like.

  • 0

    Wallowing in Priestley

    14 years ago

    Priestley at the BBC Don't criticise yourself for having never heard of J B Priestley. No, honestly, it's not your fault. Why should you have? He's long dead and long out of fashion. These days, it seems writers are trying too hard to impress, to...


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