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  • Are You Living Your Life on Autopilot?

    Are You Living Your Life on Autopilot?

    3 years ago

    Here is a social studies experiment. A street musician plays pieces of music that are among the most demanding in the world

  • Everyone Laughs the Same Laughter

    Everyone Laughs the Same Laughter

    3 years ago

    We need to return to what binds us together to make peace, to our roots as human beings and to what matters to us

  • The Strange Force of Vulnerability

    The Strange Force of Vulnerability

    3 years ago

    Being vulnerable means admitting to yourself and others that you are not perfect, and I don't suggest the superficial fears and doubts that you can tell others without blinking

  • Getting Through the Phases of a Separation

    Getting Through the Phases of a Separation

    3 years ago

    A breakup is usually a shock and turns life upside down. It’s only reasonable that a phase of grief follows after a relationship is ending.

  • When I Finally Let Go Of My Ex

    When I Finally Let Go Of My Ex

    3 years ago

    In mid-1991, I moved from Mexico back to Canada. From then on, I had kind of an open relationship with my then-girlfriend who stayed in Mexico — but neither of us really knew what that meant.

  • Why Are So Many Relationships Unhealthy?

    Why Are So Many Relationships Unhealthy?

    3 years ago

    Many relationships are as healthy as a line of snow and three drinks for breakfast. Explore with me why so many relationships are unhealthy.

  • Live Your Life Now

    Live Your Life Now

    3 years ago

    Do you get the feeling, sometimes, that life is just passing you? Does your life feel strange and boring? Did you ever spend any thought on who you are and what you want from life? Or are you one of those who live every day and want a different life?

  • Why You Are a Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

    Why You Are a Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

    3 years ago

    Both men and women can be narcissists. Some think that only men can be narcissists, but that’s not true. I know exactly how bad it is for you to be the victim of a narcissistic partner. I was also with a person who constantly humiliated me. I couldn’t do anything to please her.

  • The Pet Effect

    The Pet Effect

    3 years ago

    Dogs, cats or horses as therapists? Can animals heal or significantly support the healing of mental illnesses? There are numerous reports and studies that suggest that. It’s commonly known as the “pet effect”. Particularly in the case of depression, pets could be helpful and loving companions.

  • Confident or Arrogant?

    Confident or Arrogant?

    3 years ago

    Again and again, I hear the question, how do I present myself in a way that my counterpart realises that I am confident? I don't want to appear arrogant by any standards.

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    Excuses, Nothing But Excuses

    3 years ago

    We have all used them to try to get ourselves off the hook. Excuses, lies, apologies. Those actions are a rejection of guilt, intended to explain behaviour, justify mistakes and ultimately delegate responsibility — usually away from us. But they can also be a form of self-deception.

  • Self-Actualisation Is A Noble Goal

    Self-Actualisation Is A Noble Goal

    3 years ago

    Who doesn’t dream of dedicating himself to his own desires, needs, dreams and goals and to fully concentrate on the fulfilment thereof? Unfortunately, reality often gets in the way. Other commitments come to the fore, self-fulfilment is overshadowed by external influences and expectations.

  • The Fight Against Covid-19

    The Fight Against Covid-19

    3 years ago

    The coronavirus is spreading worldwide. Globally scientists are working to develop an antidote and vaccine and to decipher the structure and behavior of the virus. Because it’s crucial to stop or at least slow the pandemic.

  • Soulmates: Love on a Higher Level?

    Soulmates: Love on a Higher Level?

    4 years ago

    What constitutes a soulmate, and how can we recognise it? I dare an overture.

  • Is My Partner A Narcissist?

    Is My Partner A Narcissist?

    4 years ago

    Do you want to find out if your partner is a narcissist? I discuss here how you recognise the narcissistic personality in your partner. Also, I explain in this article how hard it is to break out of a relationship with a narcissist.

  • Gaslighting


    4 years ago

    Sleeping With The Enemy. When manipulations by the partner let you doubt your sanity. How dangerous gaslighting can be describes this article.

  • 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

    5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

    4 years ago

    Many relationships have one thing in common, they eventually end. No more confetti, sunset and happy endings.Granted, that's a bitter statement. However, that doesn't change the fact that most people already have at least one separation behind them. I repeat, at least one!

  • 3

    Minimalism, Everything I Own Fits in a Suitcase

    4 years ago

    I don't own a house or condo, and no, I'm not the proud owner of a yacht. To me, that's quite alright. As far as I'm concerned I've got all I need and I don't miss anything.

  • Without Freedom There Is No Love

    Without Freedom There Is No Love

    4 years ago

    Jason is a really nice man, tall, slim, black hair, green eyes. He has an excellent job as an engineer; he has many interests, likes to travel, is generous, funny and caring. A picture of a man, women would fight over him.


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