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    The Best Backpack for Boaters

    2 years ago

    A simple guide to selecting the best, most affordable backpack for your style of boating. This backpack is tough and cheap and will protect your valuables from water.

  • 22

    Best Yogurt

    3 years ago

    There are many different brands and types of yogurt on the market today and with so many choices it can be a lot of hard work to find the best one for your taste. Here is a list of our favorite yogurt treats that are delicious, filling and very reasonably priced. These are the best yogurts out there

  • 34

    Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

    3 years ago

    Ten reasons why A Bed and Breakfast is a better place to stay than at a hotel. An in depth review of a B&B compared to a hotel and what is both good and bad about each of them. A B and B is cheaper than a hotel room but is it a better choice for you and your family. This list will help you decide.

  • 9

    Shogun Assassin T-Shirts

    2 years ago

    T-shirts from the cult classic SHOGUN ASSASSIN where the vengeful samurai and his infant son slash their way through armies of ninjas. But are these t-shirts so good that they can replace movie posters? Are they good enough to hang on your walls and admire? Read this articles and see for yourself.

  • 24

    Hannie Caulder

    2 years ago

    Hannie Caulder, staring the intensely beautiful Raquel Welch, is a revenge story that is anything but standard. Performances are powerful and the story keeps you watching until the very last frame.

  • 16

    City Beneath the Sea 1953

    2 years ago

    Undersea adventure as competing deep sea salvage divers compete to recover the cargo from the wreck of the Lady Luck, a sunken cargo ship that sank down into the watery depths of Davy Jones Locker.

  • Legend of Eight Samurai 1983

    Legend of Eight Samurai 1983

    2 years ago

    Sorcery, sword fights, demons, monsters and plenty of straight up action. This is a fantastic movie that you should definitely watch and add to your film library. You will watch this over and over.

  • 5

    BloodFight (1989)

    2 years ago

    Chopsocky martial arts movie fans will love this mess starring the great Bolo Yeung himself. Over the top bad guys, fast and furious fights, questionable dubbing and exaggerated sound effects. Great.

  • 15

    Dark Harbor

    3 years ago

    A tense thriller where a bickering married couple takes in an injured stranger only to suffer the consequences of their kindness. Alan Rickman delivers another powerful performance you will enjoy.

  • 7

    Shogun Assassin

    2 years ago

    Shogun Assassin is a cult classic samurai movie with some of the best swordplay you will ever see. Wakayama Tomisaburo is grim yet elegantly dispatches his foes with brutal efficiency that impresses.

  • 21

    Milo: The Best Coffee Alternative Drink

    3 months ago

    Milo is a delicious, satisfying drink that makes a wonderful alternative to coffee. Widely consumed in Australia, Asia and Mexico, Milo is sold as a sports energy drink and is enjoyed by millions.

  • Breakfast Potatoes Recipe

    Breakfast Potatoes Recipe

    3 years ago

    This Breakfast Potatoes recipe is convenient, satisfying and packed full of delicious flavors. Simple and healthy, it is also quick and easy to prepare in the morning, taking just a few minutes.

  • Greek Salad Sandwich

    Greek Salad Sandwich

    3 years ago

    This delicious Mediterranean salad sandwich is easy to make and is healthy too. It's Mexico meets Greece, delivering up delicate but powerful flavors. Satisfying and filling, you will love this recipe

  • 31

    Henry M Stanley, African Explorer

    4 years ago

    Henry Stanley was the adventurer and an explorer that uttered the legendary words "Dr Livingstone I presume?" A fascinating figure from history, Stanley's story is a riveting good yarn.

  • Through the Brazilian Wilderness

    Through the Brazilian Wilderness

    3 years ago

    Tales of true life adventure are my favorite subject to read about so the book Through the Brazilian Wilderness was perfect for me, especially since I could download it for free directly to my Kindle.

  • How to choose a marine inverter for your boat

    How to choose a marine inverter for your boat

    4 years ago

    A simple, layman's guide to choosing the right marine inverter for your boat. Inverters are the piece of equipment that takes the DC power from your batteries and turns it into AC power so that you can plug in and use things like laptops, TV's,...

  • 21

    Bruce the Alcoholic

    4 years ago

    True tales of the colorful characters that I have met in my travels and adventures along San Diego's waterfront dive bars. Excerpts from my up-coming book Delusions on the Waterfront.

  • Pepper Sauce for Pasta

    Pepper Sauce for Pasta

    2 years ago

    A simple and delicious pasta sauce that packs a wonderful punch of flavor. A complete sauce in itself, it can also serve as a tasty base on which to build even more complex flavors.

  • 9

    Learn to Sail

    3 years ago

    Learn the basics of sailing with these free, online resources. By using these simulators and classes you will be out on the water in no time having good, safe fun with your friends and family.

  • Home Chef

    Home Chef

    2 years ago

    Easy recipes and delicious meals that anyone can prepare. Fantastic food that can be made quickly and easily, that the whole family will enjoy. Try them and let me know what your favorite was.

  • Recipes for the Non-Cook

    Recipes for the Non-Cook

    3 years ago

    These quick and simple recipes are for the person that does not like to cook but does not want to live on take out or restaurant food either.

  • Breakfast Mediterranean Style

    Breakfast Mediterranean Style

    3 years ago

    A delicious, flavor packed breakfast recipe from the Mediterranean that somewhat resembles a toasted cheese sandwich only it's much tastier and a lot healthier for you. The best vegetarian breakfast.

  • Best Potato Salad Recipe

    Best Potato Salad Recipe

    2 years ago

    Tangy, creamy and full of flavor, this potato salad recipe makes an amazingly popular side dish but it is also great as a main dish. This quick and easy recipe can be made by anyone and enjoyed by all

  • 23

    How to Cook Perfect Fried Rice

    2 years ago

    A step by step guide on how to make perfect fried rice every time, just like you eat at your favorite Asian food restaurant. No special equipment or ingredients required.

  • Red Bell Pepper Dip

    Red Bell Pepper Dip

    3 years ago

    Sweet and smoky roasted, red bell pepper dip that is also delicious as a spread for sandwiches or wraps. It is healthy, fast and very easy to make. Kids love it too!

  • Meatloaf Chili Dog in Under 15 Minutes

    Meatloaf Chili Dog in Under 15 Minutes

    2 years ago

    Fast and easy to make, healthy meal that every kid will love to eat. You can make this meatloaf chili dog in under 15 minutes and it not only tastes great but it is also healthy for your children too.

  • Meatloaf Taco In Under 15 Mins

    Meatloaf Taco In Under 15 Mins

    4 years ago

    Fast, simple meatloaf taco meal that anyone can make in under 15 minutes and kids will love it too. Makes a great lunch or dinner and is healthy and easy to make. Absolutely no cooking required.

  • Dinner In Under 30 Minutes

    Dinner In Under 30 Minutes

    4 years ago

    Delicious meals in under 30 minutes that anyone can make. Kids love this meal and it is so easy to prepare that anyone can make it. You don't even need to be able to cook to prepare this tasty dish.

  • Chicken Parmigiana in Under 30 Minutes

    Chicken Parmigiana in Under 30 Minutes

    3 years ago

    Chicken Parmigiana in under 30 minutes. If you like to eat well but do not like to cook, this is the recipe for you. Anyone can make this dish even if you cannot cook. Great introduction to cooking.

  • Top 10 Disney Cruise Tips & Tricks

    Top 10 Disney Cruise Tips & Tricks

    3 years ago

    This collection of tips will not only save you money and stretch your vacation dollar further than ever before but they will also make your trip stress free, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.

  • 25

    Mushroom Burger Recipe

    2 years ago

    This mushroom burger recipe is delicious. Vegetarian and vegan friendly, it is better than any other burger you will ever eat including a bacon, cheese burger, carnivores, I promise you.

  • 7

    Victory an Island Tale by Joseph Conrad

    2 years ago

    A review of the book Victory: an island tale by Joseph Conrad. A man and wife have to defend themselves against a band of blood thirsty villains all alone on an island without any hope of help.

  • 15

    Grit of Women by Jack London

    2 years ago

    A review of the story Grit Of Women by Jack London. A tale of tough choices a man and wife must make in order to survive the bitter wilderness of the Klondike at the turn of the century.

  • 6

    Siwash by Jack London

    2 years ago

    A review of the short story, Siwash, written by the famous, American author, Jack London. London also wrote Call of the Wild and White Fang which are famous world-wide for their quality.

  • 7

    Review and Analysis: "Love of Life" by Jack London

    5 months ago

    Jack London's short story, "Love of Life," is the most gripping tale of survival you'll ever read. One man's struggle for life against impossible odds, including bears, wolves and starvation.

  • 4

    Play Review: "One Day More" by Joseph Conrad

    7 months ago

    "One Day More: A Play in One Act" is a play written by the literary master Joseph Conrad. It's a sad tale of a man waiting for his only son to return home to him after a life-long estrangement.

  • Why Every Kid Should Own a Kindle

    Why Every Kid Should Own a Kindle

    2 years ago

    Every kid should own a kindle because, unlike with paper books, it will improve their vocabulary immensely.

  • 8

    Falk by Joseph Conrad

    2 years ago

    Falk: A Reminiscence. Murder on the high seas, unrequited love and cannibalism, what more could you want in a story? If you love salty tales of the sea then this masterpiece is certainly for you.

  • The Mutiny of the Elsinore

    The Mutiny of the Elsinore

    3 years ago

    Another great tale of the sailing the high seas by the famous American author Jack London. If you enjoyed The Sea Wolf then you will certainly love this ship of lost souls and old salts. A great read.

  • Outdoor Fun in San Diego, California

    Outdoor Fun in San Diego, California

    3 years ago

    Outdoor fun for the whole family at the Wild Willow Farm in San Diego. Tasty food and free classes on organic gardening make this an amazing way to spend a day by yourself or with your kids.

  • 26

    Vegetarian Zuppa Toscana Recipe

    2 years ago

    This is the best soup you will ever taste, I promise you. It is insanely healthy and very simple to make. If you are not a vegetarian, I bet you will not even miss the meat. This is my tasty take on Olive Garden's zuppa Toscana but with no meat.

  • Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

    Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

    3 years ago

    A delicious alternative to mashed potatoes for those who want to try something new or are looking for a low carb alternative. It's also a very effective way to trick your kids into eating cauliflower.

  • 5

    Boat Stoves

    2 years ago

    A guide to choosing the right marine stove for your boat and your cooking needs.

  • The Well Traveled Hat

    The Well Traveled Hat

    3 years ago

    In the tradition of Indiana Jones, The Hat takes you on a thrill-ride of adventurous island hopping throughout the South Pacific.

  • 20

    Best Marine Binoculars For Boating

    2 years ago

    A simple guide to choosing the right marine binoculars for your needs.

  • The Seal Captain of Morro Bay

    The Seal Captain of Morro Bay

    3 years ago

    There's rarely a dull moment when you live at sea and my encounter with The Seal Captain of Morro Bay is a prime example of the adventures you will have. Fair winds and Following seas.

  • Fear on the High Seas

    Fear on the High Seas

    2 years ago

    If you like tales of terror on the high seas then this horrifying story is for you! It's a true account of what happened to me and my friend, Mark, as we sailed down the Southern California Coast.

  • Say Gudday to Catalina Island

    Say Gudday to Catalina Island

    2 years ago

    Catalina Island has to be the staycation Mecca for the people of Southern California and it's easy to see why. Camping, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, this island has it all and it's within easy reach too.


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