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Gina Vance, CMHT, CCHT, RBT

Gina Vance is mentor to coaches, clinicians and agents of change here to transform the world for the better, and help others do the same Gina was mentored into mastery by tortuous physical pain and its accompanying mental anguish and psychic torment. Schooled in the best options for dealing with the challenges confronting, or hounding us, including tried and true methods that can be used on the fly. These are tools that have proved effective in the boardroom, bedroom and playing field, as well as being used effectively in state of the art medical centers; with survivors of war atrocities overseas, and with returning Vets here in the US right now.

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  • Volcano Meditation

    Volcano Meditation

    15 months ago

    Take your attention into your body and breath deep into a soft belly. Breathe deep and imagine you are a mountain, tall and strong, reaching up into the heavens, rooted deep in the earth. Notice what it’s like...

  • Getting What You Want Requires Collaboration

    Getting What You Want Requires Collaboration

    15 months ago

    Getting what you want starts with desire. To know what you desire, notice the signals and sensations in your body and follow them with your attention, your awareness, by simply noticing the sensations you are aware of...