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Haseeb (h.a.chauhdary)

Joined 13 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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  • Death is not the end of life

    Death is not the end of life

    11 years ago

    Gasping for air in this bottomless abyss slithering in my ghost's lair with an unmistakable fragrance a relentless smell of my past the devil on my back serpentine and black Seeking my release from the bondage of demons searching for...

  • 3


    13 years ago

    We lay plunged tonight in the darkest pit of our destiny forlorn but our fate intertwined Our weak bodies grow fragile spiritually starved and dry to the bone lost and desperate for a sign Our weary minds wander aimlessly ...

  • Damaged beyond repair

    Damaged beyond repair

    11 years ago

    The Moon glistens behind a veil of dark clouds rolling by under the star studded sky The wild winds blow, leaves tremble and fall to the ground The earth shakes and the angels frown from the fear of tomorrow the joy and the sorrow ...

  • Biding Time

    Biding Time

    13 years ago

    I can see through the curtain behind your eyes its a gateway to your body and soul beyond all truth and the lies I can feel your presence in this emptiness the ever growing hollow of this nothingness this gaping hole in my heart  widens...

  • The Final Prayer

    The Final Prayer

    13 years ago

    My faith erodes into disbelief on the shore of my conscience decimated by lust and desire setting my soul on fire Remorse seeping through my senses Regret letting down my defenses I'm a captive of my own duress fading light in a dark abyss...

  • Cascade of Emotions

    Cascade of Emotions

    4 years ago

    Silence drowning everything in its wake  Whispering words on winds to fade Drifting through an air of despair Sailing on a storm of deceit Flying in thin air of self-doubt Apathy fleeing from inside out  Lost inside the labyrinth...

  • My Bravest Mask

    My Bravest Mask

    13 years ago

    Stripped of all disguise as i see my own reflection the image of you in my eyes your memory enshrined in my heart your scent engraved in my senses i feel betrayed by my own veil, my bravest mask of deception the moan in silent cries ...

  • Inside a cynic's head

    Inside a cynic's head

    9 years ago

    A Battle of Brains Memories corrode my mind like acid rain on bare trees. I can't take the intensity of the tide that drives them ashore from the deepest caverns of my brain, flooding every nook and corner and the remorse that accompanies them in a...

  • Journey of a vagrant soul

    Journey of a vagrant soul

    13 years ago

    I have, soared through empty skies found truth in blatant lies seen hatred in loved-ones' eyes sought wisdom in madness traded joy for sadness made fortunes from misery fought battles and waged wars liberated ideas and rescued...

  • Poetry - For You

    Poetry - For You

    13 years ago

    and if someday you feel you can walk this way on an untrodden path to an unknown destiny when you make-believe that your faith wont waver in the heights you can't fly in the depths you can't fathom when you feel lost and despair ...

  • poetry - what i want to say

    poetry - what i want to say

    13 years ago

    No more songs about sorrow no emptiness fills my inside no more waiting for tomorrow today i swallow my pride get inside my head see what i have to say but these words still escape me as i stumble upon my way serpentine patterns of  these...

  • Hello, are you there?

    Hello, are you there?

    13 years ago

    hello, are you there? still hoping though im constantly aware you never could understand the reason for my indecision your eyes shine a different glare and its dazzled me until now for love had covered mine but the burden i have laid down you...

  • Poetry - Twilight

    Poetry - Twilight

    13 years ago

    I head out into the misty cold not knowing where i belong I walk down the streets of silence unsure if i'm right or wrong Trees withering as the sun is sinking down my thoughts are spinning inside my head my eyes darting in wayward directions for a...

  • Upheavel


    13 years ago

    Losing on self control vanity tears a hole hollow as my soul eroding faith, drowned by disbelief indwelling demons blessed by this curse surrounded by sorrow joy lies deeply burrowed repressed emotions toward an untrue devotion asphyxiated dreams...

  • Opium Dream

    Opium Dream

    13 years ago

    A shooting star in the sky the silence within a cry Ocean's tide that ebbs and flows a fear that forever grows blessed curse or deathly hallow i am the pill you can't swallow the cure for your disease.. last wish of the deceased flowing sand...

  • Poetry - Madness

    Poetry - Madness

    13 years ago

    Crying when i should laugh over my sanity drowned by this madness, this vanity standing on the edge of reason disturbed, i turn away surviving  this change of seasons as night turns into day I bury this feeling inside my brains oh God,...

  • Poetry- Surrender

    Poetry- Surrender

    4 years ago

    Theres a fear loomin out the darkness as i gaze into the hole these eerie toughts have crept up inside taking over my soul never could have just a part of it helped me get by i see the vision is quite bleak tonight theres an old man praying in...

  • the Burning Embers

    the Burning Embers

    13 years ago

    rising from the smouldering ashes hoping you still remember paving a way to you amidst the burning embers bridging the chasm that separates shrouded by flames of love and hate flooded by tears the rivers that were once dry dreaded for years...


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