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Who is Anna?

Food & Travel Blogger. Events Architect. Chef. Guru of Grub. Globetrotter. Puppy Momma. Discovering a life without Gluten, Dairy, Sugar & Caffeine!

My chefing career started at the Australian National Convention Centre where I trained as an apprentice & fell in love with function work. The thrill of running multiple functions at the same time & working in big teams to bring everything in on time is, without a doubt a bit of a buzz!

Working with a huge team of blokie Chefs who managed to describe most mouth watering, taste tantalizing and exquisite dishes prefixed by a four-letter word or two was a little challenging I’ll admit for this little Lady Chef, but loads of fun & an experience I’m so glad I’ve had.

After almost a decade in the kitchen & a bit more study, I packed away my cheffies & followed the sweet lure of Hotel & Event Management. Cooking professionally was a great experience & it certainly opened the door to lots of fun working holidays abroad but I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to dress like a girl again, my love affair with hospitality & function work cranked up to the next level.

Now, if I’m not spending time with clients designing their dream wedding, live broadcast function, or gala event, you’ll find me hanging out ‘behind the scenes’ creating stories for my website - shenannagans.com

What’s The Hospitality Guru all about?

The H.G. started out almost by accident when a lot of my apprentice chefs suffered from the wise, wonderful & political decisions to cut a Chefs ‘apprenticeship’ period in half in an effort to meet the skill demand in our industry. I started to share a lot of my own training notes & made a few videos for my guys to help them with their techniques & terminology. I mean seriously, who wants a trained Chef in the kitchen who has no idea what a Mirepoix or a Beurre Noisette is, right?

Too many really bright & enthusiastic young Chefs were getting browned off & were loosing their enthusiasm because even though they’d studied hard & did their best, they simply didn’t have enough technical information, or a understanding of how commercial kitchens operated & they needed help.

Over time, my notes became a handout & things have grown, where today The Hospitality Guru ‘Back to Basics’ hub page series is available free of charge on the internet.

Coming Soon.... An 'event' hub series
A one stop site for DIY, event planners & corporate administrators looking for key information for their next big event!

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