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johndnathan profile image

John D Nathan (johndnathan)

Joined 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas. USA




Also follow me on:

Welcome to the excellent page of John D. Nathan: writer, artist, and benevolent werewolf.

If you're feeling particularly generous I do accept donations.

Bitcoin: 1FFko4fzrCEchcUpokXN56d1Q43vRi4fde

Dogecoin: DQmcYAh8vLkjgZMWc9HveRr21m8qLdEmTR

For the most part I describe my writing as 'weird fiction', as that is possibly the most accurate way to put it. I'm not primarily in one particular camp of content matter, though I do enjoy putting a lot of ridiculous humor in my writing and will often go well out of my way and potentially humiliate myself for a cheap joke.

I'm not going to put any specific details about my religious or political beliefs, because if I told you then you would be more apt to throwing me into a stereotypical social group and making preconceived judgments about me without ever getting to know me. I'd prefer you discover my wild and wiggly world through my writing.

I've lived all my life in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. I don't know what a metroplex is, but we have it. I'm just a humble writer right now, but with your help I can grow to be an overbearing, self-absorbed, and pretentious author. We can work together to mold my self-confidence to give me the gusto to walk into any restaurant, no matter how fancy, and exclaim "Do you know who I am?! Do you know how important I am?!"

Yes we can do it.

Thank you for your support.

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  • So Delicious Cherry Amaretto Coconut Milk Ice Cream: Dairy Free Deliciousness in Moderation

    So Delicious Cherry Amaretto Coconut Milk Ice Cream: Dairy Free Deliciousness in Moderation

    4 years ago

    Did you know you can make ice cream from coconut milk? I didn't. Here's my review on So Delicious's frozen coconut delicacy.

  • The Burrito's Fate

    The Burrito's Fate

    4 years ago

    What do you do when you have in your hands the world's most delicious burrito?

  • Dogecoin: To the Moon!  Wow!

    Dogecoin: To the Moon! Wow!

    4 years ago

    Now this may seem silly, and it is, however there is much to be said about this rising star in the cryptocurrency world.

  • The Alligator's Lunch

    The Alligator's Lunch

    4 years ago

    A story about a boy named Jeff Pratt, who's going on a rafting adventure in rural Louisiana to alleviate his boredom... oh and there's an alligator in here somewhere.

  • The Hordes of Thanksgiving

    The Hordes of Thanksgiving

    4 years ago

    NOTE: The following is based on a true story… unfortunately. This is just an observation about Thanksgiving traditions, and the fanatical chaos afterwards known as "Black Friday".

  • Stupid Allergies!

    Stupid Allergies!

    4 years ago

    My name is Victoria, but everyone calls me Vic. I'm going to college and also work full-time at a job, but lately I've been having some issues with my health. I think I may be allergic to something.

  • A Case of the Shingles

    A Case of the Shingles

    5 years ago

    Brian Brower, a paranoid and depressed college boy, is suffering from the common virus colloquially known as "shingles"... or at least that's what his doctor says.

  • Bully: You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party

    Bully: You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party

    5 years ago

    Welcome to Bullworth Academy. I'd like to say you'll enjoy your stay, but I don't want to lie to you. This private school has an infamous reputation as a dumping ground for hooligans like you.

  • Fun at the Hospital

    Fun at the Hospital

    5 years ago

    Let me tell you a story about my recent four night stay at a major hospital. Before this time I had never spent the night at a hospital since I was very young.

  • SimTower: Architectural Mayhem a Hundred Stories Up

    SimTower: Architectural Mayhem a Hundred Stories Up

    5 years ago

    SimTower lets you build a hundred story skyscraper, and punishes you every step of the way. In this article I'll give my take on this vertical empire-building machine.

  • Terraria: Just Keep Digging!

    Terraria: Just Keep Digging!

    4 years ago

    I apologize for taking so long to write this review as I was a bit preoccupied playing Terraria. This should be a good indication as to how addictive this inexpensive little game is.

  • Devil at the Crossroads

    Devil at the Crossroads

    5 years ago

    My name is Marius Jackson, and I want to be a world famous writer, and that’s why I’m here sitting in the back of my pickup truck out in the middle of the night where two dirt roads cross... waiting.

  • Love, Equality, Tacos!

    Love, Equality, Tacos!

    5 years ago

    There are those who walk among us. They're called "taco biters", "chalupa lovers", and other nefarious names. But apart from their martial arts skills they're just the same as everyone else.

  • Deconstruction of

    Deconstruction of "Slender: The Eight Pages"

    5 years ago

    Who is the Slender Man? You may have seen him out of the corner of your eye. In this article I will examine the freeware survival horror game based on this bizarre creature.

  • Battle at the Car Wash

    Battle at the Car Wash

    5 years ago

    Two deities of inconceivable power engage in an epic battle at a quiet suburban car wash in Addison, Texas on a particular Tuesday that is not to be forgotten.

  • Sleeping Dogs: Big Trouble in Little Hong Kong

    Sleeping Dogs: Big Trouble in Little Hong Kong

    5 years ago

    Sleeping Dogs takes you through the streets of Hong Kong as undercover officer Wei Shen, as he attempts to take down the Sun On Yee triad family from within. Here's my take on this action movie game.

  • Beware the Groundhog Day

    Beware the Groundhog Day

    5 years ago

    In this hub I will tell you the very true and secretive origins and meanings behind our most sacred holiday that lies on February 2nd.

  • Mirror's Edge: Parkour for the People!

    Mirror's Edge: Parkour for the People!

    5 years ago

    Mirror's Edge, a game by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE), presents us with a refreshing look at the first-person genre. Here is my basic rundown and review of this rather unique game.

  • Why There Should Not Be a Max Payne 4

    Why There Should Not Be a Max Payne 4

    5 years ago

    Max Payne is a lasting video game franchise that has stood the test of time. With the graceful narrative wordplay of neo-noir and the gritty overtones of a dime-store pulp fiction the series has never failed to impress. I've played all the games, and even sat through that disappointing abomination...

  • Taco Ninja!

    Taco Ninja!

    5 years ago

    I take a moment to focus my thoughts. I must remember my master's words..."Two crispy beef tacos, one combination burrito, and three churros." I will retrieve these delicious fast food Mexican delights for my master or I will die trying. I am a taco ninja!

  • My Wild and Weird Life in Conversation Form

    My Wild and Weird Life in Conversation Form

    5 years ago

    I seem to have a pretty wacky life. Sometimes I intentionally create it, and sometimes I am the catalyst to turn a normal situation into a wacky one. However, sometimes I just attract the weirdness and it seems to happen around me without any input on my part whatsoever. Here are some excerpts from...

  • It's Just a Little Blood

    It's Just a Little Blood

    5 years ago

    “It’s just a little blood,” I mockingly murmured to myself. A ridiculous short story involving blood, which should have been obvious from the title. WARNING: This story contains at least a little blood, which should have also been obvious from the title. It also contains a mop, but we're...

  • The Mysterious Midnight Mass

    The Mysterious Midnight Mass

    5 years ago

    A story about a man who attends midnight mass with his wife and learns the terrible consequences of falling asleep in church.

  • The Very Real and Totally NOT FAKE End of the World

    The Very Real and Totally NOT FAKE End of the World

    5 years ago

    It has come to my attention that many of you think that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012. If you happen to be reading this after December 21, and the world is still intact, then you realize how foolish you were for believing such tripe. Don't get me wrong. The world will end,...

  • Deconstructing

    Deconstructing "Geogaddi" by Boards of Canada

    17 months ago

    A deconstructed review of my favorite album by Boards of Canada: Geogaddi.

  • A Restaurant for YOU!

    A Restaurant for YOU!

    5 years ago

    Come visit 'Your Restaurant', where we make every effort to ensure that you have the perfect dining experience. We will customize the menu to your liking, and anything you want is available. Let us concern ourselves with the details, as our chefs are prepared to handle any meal request you may...

  • Anniversary of Eight

    Anniversary of Eight

    5 years ago

    I suppose you're wondering why I put a human heart in the picture instead of a symbolic heart. Well a human heart looks more interesting, and it's a weird picture to use for a story about love. That fine, however since we're a weird couple anyway. Here's a nice recap of the funny circumstances...

  • Review of Bolthouse Farms

    Review of Bolthouse Farms "Holiday Nog" Eggnog

    19 months ago

    It's the holiday season, and that means merry spirits, holiday cheer, and stuffing a decorated shrub in your living room. But more importantly it means the arrival of that delicious and obscure-tasting drink known as "eggnog".



    5 years ago

    The year is 1999. I'm a cashier at Brammell & Branson. You would think that working in customer service at an upscale mega-mart means that I’d have to be chipper and cheery, however it’s a bit pointless when most of your customers are androids.

  • Our 2012 Mostly-Great Texas Road Trip part 1: Through the Valley of Darkness

    Our 2012 Mostly-Great Texas Road Trip part 1: Through the Valley of Darkness

    5 years ago

    The first part of our 2012 Texas road trip across this massively beautiful and crazy state. This article covers our initial run from Dallas/Ft. Worth to South Padre Island, and all activities we did in the super-southern tip of Texas.

  • Abraham Lincoln: Circus Performer

    Abraham Lincoln: Circus Performer

    5 years ago

    A somewhat mostly-true historical recollection about some earlier professions of the United States' sixteenth president. NOTE: This ridiculous alternate-universe historical farce is a work of fiction. Please do not use this as reference material for your school paper!

  • Instant-Runoff Voting

    Instant-Runoff Voting

    5 years ago

    In this article I will explain the difference between Plurality Voting, and Instant-Runoff Voting. I will also explain the shortfalls of a plurality voting system.

  • How to Ride the DART: An Easy and Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

    How to Ride the DART: An Easy and Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

    5 years ago

    A handy helpful guide for tourists planning to explore Dallas using Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). It's also a good resource for locals apprehensive about trying out our system.

  • Review of

    Review of "Kampai Sushi & Grill" in Addison, Texas

    5 years ago

    In recent history there seems to have been quite an explosion of Japanese restaurants across Middle America, and like many deeply landlocked cities this is a relatively new phenomenon for us here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Twenty-five years ago our choices for unique Asian cuisine were...

  • It's Christmas in Texas

    It's Christmas in Texas

    5 years ago

    Ah it’s mid-October and it’s the holiday season. I know this, because they’re putting out the Christmas decorations at Walmart. We haven’t even snacked on our Halloween candy yet, and already they’re wetting our lips with holiday cheer.

  • Gay Marriage, the Law, and YOU

    Gay Marriage, the Law, and YOU

    5 years ago

    A comparative definition of what marriage means from a legal view and a religious view. Also an examination of how marriage laws affect people. Yes, I actually wrote something serious for once.

  • Book Review of

    Book Review of "The Lusty Argonian Maid"

    4 years ago

    In this article I have chosen to review "The Lusty Argonian Maid", a controversial book by Crassius Curio. It’s controversial in the sense that it contains a large amount of innuendo, and is banned for indecent content in the Summerset Isles. Please note that this is a work of satire, and should...

  • The Severed Head

    The Severed Head

    5 years ago

    A teenage boy decides to help a weeping spirit reconcile her untimely death, and discovers how difficult it can be to deal with death. A macabre mess of dark humor paying homage to the campfire-lit stories passed down from generation to generation.

  • Chips on the Brain

    Chips on the Brain

    5 years ago

    I suppose you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past week. You see I had a microchip implanted in my brain. That’s right, a microchip. And I'll tell you all about it.

  • The Dark Comedic Miasma

    The Dark Comedic Miasma

    5 years ago

    A shapeless entity that is five-hundred feet across, which could only be described as “the creature”, had risen out of Bachman Lake earlier that morning and is currently rampaging throughout downtown Dallas. Emma, our heroine, is the last of the comedic sorcerers and it is time for her to...

  • I Lost My Sense of Fun

    I Lost My Sense of Fun

    5 years ago

    I lost my sense of fun. I had a sudden feeling that the back of my skull was peeling open like a banana and a slimy slug was slithering down my spine. I opened my eyes turned around to see a basketball-sized wriggling purple pile of fleshy mass flopping on the floor of my study.

  • Struggling


    5 years ago

    They labeled me insane. I grip my six-shooter, press it to my chest, and stroke the barrel like it was a swaddled child; it is cold, clean and unused. Welcome to a brief peek into the mind of a madman. Best read at night, in a dark house, alone.

  • A Blair Family Christmas

    A Blair Family Christmas

    5 years ago

    Dr. Blair fights a never ending battle against annoying forces of evil in this holiday thriller. Read a festive terrible tale for our holiday season, or if it's summertime where you're at you can at least pretend it's actually cold outside.

  • Geriatricat: The Six-Million-Dollar Grandmother

    Geriatricat: The Six-Million-Dollar Grandmother

    5 years ago

    A short origin story about Jackie Hennessey, a mild-mannered grandmother who is involved in a tragic kitchen accident and becomes a heroine for the common good.

  • Good Medicine

    Good Medicine

    5 years ago

    A kind old man finds happiness in his quest to visit all the sick children in the hospital. Of course not everyone appreciates his life's work.

  • Stop waking up!

    Stop waking up!

    5 years ago

    A problem that I'm sure many of us have in circumstances involving dreams and dreaming... well I have this problem.

  • Herb the Vampire

    Herb the Vampire

    5 years ago

    My name is Herb Shapiro. I’m fifty-two, single, and going bald. The last time I saw my doctor he said I was overweight and a high-risk candidate for diabetes. Of course that was before I became a vampire.

  • Peter Petrakov's Magical Bathroom Adventure

    Peter Petrakov's Magical Bathroom Adventure

    5 years ago

    A man's attempt to answer the call of nature ends up with a strange situation that he could never have imagined. WARNING: Contains gratuitous amounts of toilet humor, but then again that should be apparent from the title.

  • The Sushi at the Werewolf Bar

    The Sushi at the Werewolf Bar

    5 years ago

    An alternate story to compare to 'The Werewolf at the Sushi Bar'. This time there's more werewolves and less sushi, but from the title I feel that is expected. May contain scenes of excessive lycanthropy. Reader discretion is advised.

  • Terror at the Arcade

    Terror at the Arcade

    5 years ago

    A gripping tale of life and death in the bowels of an arcade in Grapevine, Texas! See an innocent middle-aged couple struggle to rescue their precious child from the clutches of a terrible machine of DOOM! Tense music not included.

  • The Day I Met the Devil

    The Day I Met the Devil

    5 years ago

    My first encounter with the Prince of Darkness. Apparently he does hang around the bible belt sometimes. NOTE: Contains scenes of literary abuse.

  • Werewolf's Moon Over the Circle

    Werewolf's Moon Over the Circle

    5 years ago

    A mild-mannered werewolf has to solve a few basic necessities when he realizes how ridiculously unprepared he was for his little "accident". WARNING: Contains gratuitous sushi abuse.

  • The Storm and the Skeleton

    The Storm and the Skeleton

    5 years ago

    A terrible tale of a young man coming of age who learns what happened to his long dead father, and finds the truth to be much stranger than expected. Enjoy!

  • The Werewolf at the Sushi Bar

    The Werewolf at the Sushi Bar

    5 years ago

    The owner of an Addison Circle sushi restaurant recalls the night she encountered a werewolf in her place of business.