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  • Is your horse nervous, tense and unfocused....?

    Is your horse nervous, tense and unfocused....?

    7 years ago

  • Color of Feelings

    Color of Feelings

    8 years ago

    The journey of life in abstract

  • A Horse

    A Horse

    9 years ago

    A short poem on a most noble animal

  • What my Lover Said

    What my Lover Said

    12 years ago

    First loves are like no other.....

  • Expectations of the Night

    Expectations of the Night

    9 years ago

    The hour has come with heightened expectation of the nights desire long awaited with anticipation to feel skin upon skin bound by strong muscular arms entwined in each other hot damp breath fingertip to fingertip...thigh against thigh ...

  • The Slaughterhouse

    The Slaughterhouse

    12 years ago


  • A Matter of Time

    A Matter of Time

    12 years ago

    Dealing with death and dying

  • Ode to the Wolves

    Ode to the Wolves

    12 years ago

    The genocide of wolves.....

  • The Lesson

    The Lesson

    12 years ago

    deep dark brown eyes of one who does not demonstrate the intelligence of a supreme being yet has the understanding and intelligence of the deeper meaning of life who was to know? always there taken for granted your pain how foolish was i...

  • Trespassers


    11 years ago

    Aliens within.....

  • Winter


    12 years ago

    dark gray skies caress the trees and hold them ever so gently,  sunboy hides needing a much deserved rest, it is time for the cold rain and snow to blanket the earth.. it is time for the creatures to take shelter in the bosom of mother...

  • What is, What was

    What is, What was

    12 years ago

    in the darkness i cry my tears of pain and no one hears or sees.the silence of the night is frightening and seems never ending. into the night the journey begins. it is such a long dark road. when will the foolishness end. the darkness calls my...

  • Lovers


    12 years ago

    surrounded by the thick moist blanket of the waters offering..... the earth surrenders itself to its needs.... velvet softness anxious climatic you.... I love the simplicity of great poetry. Its instant ,this...

  • The Ancient Ones

    The Ancient Ones

    8 years ago

    brilliant moon lights the night howling, howling, lonely callings of the kindred startled i awake from deep within reaching yearning Sorrow remembering so long ago can't really recall but remembering but what a need ...

  • My Tears

    My Tears

    8 years ago

    if my tears could take the pain away .....i would cry for you.... ....i would cry a million tears.... if my tears could make it right. if my tears could melt the hardest of hearts.....i would cry a million tears..... if my tears..... if my...

  • Waiting


    12 years ago

    Earth's Renewal....

  • Dreams


    9 years ago

    its been a long time.....something like 3 or 4 years....so when you came to me in my dreams last night....i was taken back.......i had not thought of you...for that part of my life has been over......and in my dream....you were walking.....and had...

  • Solitude


    9 years ago

    In the solitude of the journey i am more than one... there are many parts fractured...scrambling searching then coming together finding some peace. Always searching searching searching... yet not wanting to find the answer. Maybe i've...

  • Into the Night

    Into the Night

    9 years ago

    Into the night soft, misty, smoky the brilliance of the full moon shadowed by the clouds voices breezes whispering their secrets in the cornfields lovers exhausted .... tall grassess flickering in the moonlight night creatures busy at what they do...

  • Ode to a Cat

    Ode to a Cat

    11 years ago

    A Tale of a very cool cat

  • The Wild Horses and Burros of North America!

    The Wild Horses and Burros of North America!

    12 years ago

    Help save America's Wild horses and burros.


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