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    Tiramisu Cookies: The Essence of Tiramisu in Cookie Form

    9 months ago

    These bite-sized cookies capture the very essence of the popular Italian dessert. Make a batch for your next party or potluck. On second thought, you'd better make two batches!

  • 2

    Bienenstich Cookies: A Beloved Cake Transformed

    10 months ago

    These cookies capture the essence of the traditional German Bienenstich cake.

  • 2

    Creamed Corn--Tasty, Fast 'n Easy

    10 months ago

    Creamed Corn is good. Homemade creamed corn is even better. One day not long ago I realized that I had never made creamed corn from scratch, even though I've been cooking for many, many years. I was stunned. Okay, not exactly stunned but surprised....

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    One Pot Meal: Chicken Fricassee

    10 months ago

    Chicken Fricasee--we call this one Smothered Chicken, but whatever you call it, it's still delicious. It's a hearty chicken meal that has vegetables, too. All you need is a garden salad to make this meal complete. I used a 3-4 pound fryer in this...

  • 5

    Blueberry Lasagna

    10 months ago

    Blueberry Lasagna is a dish that can only be described as a "Czech-Italian Fusion." It was inspired (in part) by the delightful Czech plum dumplings that my grandmother used to make.

  • Tex-Mex Chicken Breasts with Rockin' Red Sauce

    Tex-Mex Chicken Breasts with Rockin' Red Sauce

    10 months ago

    This Tex-Mex Chicken recipe was inspired by crushed tortilla chips. Not just any crushed tortilla chips, mind you, but the super-thin chips often offered gratis at many Tex-Mex restaurants.

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    Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata: Product Review

    10 months ago

    If you're on a tight schedule and you need a fast meal but you don't want a meal full of preservatives and chemicals--Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata is a great choice for you and your family.

  • Carrot & Turnip Sauté With Mango Glaze

    Carrot & Turnip Sauté With Mango Glaze

    10 months ago

    Carrot & Turnip Saute is a delicious, healthy side dish and can be used for any meal. Great for your next vegetarian feast or at your next "Annual Meeting of Cavemen Picnic & Barbecue."

  • Spicy Sunflower Seeds

    Spicy Sunflower Seeds

    10 months ago

    Spicy Sunflower Seeds are a wake up call for your palette. Great for garnishes, salads or just plain ol' snacking. This is an easy recipe so why not make your own instead of paying name brand prices?

  • Blueberry Cookies: A Blueberry Lover's Delight

    Blueberry Cookies: A Blueberry Lover's Delight

    10 months ago

    I had some extra time during the holiday season and a great deal of it was spent in the laboratory. A number of experiments were conducted. There were successes and failures. A couple of the failures were caused by humidity levels. These were successfully resuscitated and subsequently consumed....

  • Lucky 7 Shrimp Salad

    Lucky 7 Shrimp Salad

    10 months ago

    The kitchen spirits were kind and this experiment yielded delicious results that were light in calories as well as light on the palate. Lucky 7 Shrimp Salad is a wonderful combination of roasted, Asian kissed shrimp dancing on a colorful background of baby greens. The baby greens are lightly...

  • Baked Turkey Croquettes

    Baked Turkey Croquettes

    10 months ago

    This is a great recipe to use for your leftover holiday turkey, whether it's a Christmas turkey or a Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Roasted Peppers-The Easy Method

    Roasted Peppers-The Easy Method

    10 months ago

    There's more than one way to skin a pepper, but this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it. If you have a gas range, it's fun to roast the pepper on top of the range...like an indoor camp-out. This is the oven method, though, so grab your mitts and let's go!

  • Three Cheese Quiche With Squash & Roasted Poblano and Self-Forming Crust

    Three Cheese Quiche With Squash & Roasted Poblano and Self-Forming Crust

    10 months ago

    I haven't made quiche often in the past. In fact, I can't recall ever making it at all, though I'm sure I must have done so at least once. Yes, I'm sure I must have. I remember my Mom & grandma making it before so I'm sure that would have piqued my interest. Well, it is of no consequence. Either I...

  • Vegetarian Brown Rice Medley--a Fast, Easy Recipe

    Vegetarian Brown Rice Medley--a Fast, Easy Recipe

    10 months ago

    Vegetarian Brown Rice Medley is a fast, easy recipe that is sure to please the vegetarian palate and will make any resident carnivores happy as well. You may substitute any white rice for this recipe but brown rice is a healthier choice since it's 100% whole grain and chock full o'fiber

  • Healthy Poached Chicken Recipe With Tarragon Yogurt Sauce

    Healthy Poached Chicken Recipe With Tarragon Yogurt Sauce

    10 months ago

    A fun evening in the kitchen, (or as I sometimes call it: "Dr. Frazier-stein's Kitchen Laboratory"), yielded a poached chicken recipe that's worth keeping. I have no idea if this recipe has been done before...there's a good chance it has, but rest assured that all I did was look in the refrigerator...

  • Baked Chicken: A Mouthwatering Recipe

    Baked Chicken: A Mouthwatering Recipe

    10 months ago

    It's hard to beat this chicken recipe. For one thing--It's super simple and requires just a handful of ingredients. Also; it's so tender and succulent that it's difficult to resist the temptation to scarf the whole thing down yourself. The best part of it? There's almost no added fat in this...

  • Summer Squash Sensation--Sauteed & Steamed

    Summer Squash Sensation--Sauteed & Steamed

    10 months ago

    Summer squash is an excellent choice as a side order for any meal. Since squash cooks very quickly, it's also a convenient choice. It's best to use squash which are small or medium in size. As squashes grow larger, the seeds inside start to harden and the texture of the flesh starts to change. The...

  • Product Review: Coleman Organic Chicken

    Product Review: Coleman Organic Chicken

    9 years ago

    Coleman Natural Foods has been in business since 1875. This company has very strict standards--the use of antibiotics and growth hormones in their chickens is prohibited. The chickens are fed a vegetarian diet and are allowed to mature naturally. Coleman's sustainability practices set a good...

  • Cheesy Jalapeno Cornbread

    Cheesy Jalapeno Cornbread

    10 months ago

    Cornbread is always a great addition to a meal, especially if it's not too sweet. Jalapeno and cheese kick cornbread up a notch or two; adding extra dimensions of flavor to the cornbread as well as making it look pretty.

  • Pasta for Dessert: Stuffed Shells With Strawberries & Whipped Cream

    Pasta for Dessert: Stuffed Shells With Strawberries & Whipped Cream

    10 months ago

    This recipe was created because of the "screaming strawberries." Mom had organic strawberries in the fridge and we hadn't done anything with them. (Except consume a few of them). I decided to do something a little different with them this time. The recipe turned out great and everyone loved it. I...

  • Creamy Broccoli & Squash Soup with 3 Cheeses

    Creamy Broccoli & Squash Soup with 3 Cheeses

    10 months ago

    Dr. Frazier-stein was in the lab again and Broccoli & Squash Soup with 3 Cheeses is the delectable result. This recipe took less time to prepare than I thought it would. It was born out of the need to use the broccoli in the vegetable bin and the leftover zucchini from a recipe I made previously.

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    Product Review: Patti Jean Rock Cornish Game Hens

    10 months ago

    Roasted Patti Jean Rock Cornish Game Hens make an impressive display for dinner parties. They're also nice you want to serve a dinner to your family that's a little bit different. There are several brands of Cornish Game Hens available but the Patti Jean name has been in the public eye for quite...

  • Zucchini Squash Boats

    Zucchini Squash Boats

    10 months ago

    I had some zucchini in the refrigerator. Every day it called out to me: "Cook us quickly, before we go bad!" On the fifth day, I rescued the zucchini from the vegetable bin. This recipe is what resulted from that rescue effort: Zucchini Boats!

  • The Lancon Burger

    The Lancon Burger

    15 months ago

    There is a story behind "The Lancon Burger." Many years ago, (well, let's not be coy, it was decades), my second cousin lived with us for a while until he could get back on his feet. One day, between mealtimes, he was hungry. He decided to make a burger.

  • Vegetarian Burger

    Vegetarian Burger

    10 months ago

    Portabella Mushroom Burger...this is one of the best meatless burgers I've ever eaten. This is not my recipe but I adapted it for use in my home kitchen. The recipe is (or was) used at the Art Institute of Houston in the restaurant there. That was in 2011, I have no idea if it's still offered...

  • Spaghetti & Meatballs: Homemade From the Heart

    Spaghetti & Meatballs: Homemade From the Heart

    10 months ago

    Spaghetti and Meatballs...now there's a tasty meal! Instead of buying pre-made meatballs, which usually have a lot of nasty additives, make these at home yourself. You can make them in less than 10 minutes.

  • Pasta Sauce in a New York Minute

    Pasta Sauce in a New York Minute

    10 months ago

    Make pasta sauce in a New York minute! Well, almost. You can have this sauce finished in about 10 minutes if you're in a hurry. It doesn't have a lot of "bells and whistles," but the taste is very good. I've heard everything from, Ooh, it's good! to "Damn that's some great sauce! Where did you buy...

  • Cheater Garlic Bread

    Cheater Garlic Bread

    10 months ago

    This is "Cheater Garlic Bread"--so named because this is the version I like to make sometimes after I've been cooking in the kitchen for a while and my back has started singing, "Ave Maria." It's very tasty--maybe not as intense as garlic bread made with fresh garlic, but it's still far better than...

  • Unreal Candy--Candy

    Unreal Candy--Candy "Unjunked" Review

    10 months ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a new candy in town and it is Unreal. Yes, it's really Unreal. I'm not pulling your leg. After you finish reading this review, I hope you'll be "hoofin' it" over to your nearest purveyor of sweet confections so you can try this "unjunked" candy.

  • Bacon-Cheddar Cheese Fries: The Best Homemade Version

    Bacon-Cheddar Cheese Fries: The Best Homemade Version

    10 months ago

    Any day is a good day for Bacon Cheddar Fries. Why? Because...Bacon Cheddar Fries, that's why! This recipe uses real potatoes instead of commercial fries. The final product tastes a whole lot better that way.

  • Vegetarian-Style Stuffed Mushrooms

    Vegetarian-Style Stuffed Mushrooms

    10 months ago

    Vegetarian-Style Stuffed Mushrooms is a recipe that can be prepared so quickly...it will make your head spin. This recipe uses every part of the mushroom so that nothing goes to waste. Sometimes I like to make them and add a little crab meat for the meat & seafood lovers but it's not a necessity....

  • Hoppin' John: A Simple Version

    Hoppin' John: A Simple Version

    10 months ago

    "Not Exactly Hoppin' John" is a recipe that's so fast and easy to prepare, you'll blink and it will be done. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but it really is fast. This one was a double victory because the ingredients were leftovers from two other meals.

  • Swiss-Kissed Chicken Breasts

    Swiss-Kissed Chicken Breasts

    10 months ago

    Swiss-Kissed Chicken Breasts came about one day when I was looking for something to do with chicken breasts, but nothing that would be too labor intensive. A few simple ingredients would suffice, as long as the flavor was good.

  • Alien Pod Salad from Planet X

    Alien Pod Salad from Planet X

    10 months ago

    Alien Pod Salad is so ugly--but the taste is so good! This is what happens when I'm mucking about in the kitchen. We needed a salad, but we were out of lettuce. We did have some red cabbage, though, so I decided to use a combination I had never used before. The result was a fantastic dish that...

  • Product Review:  Doritos Tapatio

    Product Review: Doritos Tapatio

    10 months ago

    Recently I allowed myself to indulge in some Doritos Tapatio Tortilla Chips, the newest flavor of Doritos released by the Frito-Lay company. This is a happy marriage of Doritos and Tapatio Hot Sauce and I'm hoping this flavorful marriage lasts a long time.

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    Baked Chicken Recipe: Moist & Flavorful

    3 years ago

    This beautiful baked chicken recipe is a cross between roasted chicken and baked chicken. The recipe earned its name because of the results you get when you use this method to bake your chicken: an incredibly moist chicken that you'll want to enjoy again and again. No more "chicken jerky" at the...

  • Cheater Broccoli Casserole

    Cheater Broccoli Casserole

    10 months ago

    Cheater Broccoli Casserole earned its name because of the ingredients which are used. This recipe includes some pre-processed foods. It's a good idea to avoid pre-processed foods as much as possible but if you make this recipe once or twice a year (like during the holidays), you should be okay.

  • Vegetarian Lasagne With Summer Squash and Eggplant

    Vegetarian Lasagne With Summer Squash and Eggplant

    10 months ago

    After experimenting in Dr. Frazierstein's kitchen laboratory, "Summer Squash and Eggplant Lasagne" came to life. I don't know if I should really call it lasagne since it contains no noodles. However, since the definition of lasagne uses both "noodle" and "dish," I'm going to leave it as is. It's...

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    Creamed Green Beans

    8 years ago

    I decided to make creamed green beans one day in my kitchen "lab." After some thought, I decided to make a white sauce--(also known as béchamel and also known as cream gravy)--as a base, and then I added a little cheese to flavor it up.

  • My Czech Grandma's Okra Gumbo

    My Czech Grandma's Okra Gumbo

    10 months ago

    My Czech grandma often made this okra gumbo recipe as a side dish and it was a family favorite. When she grew older and wasn't able to cook anymore, we returned the favor and often cooked it for her. She would eat this dish even when she didn't have much of an appetite. Over the years, I tweaked...

  • Rice Pilaf: The Easy Method

    Rice Pilaf: The Easy Method

    10 months ago

    Pilaf is a cooking method that is often used with rice. This recipe makes a rice dish that's a great partner for many different dishes, and it's very simple to make. It also tastes a lot better than any boxed brand you can buy at the grocery store because it has no chemicals or preservatives. Use...

  • Chicken Breasts With Goat Cheese: A Winning Combination

    Chicken Breasts With Goat Cheese: A Winning Combination

    10 months ago

    This excellent recipe for chicken breasts is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. The lemon in the sauce and the sun-dried tomatoes complement the stuffed chicken breasts for a flavor that's out of this galaxy. It's a recipe you'll want to use again and again.

  • Rosemary-Lemon Chicken: A Low Fat Recipe

    Rosemary-Lemon Chicken: A Low Fat Recipe

    10 months ago

    Baked chicken seasoned with rosemary is a spectacular meal. This recipe amps up the rosemary and uses lemon zest to create an explosion of flavor for your taste buds. This dish uses a bare minimum of oil and will make it's own sauce during baking--you don't have to do a thing.


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