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  • All Characters from Captain Marvel Trailer

    All Characters from Captain Marvel Trailer

    3 years ago

    Captain Marvel's new trailer has dropped with tons of action and characters. These are all the characters that we saw in Captain Marvel's trailer.

  • Iron Man Buster Armors

    Iron Man Buster Armors

    3 years ago

    Iron Man is one of the founding members of the Avengers and the most loving character among the Marvel fans.

  • Multiversity in Marvel Comics

    Multiversity in Marvel Comics

    2 years ago

    Mashing up heroes is not new in the comic universe, DC Comics has mashed up their characters many time, they have even created an Earth with mashed up characters. In the recent events of Infinity Wars Marvel mashed it's all time best heroes creating a new era of heroes never seen before.

  • Heroism and Pakistan

    Heroism and Pakistan

    2 years ago

    3 Bahadur is the first ever animated feature film of Pakistan. Though this film is quite popular, it's comic is not that popular and was only published in the magazines, even after that it's comic gain quite popularity amongst the kids even though it was not promoted very much.

  • Dragon Ball's Fierce moments

    Dragon Ball's Fierce moments

    2 years ago

    Saiyan are well-known for their rage, they can almost defeat anyone when the are in rage. The rage, the scream and the intense fight scenes are the best moments in the Dragon Ball series. These are the top rage moments of all time in the Dragon Ball series.

  • Future Versions of Ben 10

    Future Versions of Ben 10

    3 years ago

    Ben 10 franchise has shown Ben in the future many times. These are all the Ben's future versions.

  • Unbeatable Justice League Heroes

    Unbeatable Justice League Heroes

    3 years ago

    DC Universe has been very successful in comics. DC Universe has introduced us to many versions from strongest to weakest. Today I am mentioning the strongest versions of justice League.

  • How to Cure Your Android?

    How to Cure Your Android?

    3 years ago

    With the fast updating of androids the incompatible application problem has increased very much. If you have been facing troubles installing your favorite application or game because of play store then follow this small tutorial to download and install your favorite app or game.

  • Strongest Versions of Avengers

    Strongest Versions of Avengers

    3 years ago

    Over the time Marvel has introduced us to many versions of the heroes from strongest to weakest. Today i am mentioning the strongest versions of some the Avengers.

  • Anime Adaptions of Marvel and DC Comics

    Anime Adaptions of Marvel and DC Comics

    3 years ago

    Marvel and DC Comics are both successful franchises and both have tried their luck in every format possible animation, movies and cartoons their is the list of anime adaptions of Marvel and DC Comics

  • Five Times Thanos Was Killed

    Five Times Thanos Was Killed

    2 years ago

    Thanos known as the Mad Titan is the one of the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe but their are some characters in Marvel Universe who were successful in killing him.

  • Things We Want to See in the Last Season of the Big Bang Theory

    Things We Want to See in the Last Season of the Big Bang Theory

    3 years ago

    The most watched sitcom of America "The Big Bang Theory" is confirmed to be ending after the season 12. There are some things that we want to see in the last season.

  • Top 10 DC Comics Armor

    Top 10 DC Comics Armor

    3 years ago

    DC Comics have been writing comics since 1934. From then DC comics have introduced us to so many characters and suits . Today I am writing about the top 10 suits of all time worn by DC character.

  • Islam and Afterlife

    Islam and Afterlife

    2 years ago

    The most asked question in the modern era is that if Islam is the righteous religion than why are the Muslims all around the world are distressed. Every Muslim country is stuck in it's own problems now a days.

  • Theory on Saiyan

    Theory on Saiyan

    3 years ago

    Are Saiyan a warrior race or are they some kind of super soldiers exposed to S-Cells that gave them the ability to transform?

  • Feminism in the eyes of Islam

    Feminism in the eyes of Islam

    2 years ago

    Islam does not state that a woman can not govern other people. A woman can be a governing body, but there are some problems that a woman faces in governing a state. Islam is the first religion that has given woman rights. Before Islam female sex had no value, Islam gave woman rights.

  • Laws of Islam

    Laws of Islam

    3 years ago

    The laws that are provided by Islam can bring peace to the world. The crimes can be finished by following the laws provided by Islam equally amongst the rich and poor alike.


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