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  • Me vs. YOU

    Me vs. YOU

    2 years ago

    A poem which relates my pain as a new mother battling Post-Partum Psychosis. It's a very deep, meaningful poem to me.

  • Who I Am Thankful For

    Who I Am Thankful For

    2 years ago

    Today is Thanksgiving, and it is making me really think about what I truly am thankful for. When I think about it, I'm truly thankful for everything and everyone in my life. For instance, I am completely thankful for my best friends. Cheyenne is...

  • Alone Again

    Alone Again

    2 years ago

    My blue eyes fade to grey As memories just pass away. I glide through the times we've spent Even to the bitter end. Again and again I wish I was okay, But I know I'll miss you either way. I take my pain and take my hurt And walk away, tears...

  • Forbidden Eyes

    Forbidden Eyes

    2 years ago

    Can you not reclaim What you have seen this night? With your forbidden eyes of lust You carry me out without a cause of just. Your forbidden eyes have turned away Until the end of another lost day. Can you not believe The reminiscences of my...

  • Vampyre- A Song

    Vampyre- A Song

    2 years ago

    V1     The fire inside is raging./ My skin is very cold./ My lips press against the flesh./ My hands grip for more./ My body is shaking from the inside out./ This hunger I cannot take./ Breathe unto me (Come save me)!/ Breathe unto me (Come...

  • Take This Kiss- A Song

    Take This Kiss- A Song

    2 years ago

    V1     I'm starting over again/ in my wicked end/ so I may be by myself./ But coupled with you/ I'm crazed by you/ I try to breathe in again!/ I sit here in place/ with a smile on my face/ burning up for you./ With lust in my eyes/ I try not to...

  • Societal Initiation

    Societal Initiation

    2 years ago

    Welcome, young child, to this cruel initiation! Come and see the horrible things that wait! Poverty and starvation are the two biggest hits, Along with the stress that can't compensate. Welcome, young dear, to society, unjust. With sadness and...

  • Words From An Addict

    Words From An Addict

    2 years ago

    Addiction. What a cruel word. So taunting and crude, Yet so very true. A singular reason To stay out of the public eye. Weakness of the worst kind. The pain of love And the love of pain. A never-ending vicious cycle. Always putting me...

  • The Porch: A Porch Dweller's Poem

    The Porch: A Porch Dweller's Poem

    2 years ago

    There is no place more magical Nor more beautiful than this. The aura I get from here Creates an atmospheric bliss. Such diverse people. Come together to feel The love that radiates From every crevice and seal. People come from all over the...

  • The Song Of Life in Me

    The Song Of Life in Me

    2 years ago

    My heart beats as if creating the bass. My breath quickens as if keeping the pace. My feet moving to such a rhythmic sound. My mouth smiling as I lift off the ground. Moving my hips to the sullen sway Of the music calling my melodious name. ...

  • 2

    Living With Manic Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder As A Teenager Part III

    2 years ago

    I have a subtle hatred for prescription pills. I had a bad past with them and I will from now on and forever more refuse to take them. I don't need them to better myself. I believe I am fine and dandy, but others like to use my Bipolar Disorder...

  • Living With Manic Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder As A Teenager (Part II)

    Living With Manic Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder As A Teenager (Part II)

    2 years ago

    My life has become solemnly different since being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. When I first found out that I was Bipolar, I kept telling myself "You're crazy. Why even go out into public anymore? They'll all know you're not sound of mind."...

  • Living With Manic Depression, Anxiety Disorder, And Bipolar Disorder As A Teenager (Part I)

    Living With Manic Depression, Anxiety Disorder, And Bipolar Disorder As A Teenager (Part I)

    2 years ago

    We all know that when growing up, the adolescent years are tough. Apart from hormones going haywire and the time in life when we experience the most and either gain the most from those experiences or lose the most, we also try to define ourselves...

  • The Fights Persist

    The Fights Persist

    2 years ago

    Sitting alone again With my back against the wall. Thoughts restrain me, The bickering of them all. My mind grows hazy, While I beg and plead for sleep. They can always say "You sow what you reap." But how in hell do I Deserve to sit and...

  • The Little Girl Inside

    The Little Girl Inside

    2 years ago

    Little Girl, I see you there, Crying in a corner to yourself. Little Girl, I see how they treat you, Like a piece of trash on the streets. Little Girl, I see how they've wronged you, Kicking you to the curb. Little Girl, I see you there, ...

  • My Escape From My Prison

    My Escape From My Prison

    2 years ago

    Sitting in a small, dark cell, Thinking of my time in Hell. I wonder what I did this time. What sort of cruel, vicious crime I did to deserve my depressing fate. My mind is gone in a timeless state. My sanity left; my will eroded. My heart is...

  • The Look

    The Look

    2 years ago

    I see the Look Hidden deep in Your eyes. That maddening Look Of a passionate prey. The Look You get when Push comes to shove And the only thing to release That pent up frustration Is all You need from Me. And I from You. Tangled into one...

  • Red Rose (Song lyrics)

    Red Rose (Song lyrics)

    2 years ago

    V1 (Dropping into the black abyss. This eternal damnation. I see an artificial light filled with false hopes and dreams. These tears that fill my eyes as the needle pierces the sin of my synthetic realities. And I call myself, Red Rose.) My dark...

  • All The More, Forever More

    All The More, Forever More

    2 years ago

    I've told my "Never again. No this will not happen ever again." But here I am, broken-hearted. Once again, Lonely and hurt. I open myself up and let them in. But all that happens is I'm defeated again. My heart is torn apart and it all hurts ...

  • Good or Bad: Thoughts Procured

    Good or Bad: Thoughts Procured

    2 years ago

    The cold wind stings my face As I stand among the edge Of the sped up version Of what life is about. I simply cry at the thought That to stop and smell te roses Would be to miss the waking minutes Of the sleepless hours Of the rushing days. ...

  • In Loving Memory of My Friend

    In Loving Memory of My Friend

    2 years ago

    Behold! my dear friend You have left me this day. My tears come flowing For you have flown away. Though you are much better In a place with no pain I never said good-bye To your beautiful face. You always made me happy When I was depressed....

  • In Memorium

    In Memorium

    2 years ago

    You've left me alone. Alone to keep myself Company and to keep myself From going insane. I cry to myself. I cry out your name. I need you back to me, My dearest love. I call for you. I write to you. I call you. But then I remember, ...

  • Sincerely


    2 years ago

    I look into your eyes    And see your beautiful soul. I seek for your mind    And grasp you whole. I imagine us together.    Us, just you and me. And I think to myself I love you    So sincerely. My heart would break in two    If...

  • Never Mine

    Never Mine

    2 years ago

    Sacrafice this once Your bitter-sweet victory Of revenge and regret. Savor this moment The laughs you may laugh And the tears you may cry. Tell me again Why I'm always Thrown to the wolves. Tell me again Why you can Always make me cry....

  • Mental Tripp

    Mental Tripp

    2 years ago

    Intensity restrained. Deliberate intoxication. Unity unchanged. Back to dire frustrations. Safely secured In a blackened vault. Thoughts unheard Only begging to find fault. Misdemeaning inactions Cause consequence to shift. Disabling...


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