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" Life is simple as long as you live for others and not only for yourself. Love and want for others what you want and love for yourself :) "

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  • rediscovering


    2 years ago

    " Choose to let go. Choose dignity. Choose to forgive yourself. Choose to forgive others. Choose to see your value. Choose to show the world you're not a victim. Choose to rediscover the path of love

  • Stars that bruise

    Stars that bruise

    3 years ago

    "Lock the door, shed a tear, turn around and look for the new door that's opened. It's a sign that you're no longer that person you were, it's time to change into who you are. It's going to be okay.”

  • But! And

    But! And "but" always remains

    4 years ago

    " You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny,...

  • The Light in Loss

    The Light in Loss

    4 years ago

    There is nothing more inevitable and certain than death. And yet the death of a loved one always surprises us. Sadness, rage, despair! Overwhelmed by emotions ,and not being able to understand the reasons behind loss....

  • Free Heart

    Free Heart

    4 years ago

    You know you have made the right decision when there is peace in your heart.

  • Hold On...

    Hold On...

    4 years ago

    The night was long, and though the stars weren't shining they held the moon of hope that tomorrow might just be a better day.

  • Memorable Moments

    Memorable Moments

    5 years ago

    Sometimes the most memorable moments in life last as long as the beholder’s existence. The thoughts and feelings created in that moment grow by lingering through the memory over and over. The delicious taste and...

  • One Sky Different Views

    One Sky Different Views

    5 years ago

    It was a night like every other, under the sky I laid and watched the stars majestically aligned. The sky was calm and peaceful, and the beautiful moon seemed shy as its light shined softly through a cloud. Lost in the...

  • Sinful Thoughts

    Sinful Thoughts

    5 years ago

    By Reem Alirhayim I gazed upon the dark grey sky Sound of the wind and my heartfelt cry Awoke the memory of sorrow and grief In a journey and time, when I dared to ration my relief As I stood in silence...

  • I Believe I can

    I Believe I can

    5 years ago

    As I walked through the doors for what maybe the last time, I turned back and looked without a wish to return; at a place that was filled with grey memories. I climbed its walls with great ambition and effort in search...

  • Alone is Beautiful

    Alone is Beautiful

    5 years ago

    The sky tonight seems more beautiful than it was yesterday. Lying here alone I could see the brightest starlight and the moon shine its beauty on me. Yesterday you tried to convince me that the stars weren't there and...