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  • Real Life Internet

    Real Life Internet

    8 years ago

    The internet, what is it? Technology? Evolution? It bears a haunting resemblance to nature, yet is clearly contrived. Perhaps we should search for a definition not in an engine but in the stars.

  • 3

    Hashtag Selfie - A Poem

    3 years ago

    Selfie, new trendy technology. The concept in and of itself is ancient. What does it mean to describe ourselves visually? Has it really changed that much over time? Why do we do it?

  • Confession of a Saint to an Angel

    Confession of a Saint to an Angel

    8 years ago

    Prose about a Saint confessing to an angel. It is unclear as to this angels intention, and to the saints constitution. In a war of dark vs. light, is it possible to live in dawn and dusk.

  • Shamanic Metamorphosis- Title track.

    Shamanic Metamorphosis- Title track.

    9 years ago

    My dabbling in rap music. I think rap is the most appreciated form of poetry in this age. I have no vocal training, and that is apparent if you listen to the video. The message is complex and deep.

  • Ode to Darkness

    Ode to Darkness

    8 years ago

    Fear, a necessary vase emotion for survival. Peace, a luxury sought by all for renewal. How can one state, the absence of light, evoke these primal emotions with such power and duality.

  • Confession of Fire

    Confession of Fire

    9 years ago

    This is a very personal poem I have written about Inflammatory Bowel Disease while experiencing acute symptoms. It is a gruesome and painful condition, described here in realistic metaphors.

  • Timor Amoris

    Timor Amoris

    9 years ago

    How do we deal with emotions? By shutting down our senses, retreating? This is sometimes necessary, but always, we must return. For in truth, to choose eternal ignorance, is to choose death.

  • Evening Dove

    Evening Dove

    9 years ago

    Simple prose about a dove at dusk. This piece was concocted in tangent with "An Illustrious Dirge".

  • Days are Numbered

    Days are Numbered

    9 years ago

    The nature of mankind is to create and invent. Yet how many of these inventions exist to serve only our own desires? Do we consider the effect our machinations have on the reality we share?

  • Eventually a Description

    Eventually a Description

    9 years ago

    What does it mean to be human, to be subject to time, nature and the soul. What will become of us, of our world? What have we already done.

  • A Night in Valhalla

    A Night in Valhalla

    9 years ago

    What more sensual place is there then a library? It is a physical internet you can caress, smell and taste, if you so choose.

  • Membrane Theorem

    Membrane Theorem

    9 years ago

    What is infinity? Can one thing really be separated from another on a subatomic level? Was there a time when we definitely knew the answers to these questions?

  • A Question of Ethics

    A Question of Ethics

    9 years ago

    We often question the choices of others. Be it a preference, a body modification or a habit which seems destructive. But to reject someone for these things is truly to reject yourself.

  • Ode to Entropy

    Ode to Entropy

    9 years ago

    time chaos entropy poem

  • The Worst Crime

    The Worst Crime

    2 years ago

    Since God is omnipresent, and Jesus is God, Jesus is in everything. More importantly everything we use impacts every other thing, because its really all the same thing. Energy, love, power, God.

  • Abridge


    9 years ago

    This is a three part piece, E Nomine Hermes Trismegistus, A Bridge, A Present. It is a description of events that happened to me following a powerful ritual. It is also about finding love & discovery.

  • A Present

    A Present

    2 years ago

    This is a three part piece, E Nomine Hermes Trismegistus, A Bridge, A Present. It is a description of events that happened to me following a powerful ritual. It is also about finding love & discovery.

  • Melgazal


    9 years ago

    Were are human. But through love, and hate emotion can transform us. We can become mystical creatures capable of enchantment and wonder, or twisted monsters committing atrocities. This is about love

  • An Illustrious  Dirge

    An Illustrious Dirge

    9 years ago

    A poem written whilst walking down a path smoking a pipe on an autumn day.

  • Of a Man

    Of a Man

    2 years ago

    An attempt at writing a parable. What is home? Is it something you find, or something you create. Should we look down the path, behind us, or watch our every step. I expect it takes a little of all.

  • E Nomine Hermes Trismegistus

    E Nomine Hermes Trismegistus

    9 years ago

    This is a three part piece, E Nomine Hermes Trismegistus, A Bridge, A Present. It is a description of events that happened to me following a powerful ritual. It is also about finding love & discovery.

  • Love Songs to the Wraith

    Love Songs to the Wraith

    9 years ago

    Love, powerful, invigorating. But there is a dark side to love, bondage, loss of control, obsession. Do the good out weigh the bad? It doesn't matter, for we will love, and we will hate.

  • Skunk Daemons

    Skunk Daemons

    9 years ago

    That person that seems to be doing everything right, but despite there appearance, you can smell it. The animosity, or the putrid scent of disbelief. You cannot hide a skunk in a room full of cats.

  • When Death Sang Softly to Me

    When Death Sang Softly to Me

    9 years ago

    Death, it is something that is to be feared and avoided at all costs. This does not mean however, that when your time is truly at hand, it cannot be a blissful transformation.

  • Necropomophism - a duet

    Necropomophism - a duet

    9 years ago

    Loss, death, separation. These are things that affect us deeply. Yet, they are necessary for growth and life. These things can be in themselves beautiful and romantic.

  • Riddle of the Gemini

    Riddle of the Gemini

    2 years ago

    Male and Female he created them. A journey into the darker side of humanity, rampant with desire and death. Are we all just Adam and Eve, children in a garden? Or wild animals in a zoo.

  • A Canticle for Blazing Hearts

    A Canticle for Blazing Hearts

    2 years ago

    Love. There are many ideas about this. Love is best based on a connection or chemistry. Love is best when it has been fostered by time. Love is something you should have for everyone.

  • The Human Condition Defined by Straw

    The Human Condition Defined by Straw

    2 years ago

    What are we if not each other? We can live solitary lives, but are we ever really separate from our fellow man.? Are we separate creatures, or all components of the great organism which is humanity.


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