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  • Naked Love

    Naked Love

    5 years ago

  • Love Diaries: Love Drunk

    Love Diaries: Love Drunk

    5 years ago

  • A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken 3

    A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken 3

    9 years ago

    It was storming. Rain struck my window as if it were trying its hardest to get to me and reel me into its sadness. It was early morning as I watched the angry grey clouds consume the happy blue skies. The sun had barely risen before the dreary rain...

  • A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken 2

    A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken 2

    9 years ago

    Coming to terms with tragedy can be hard but what Dana comes to turns with will not only be hard but it could lead her down the path of no return.

  • A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken

    A Dark Truth-Perfectly Broken

    9 years ago

    Fourth of July, a day for celebrating and delving into happiness! At least that's how Dana Perks felt about that day. It was absolutely..perfect. Her life was perfect. Until it all came crashing down.

  • Oblivious


    10 years ago

    For those of us who have fallen in love and hadn't realized it until they were already too close to the ground.

  • See my words

    See my words

    10 years ago

    Don't depend on my voice for what I need to say. Look in my eyes for they are the window to my heart. See my words there as you would if I had sent them to you in a letter. See my words as you would if...

  • I'm open...A simple poem

    I'm open...A simple poem

    10 years ago

    I'm open to new life new hopes new dreams I'm open to you your hopes your dreams I'm open to love your love my love I'm open to finding you you being open to me my hopes my dreams my heart I'm ready and...waiting

  • When I love my love

    When I love my love

    11 years ago

    When I love my love I will love him with all my strength. When I love my love, I will love him with every breath that I take. When I love my love, I will love him with the whole of my heart. ...

  • The dance of love

    The dance of love

    11 years ago

    The Dance of Love Pure as a summer’s breeze the dance of love is done with ease. Hearts pounding within the chest. Fast or slow, there’s no time to rest. You spin and glide across the floor. Dip once, dip...

  • Whispers of a Hopeless Romantic

    Whispers of a Hopeless Romantic

    11 years ago

    Hopeless Romantic “She’s hopeless!” They say. “Waiting for a love that may never come her way.” “She sings songs of love as if she knows how it feels.” “The love she dreams of may never be real.” ...

  • Gravity Defy Me!!

    Gravity Defy Me!!

    10 years ago

    This love has been given My heart it has risen A love that defies all With it I cannot fall I spread my arms out wide Close my eyes and wish to fly Oh gravity defy me!! ...

  • Just a teaser

    Just a teaser

    12 years ago

    Hey everyone this is a teaser for a book that I have been writing I just want the opinions of you lovely hubbers and I want to know if it is something you would continue reading if it was really published. I hope you enjoy the tease and please leave...

  • Save me!!

    Save me!!

    12 years ago

    Save me! What seems to have come so slowly now is a constant in my life. It’s dark fingers crept into my heart and I can’t seem to shake it. I don’t know what to feel anymore…anymore. Since you’ve been gone my life...

  • The sweetest of dreams

    The sweetest of dreams

    12 years ago

    The sweetest of dreams The sweetest of dreams can only start with you. You. Your body from head to toe. You. Your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, your lips. You. Your neck, your chest, your arms, your legs, your...

  • A Thunderstorm of the Heart

    A Thunderstorm of the Heart

    12 years ago

    A thunderstorm of the heart “Lay on my chest my love…can you hear that?” “Hear what, sweet one?” “Wind.” “Wind?” “Oh yes my love, a dazzling wind swirling around my heart.” “Mmm, I’m not...

  • When will I find the light

    When will I find the light

    12 years ago

    When will I find the light What’s at the end of this depressing tunnel I call my life? Is it more darkness or will I find the light? Right now I’m so blinded by all my sorrow I don’t know which way to go. Is the light...

  • Words unsaid

    Words unsaid

    12 years ago

    Words unsaid Each day in passing they say hello. No other words are ever spoken, at least not out loud. “Hello.” He says. “Hello” She says. He smiles and she shyly bites her bottom lip as they pass. On the...

  • Whats behind my mask

    Whats behind my mask

    12 years ago

    What’s behind the mask Behind the twinkling eyes is a girl crying. Behind the rosy cheeks is a girl with tears running down them. Behind the smile is a girl with lips trembling. ...

  • Come diving with me

    Come diving with me

    12 years ago

    Come Diving With Me Come diving with me into the rivers of love. Let’s plunge deeply into each other’s hearts until there’s not even a mile of air above. I want to submerge myself in the...

  • Such soft hands roam

    Such soft hands roam

    12 years ago

    Such soft hands roam Such soft hands. Smooth to the touch, they give me goose bumps. They slide down my body, intent on feeling me with desire, kindling my fire. Oh how your soft hands roam! How lovely your...

  • Passion Tamed

    Passion Tamed

    12 years ago

    Passion Tamed Passion is like a steadily flowing river it can’t or should I say, it SHOULD’T be controlled. To control your passion is just like building a dam, in a way to tame it. Truth be told, I am very guilty of doing just...

  • Me and the rain

    Me and the rain

    12 years ago

    Me and the Rain I look out my window, I see that the sky has darkened and I smile. I run outside as thick grey clouds gather above. Thunder rumbles in the far distance and my heart begins to race. The winds kick up speed and blow...

  • Hold me in your love

    Hold me in your love

    12 years ago

    HOLD ME WITH YOUR LOVE When I smile, Kiss Me When I laugh, Hug Me When I cry, Caress Me When I love, Hold Me Hold me as if the world itself depended on how strong your hold is. Hold me as if you...

  • Why is trust so easily given

    Why is trust so easily given

    12 years ago

    Trust Trust-I have noticed that trust is something most give easily but is also easily broken, why? Why is it for people to give their trust away when their not really sure that, that trust should have been given? Me and...

  • Dear Unfound Love

    Dear Unfound Love

    12 years ago

    Dear, Unfound Love Today my heart aches and searches for you. Tomorrow? Maybe tomorrow, will be the day I find the blessing you give, or maybe it will be next week, next month or even next year no one knows for sure. All I know is when I find...

  • Love love, but never loved

    Love love, but never loved

    12 years ago

    Who has ever loved? Well, I have not but I am in Love with the idea of love. I'm one of those people who reads those old romance novels, you know the ones with the cover that has this muscular man kissing a woman's neck or something like that and...


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