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  • Top 5 Free Issue Tracking Solutions

    Top 5 Free Issue Tracking Solutions

    10 years ago

    What many of you might ask is what basically an Issue Tracking Software is? Well the answer can be found in the following lines. Here you go the Top 5 Free Issue Tracking Software, which would make you project management very easy.

  • What are the Benefits of TrendMakers Shaggy rugs?

    What are the Benefits of TrendMakers Shaggy rugs?

    4 years ago

    A shaggy rug is made from long or deep pile, and it has a thick, shaggy appearance. They are suitable for a wide range of purposes, including lounge rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. Shaggy rugs were very popular in the 1970’s, but they have made a comeback, and many families are choosing to add

  • Foods that Help You to Enhance Your Memory

    Foods that Help You to Enhance Your Memory

    12 years ago

    There you are, sitting behind your desk or in the middle of an important exam when you suddenly find yourself having a hard time even remembering your name – you are slowly, but surly entering the zone of the “Brain Dead.” So what to...

  • Why is Eye Health Important?

    Why is Eye Health Important?

    10 years ago

    Eyes are the so called windows of the soul, and much more. Whether they are blue, brown, green, black, hazel, your eyes are truly windows in which Ophthalmologist and Optometrist are able to diagnosis many areas in relation to one’s health.

  • Natural Tips for Hair Loss Treatment

    Natural Tips for Hair Loss Treatment

    10 years ago

    Hair loss is the most perilous situation occurs in any man or woman's life. There are certain diets that can help any individual to stay away from this situation naturally. In ensuing article one can find about some diets which rectifies or slows the hair loss naturally.

  • Golden Rules for Hair Loss Prevention

    Golden Rules for Hair Loss Prevention

    12 years ago

    Hair loss or alopecia, and what can be done to prevent or reduce it is a major concern to hundreds of thousands of individuals, both men and women. It is estimated hair loss affects 30 to 40 percent of the population and can occur at any age....

  • The Pomegranate and it's Health Benefits

    The Pomegranate and it's Health Benefits

    10 years ago

    The Pomegranate, or Punica granatum, the “seeded apple,” has been eaten and enjoyed for centuries. The fruit originated in the Mideast, spread to southern China, Southeast Asia and some areas of Europe before finding its way to the USA. In fact...

  • Strawberries: The Healthful Fruit

    Strawberries: The Healthful Fruit

    10 years ago

    The tiny strawberry; not only is it sweet and nutritious, it’s a natural healer. During strawberry season we see boxes of these delectable red juicy berries everywhere we look. They grace the shelves in the produce section of supermarkets, farmers...

  • Top 5 Cholesterol Lowering Foods

    Top 5 Cholesterol Lowering Foods

    10 years ago

    So you’ve just had your annual physical and you’ve found your cholesterol levels are elevated. Your doctor has suggested a simple change in diet before putting you on a life-long regiment of drugs. What do you do? You’re not a nutritionist;...

  • Basics of World of Warcraft

    Basics of World of Warcraft

    12 years ago

    World of Warcraft is an online game for the global players who always in the hunt of greatest amusement. The world of Warcraft game is also referred as MMORPG that stands for “Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing game. This online game is...

  • Top 10 Dog Food Brands

    Top 10 Dog Food Brands

    10 years ago

    There is a lot of debate as to which brand of dog food is the best and which brands are to be shunned away from. This situation has arisen out of the recent findings that pet foods are not all that well tested before marketing. However, if the age...

  • Ten Breakfast Tips to Help You Reduce Weight

    Ten Breakfast Tips to Help You Reduce Weight

    10 years ago

    The first thing what we do in the morning is glancing at the kitchen and ask “What’s for breakfast, coffee or tea?” or perhaps in a rush to work end up without having breakfast. You may be even lucky enough to grab some cheese sandwich, Egg...

  • PC Video Game Genres

    PC Video Game Genres

    11 years ago

    Computer video games revolution risen up the excitement of every gaming enthusiast, be it an informal player or a more accurate one. The different computer video game genres classify these games in terms of perspective, game play, interaction,...

  • What is Brainstorming?

    What is Brainstorming?

    10 years ago

    What is brainstorming? What are the types and advantages of brainstorming and how it can be helpful in everyday life? All the questions will be answered in this article.

  • Harmful Effects of Procrastination

    Harmful Effects of Procrastination

    12 years ago

    Have you ever been assigned a task that you did not work on immediately? Have you ever set work aside thinking that you can do it as effectively tomorrow? Well if your answer is “yes” then you have procrastinated once or twice in your life....

  • Food Poisoning Explained

    Food Poisoning Explained

    10 years ago

    Food poisoning is one of the life threatening illness can cause accidentally eating or drinking food or beverages infected with bacteria, virus or parasite directly or by their spores or through their extremely harmful secretion known as toxin. The...


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