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  • Senseless Murder, But we CAN do something...

    Senseless Murder, But we CAN do something...

    9 years ago

    In the wake of yet another mass murder, we're still waiting for lawmakers to address the violence-enducing loopholes of protective laws...

  • Softwood Maple Tree Lamentations

    Softwood Maple Tree Lamentations

    10 years ago

    I decided that it's time to start writing about the little things in life that make MY life worthwhile today and every day. This is a poem I wrote about the morning events in my sanctuary :) Enjoy!

  • Silent Elephants and Lilacs

    Silent Elephants and Lilacs

    9 years ago

    Pain Management is a long road, but the destination is reachable...

  • Sobriety Island, A Practical Review

    Sobriety Island, A Practical Review

    10 years ago

    James Cressler's done it again, with a thought-provoking, self-evaluation of his own journey to Sobriety Island. Now here's my take...

  • Faith in Falling

    Faith in Falling

    11 years ago

    It's like falling backward and having complete trust in the person behind's like closing your eyes as you jump off the high dive for the very first time as a's like imagining your flying only to wake up and find out you really...

  • His Spirit Voice

    His Spirit Voice

    11 years ago

    In the quest for my love, I wrote this poem to describe him.

  • Mark 10:21

    Mark 10:21

    11 years ago

    I ran across a post on the web today that made me really stop and examine what it is I do and for what reason I do it. I was reading a beautiful young woman's blog on how she felt about the election from a Christian point of view. Her post had gone...

  • Christianity in Politics

    Christianity in Politics

    11 years ago

    What I’ve found to be a complete travesty is the unwillingness of people to actually go look at the congressional record, the site – which was put up to keep us informed, and the budget office’s current and past figures. By...

  • As an Independent, do I choose Romney or Obama?

    As an Independent, do I choose Romney or Obama?

    11 years ago

    This has been a very dramatic and dynamic campaign season in which we’ve seen not only the actions and in-actions of the current president, we’ve also been challenged to unravel the record and reputation of his challenger. Both have skeletons in...

  • The Pendulum Swings with Every Generation

    The Pendulum Swings with Every Generation

    11 years ago

    Because this is true, we should learn from shortfalls and embrace strong suits, building character with those tools, rather than creating blame for what isn't right in our lives. For us to cast blame on another generation for our own shortcomings is...

  • Racism is Alive and Well

    Racism is Alive and Well

    11 years ago

    I don't like racists - not white ones, black ones, green ones (money), or any other color. Racism fought with racism begets yet more racism. I'll not cast my vote for any person in any election who chooses to use the simplified definition of...

  • The One Christmas I'll Never Forget

    The One Christmas I'll Never Forget

    11 years ago

    Our first Christmas as a single parent household was probably the most meaningful and the most joyous of any Christmas ever for me, and hopefully for my girls as well. I was working two jobs in Crested Butte, and living on Main St. in Gunnison, just...

  • Unintended Consequences of Abortion Reform

    Unintended Consequences of Abortion Reform

    11 years ago

    Take, for instance, a seldom discussed topic, but one related to the age old debate of abortion. An unwanted pregnancy doesn't always end in either an abortion or a child raised by a drug mother. Sometimes someone actually steps forward and adopts....


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