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  • I'm gonna live forever

    I'm gonna live forever

    7 years ago

    Lost in the"D"...things I didn't know. Been under this tent since the age of four. Went to the store holding my sister's hand. Shots rang out separated from my mans. Started to cry wanted. Wanted to die. Adopted by a man Holy Ghost filled and fire...

  • I can't seem to praise you enough

    I can't seem to praise you enough

    9 years ago

    This world is getting a little crazier every day. We need to be more thankful for breathing, walkin, talking, and thinking. i am taking this opportunity to thank my Creator and I hope you do too. I can't seem to praise you enough for all the thing...



    10 years ago

    I DON'T OWE MOMMY NOTHING . . . I don't owe mommy nothing . . . for giving birth to me! I don't owe mommy nothing . . . for washing and keeping me clean! I don't owe mommy nothing . . . for dressing and teaching me the color scheme! I...

  • Pregnant by us

    Pregnant by us

    11 years ago

    God blessed you and God has blessed me. From two, you and I, we now have three. It wasn't done out of hatred or a terrible thing called rape. It was done because I love you and destiny is now our fate. Sometimes you might argue.Sometimes you...

  • Where's the black?

    Where's the black?

    12 years ago

    Where's the black. . . in black men?! Where's the black in black men?! Did we lose it while sweeping the streets? Or did we lose it while searching for food for his family to eat? Where's the black in black men?! The black man used to be so...

  • Freaky behavior

    Freaky behavior

    12 years ago

    She got me doing freaky things don't you know. In my birthday suit on her living room floor. Massaging her neck, massaging her back, massaging her succulent toes. Put on the oil, bore down like a mole. Like the professor and Marry Ann. She...



    12 years ago

    I cry. Africa I cry! A place I long to go. A place that's a part of me attached deep in my soul. The beat of the drums pumps blood through my heart. A beat so deep and rare it makes a fire start. A fire that purifies you from inside...

  • I know He watches me

    I know He watches me

    9 years ago

    He watches me!!! He came to me in a vision last night!! The room was dim, not shiny nor bright! The only thing that I could behold was the presnce of His glory, HIS power, His glow. He stood to me, to be, 10 feet tall. The essence shined from the...

  • I pray for thee

    I pray for thee

    13 years ago

    Young lady I pray for thee. That you see all the things that God wants you to see. Open your eyes.Reach for the sky! Open your heart and open it wide. I never want to let you go. I feel your presence deep in my soul. When you're here, When...

  • How hot is it

    How hot is it

    13 years ago

    How hot is it?! Muy Caliente HOT!i! When a cup of water don't even hit the spot. Then you try to drink down your tears from the pain you caused others for so many years. The sun, beating down on your body, feels like fire. You're cursing at the...

  • GOD I am I am I am I am!

    GOD I am I am I am I am!

    13 years ago

    One mourning after fasting, I decided to talk to God. I asked a series of question and the first one was who are you God?! GOD!! I am! I am! I am! I hold the power of the world in my hand. It was given to me when the universe was birthed. It was...



    13 years ago

    Should I cry now or close my eyes and sleep?! Your love is so damn powerful it makes my body weak. I know the feelings we share are special and so, so rare. If only you could talk to me, relax, let down your hair. You've made me feel special and...

  • I Fear

    I Fear

    13 years ago

         I call your name hoping that you will hear, but I know it's nothing but a wisper in the dark.      I reach for you, but you're not there and it's enough to stop the beating of my heart.      Oh, my joy, where have you gone? It's...

  • Northern Girl

    Northern Girl

    13 years ago

    Northern girl! Why are you so bland with no insight or respect for your man. What do you want your man to be? What do you want your man to see? A life not worth living. No, I don't think so! I know you don't, but if he ask you for help....

  • you might be with someone

    you might be with someone

    9 years ago

    YOU might be with some one . . . You might be with someone, but they could never be me. The man that egnight the fire in your soul. The man who set your spirits free. For your children, I cooked yes gourmet dishes. Took away all your tears...



    13 years ago

    AT A GLANCE . . . Looking into your eyes I can see, all the things you'd like to do me. Just one glance and it suck me in-to your world and I can't defend myself, no, against your will . . . I'm a slave to your love and your sex appeal. ...

  • LOVE- Power of love-She loves

    LOVE- Power of love-She loves

    13 years ago

     LOVE                991227 Love is like a flower Nourish it and it will grow Life is a desire Crave it and you'll explode All the world will see your fantasies come true in their delight I wish I may, I wish I might, ...

  • Is television going too far in peoples personal lives???

    Is television going too far in peoples personal lives???

    13 years ago

    Are you tired of hearing about all your celebritie's business? Do you think that television has gone too far in exposing the celebs. personal lives? For example, Tiger Woods, Ellen Degeneras, Mike Vic, Jesse James, etc.. What someone does behind...



    13 years ago

     How can a man leave something so precious behind?! A gift from God and one of a kind. Given to me on Feb., 25th of nineteen ninety-seven. A blessing carried down from Angels. A present presented to me from the Heavens. With this in mind, I'll...

  • LEFT FOR DEAD . . .

    LEFT FOR DEAD . . .

    13 years ago

     LEFT FOR DEAD . . .           000825  The world is on my shoulders. There's just pain going through my head. If this is how life is suppose to be, I'm better off dead. I have a child on the way. Yes, it's a gift from God, but how...



    13 years ago

    TARNISHED GOLD . . . Low and behold, by the time she had control, all I became was a melting pot full of tarnished gold. Mama used to tell me, don't ever sell your soul, to the Devil, to an idle, or a woman don't you know. A hard head makes...



    13 years ago

    THAT PLACE    I'm walking down the streets paved with nothing but pure gold. At the end of the street is God's glory to behold. He's brighter than the sun for all the world to see. He's calmer than that man, that man from Galilee. ...



    13 years ago

    Enjoy . . . . Your chocolate ! ! !  I dedicate this poem to all the women of the world, because chocolate comes in all colors.                        My Cup of Chocolate      If you try my cup of chocolate, you would know what...



    13 years ago

    John, Dequincy, Gariel, Brown, and Tyrone "ylynd" on Venice in CA. 1989                                               A FRIEND IN NEED . . .   A friend in need is a friend in deed Yes in deed! A...

  • For Granted

    For Granted

    13 years ago

    FOR GRANTED The stars and moon separates night from day and the sun rises like the opening of shut eyes. Time keeps on moving, twenty-four seven, three hundred and sixty four with no surprise. When it stops and the bomb goes pop, will you...

  • So Near . . .

    So Near . . .

    11 years ago

    So Near So near, yet so far away. If I reach my hands out I would touch you. I only can see your face at the break of day, so near let me touch you. Your smile is like a ray of sunlight coming only at that instant in time. Your essence, your...

  • Ylynd's Verbal Thoughts

    Ylynd's Verbal Thoughts

    13 years ago

    Where r u? Holla back! Calinati connection. . . B brave! B strong! Above the clouds. . . . A new day. . . .  I'm walking down the streets paved with nothing but pure gold. At the end of the street is God's glory to behold. He's brihgter...


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