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The Best Kong Dog Toy, Non Chew Dog Toy and Delayed Feeding System

Updated on April 8, 2011

Why buy a Kong for your dog

Kong dog toys will be the last dog toy you ever need to buy, they are great for training your dog, for play and for delayed feeding.

I own two very boisterous Labradors, anyone who owns a Labrador will know they love to chew and boy can they chew.

Over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars on dog toys and training aids only too find them in a 1000 pieces within days , money down the drain again.

I searched high and low for an indestructible dog toy or my last resort would be they get a house brick each, fortunately I found Kong Dog Toys and my problems disappeared over night.

What I have since learned is dog's love playing with a Kong, they can be used for training your dog and as a slow feeding system when you are not at home.

Because your Kong is made of non chewable rubber it is ideal for retrieval training, they bounce in all kinds of directions, they don't break, can get wet and are easily cleaned.

As a slow feeding system they are brilliant, fill it with your dogs favorite treats, cheese, dogs dinner or special Kong paste and your dog will have hours of fun trying to get the food. This is a really useful way of keeping your dog busy when he is left alone for any length of time.


Kong Non Chew Toys

Kong have been setting the standard in dog toys since 1976, they are the favorite of vet's, owners and of course dogs the world over.

Kong's are made in the USA of non toxic and extremely durable materials.

Incidentally they manufacture toys for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and horses.

Here is a selection of the best Kong dog toys for you to buy:


Kong Dog Toy

Kong Classic Rubber Toy

This Kong is made of super bouncy rubber for extra fun and exercise, it is designed to keep even the most determined chewer busy for hours.

It comes in a range of sizes; each having plenty of room to stuff your dogs favorite treat inside.

Most domesticated dogs simply get food put in front of them, this toy will stimulate your dogs brain in his hunt for food challenging even the hungriest of dogs.

Why not order a Kong Classic from this selection, you won't regret it and these are some of the cheapest prices around.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

I guess no dog toy is truly indestructible but the extreme Kong comes as close as you are going to get.

It is the choice of dog trainers, police forces and protection dog handlers due to it's quality and durability.

The extreme Kong is the one for you if you have a particularly strong chewer, even the largest dog with his stong jaws will struggle with this one.

Your dog soon learns not to chew as he is stimulated to find the food inside; which requires brain work, licking, bouncing and chaseing to release the treats inside deters the chewing action.

If your dog has demolished every other toy on the market then buy an extreme Kong today.

Puppy Kong and Senior Kong dog toys

Growing puppies love to chew, if you are not careful your puppy can damage his teeth or gums by chewing materials that are too tough or bits can break off and cause choking.

Older dogs with brittle teeth and weak gums run the risk of damaging their mouth if they chew unsuitable materials.

Kong have thought of this and developed two ranges with the rubber specifically designed and formulated for sensitive and brittle teeth.

Don't put your dogs health at risk, for puppies and older dogs this is the Kong you need.

Senior Kong Dog Toys and Chews

Kong Activity Dog Toys

Kong recognise that every dog is different, with a varied range of need and stimulation's.

Over the years the range has expanded to meet the requirements of all dog breeds and activities.

Kong Flyer- this toy is made of the flexible rubber which is ideal for flying and soft on the mouth, hours of fun and exercise for even the liveliest of dogs.

Kong Dental- the patented design reduces plaque and removes trapped food, it aids gentle teeth cleaning whilst staying soft on the mouth and gums.

Kong Treat Dispensers-keeps your dog occupied for hours and cleans teeth at same time thanks to patented ridge design.

Kong Wubba Dog Toys

Activity Dog Toys

Buy a Kong Activity Toy

Kong Tails- this is the ultimate activity toy from Kong, ideal for throwing, chasing, tugging and retrieval. Made with a classic Kong for variability of bounce on landing and has a durable nylon tail which flutters when thrown, this really gets your dogs attention and can be used as a toy or training aid.

Kong Retriever- classic Kong design with attached rope for easy throwing, developed to float high in water for dogs who love to swim, a must for any retriever.

Kong Tug- this is a new toy to the range, although I do not encourage tugging it is sometimes inevitable therefore it makes sense to do it in a controlled manner. Kong tug is designed for comfort to both owner and dog, no snap back prevents injury and strong material allows repeated use.

These Kong activity toys are a must for any active dog as they save you a lot of effort, whichever one you buy you will not be disappointed.

Kong Range of Dog Toys and Accessories

Kong have a massive range of toys, chews, training aids and activity toys, they cater for all breeds large and small and are of great value when you consider how much it costs to replace chewed toys.

Kong's are designed with your dog in mind from a health and stimulation point of view.

Whichever ever Kong you decide to buy you really will not be disappointed.

Here is a selection of the rest of the Kong Dog Range:

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    • Aiden Roberts profile image

      Aiden Roberts 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      It's true, even Labs can't get through them. All new Labrador owners should put a Kong first on the list.

    • profile image

      mulching attachment 7 years ago

      My two Labs, love to chew on their Kongs, it is fun to watch them try and get the food out of them.

    • Aiden Roberts profile image

      Aiden Roberts 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Steve

      That's right a Kong is more than just a toy. Lot's of owners use them when they have to pop out and leave the dog alone. Stuff a Kong with treats or paste and the dog will be so involved in getting the food he will forget you have gone.

      They are also great for play as they bounce in all different directions keeping the dog alert.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • profile image

      Steve 7 years ago

      Kong is a great item, it helps dogs during their playtime, but can also be of great help to dog separation anxiety. Very good article, very useful. Thanks.