Need help to sort out my little yorkie who ot had a good start in life

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    mimi48posted 6 years ago

    Need help to sort out my little yorkie who ot had a good start in life

    i have a rescue dog who was abused in his last home,he is fine with me and my partner,but does not let people in,he bites them also when hes outside,he is a great little chap,ive tried dog train,dog whisperer and they have said he may not change,how can I help this little chap.i got him from a rescue centre and dont think they have been told the truth by the previous owners

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    MrsHernandezposted 6 years ago

    After an animal has been abused they are hard to be calm with others when they get adapted.
    Just like humans they are still traumatized and need time to notice the difference.
    My recommendations are simple:

    1- Take your time with him.

    2- Show affection and security

    3- Don't try pushing him to get use to others. take one day at a time and wait until he feels more secure and relax around others.

    4 - Walk him a lot, and let him see other people and dogs to notice the interaction so then he will know how to react.

    5- Don't tease or let others do it, that behavior will make his attitude worse.

    He will come around and be better as long as he is healthy but will take a lot of your time to tame, just try not to repeat the abuse.

    Hope this can be helpful to you and wish you luck!

  3. Becky Katz profile image83
    Becky Katzposted 6 years ago

    Love him, comfort him and hold him so that he doesn't bite people. Showing your disapproval for him being aggressive will do more for him than anything else. Use 'disappointed, reproving' tone to tell him no when he is aggressive and 'happy' tone to say good boy when he is not.  He might never change but you will at least have tried and he might change.
    Do not let anyone abuse him again or he will revert back.