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Updated on July 27, 2010


This is the most romantic story one can imagine - about true love, dedication and faithfullness...and goodness in human heart, that already touched souls of many people in my country. This is story about 7 years long love between two beautiful birds and story about one great man who takes care about them with full heart and soul.

15 years ago female stork Malena ("the little one") was hurt by Italian hunters, her wing never fully recovered so she cannot fly any more. Since this accident, she was adopted by one loving man (Stjepan Vokic) who saved her life and who takes care about her all these years. Malena became special member of his family. Stjepan is not rich guy, he even had to cancell his cellphone to have enough money to feed Malena during the winter but he loves this bird so much that no sacrifice is difficult to him. This highly sensitive and intelligent creature certainly has special place in his warm heart.

8 years ago, Malena fell in love and found partner of her life, whom Stjepan gave name- Rodan. Couples of storks never separate - they live in monogamous relationships. Every autumn Rodan is temporary living her, because he flies away with other storks to Africa (Malena cannot do that any more because of broken wing). Of course, every springtime on exact same day and at same time (!) he faithfully comes back. For weeks before his return she is impatiently waiting for him on the roof, preparing the nest ...even watching video with two of them (!!!)

When happy couple finally meets, there is no end to joy and various expressions of love...till autumn does not bring painful moments of separation again. Rodan is not easily living his Malena and she is sad for weeks after he flyes away.

These two beautiful birds already raised up 32 little storks in last 8 years.

Several days ago, before Malena┬┤s Rodan returned, all TV stations and many newspapers in Croatia presented us this beautiful story...after that, many of us were in hearts and thoughts waiting together with Malena the day when her dearest one will come back, while flying in mind together with him, supporting him and sharing her impatience and care. Yesterday we heard on the news that Rodan is back again so their love story can happily continue fulfilling hearts of many people with joy .


Stjepan Vokic taking care about Malena and Rodan
Stjepan Vokic taking care about Malena and Rodan
Stork Malena
Stork Malena
Malena and Rodan in their nest
Malena and Rodan in their nest

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