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Updated on June 3, 2010


Being homosexual today is certainly not easy  and is very difficult challenge.70 countries in the world still criminalize homosexuality, many people find that homosexuality is "not-natural", that is some disease to be healed.

If parents have child that is homosexual, usually this is big shame and tragedy, parents and family feel that they should be blamed for mistakes in breeding and torture themselves for something nobody is guilty of. Actually there is no mistake, no problem to solve- for some people this is just natural instinct.

Even today, in 21st century, many people think they are not accepted by God and they are not allowed to experience paradise because of their sexual interests which differ from interests of majority - the truth is that society is the one that condemns, not the God. All holy books are written by priests.

At the same time while hypocritically preaching to the world "laws of god". the most holy people are not so holy in the practise: f.E. many catholic priests are well known to be homosexual.

Homosexuality has always been normal part of human life - in all cultures and all societies...from the beginning of human history.

Altough many of us think about themselves as they are not animals, our bodies certainly are - and do belong to the nature. In animal kingdom homosexuality is usual part of sexual behaviour among many species: dolphins, monkeys, lions....actualy up till now sciensts found more then 1500 species that regularly practise homosexuality ! So homosexuality is very natural.

I belive that trying to revert somebody who has natural homosexual instict is the same pressure as that somebody tries to revert heterosexual person to become homosexual - it just cannot work.

Is there today more homosexuals then usual? I doubt it. The percentage is same as always, but when there is 6 billion people on Earth using all kind of media it is very normal that homosexuality is more obvius, that is all.

In addition to that, we created problem from , for some people, normal part of gender expression. If we would accept it as normal and natural, it would immediately not represent problem any more. Sexuality is certainly not only part of life we need to think of, so if we do not see these people only in various sexual poses, this thing will stop to bother us.

Love is always - just love: not more, not less, some people express it on one way, some other on another way. That is all.


Bugis of Indonesia recognize 5 genders among the prople


While we make so big deal about something what is for some people normal and should be accepted as such, here is very healthy example from one part of Indonesia: the Bugis ethnic group (native to the Indonesian island of Sulawezi) recognize five gender cathegories and they belive that all 5 genders are here on this world to help us find balance, peace and prosperity.

The Bugis acknowledge three sexes (female, male, hermaphrodite), four genders (women, men, calabai, and calalai), and a fifth meta-gender group, the bissu. So for them is very normal to be "straight", "homosexual", "bisexual", "hermaphrodite", "asexual"..and they do not vaste their energy in condemning energies of nature - instead of that, they accept it as fully natural and bless diversity of this world . Such society is certainly very healthy and many people see it very shining example of peace and tolerance on this world.


Love is just love, people love on many various ways - from the beginning to the end of time love is the strongest power on this world, and if we let ourselves to learn that lesson from Bugis - life will certainly look much better. 


Please watch video presented on National Geographic:


Bugis of Indonesia recognize 5 genders




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