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Updated on June 3, 2010

Healing with drawings

This is very simple, ancient and highly effective technique which is especially useful for healing stubborn, chronic health disorders. It is very difficult to cope with chronic health disorders, because people get used to them, so new healthy pattern so often seems unreachable, despite the most effective treatments and healing techniques.

Chronic health problem is like vicious circle, for brain, it is like virus on PC, so this program needs to be deleted on symbolic and effective way, so brain could be able to see our intention and successfully register the change.

Drawings are powerful symbols, and human brain does not distinct symbols from reality - our intention is that one which matters.

Healing technique with drawings -

Step 1.

Draw yourself on the way that your illness is shown on the drawing.

Step 2.

Burn your drawing.

The best is to create a small ritual of it in which you will let go your illness with the gratitude because your illness was your teacher for a while. We all learn something while being ill, or this illness was our protector from some other unconvinient life-situations. But, when the time comes, healthy state needs to be established again.

Create the healthy state

Step 3.

Make new drawing of yourself, by being healthy and joyfull.

Step 4.

Put new drawing on the visible place, where you can look at it every day, on that way you will daily give the energy to your health - goal.

How this drawing technique affects the brain?

By doing all that , what is really happening in the brain?

When we are not healthy, our brain constantly receives the message of illness (and suffering) and repeatedly creates brain map of illness. This holographic picture in the brain, by passing the time, becomes almost permanent. As long as vision exists in our mind, it must be materialized, does not matter if we want that or not. Once established vision of ourselves is not easy to change , even when we intent to become healthy again. Old brain map of illness can be very stubborn, so whatever new we try, just does not work.

By burning the drawing (or photo) brain gets information that the time came to switch of brain-map of illness. The vision of illness becomes destroyed. Brain registers that and start the process of deleting old programm of illness. Fire is very effective way to do it - in our memory, fire has the strongest and quickest cleansing abilities.

Ritual can be repeated several times, if needed. In the meantime, one will notice, that on every new drawing health disorder looks less dangerous and smaller.

By drawing the new picture, we set up a new goal and start to create new holographic picture, new brain map. This is very powerful tool in healing. While looking that drawing every day, we will establish habit of seeing ourselves healthy - in our mind, and every time will be giving energy to this drawing, to our goal.

Does it mean that we do not need anything but drawings? Not really. The drawing of healthy state will attract the right treatmants or/and remedies which will help to achieve desired state.

This healing technique could be used for both adults and children - the age is not important, just a little bit of creativity and right intention. Drawings can be black and white or coloured, it does not matter. (We can also use the photography on which we can draw our disorder and burn it afterwards.)

Try it - it really works.


My services and pricing

I provide the following services, while on-line:

  1. E-mail healing consultations
  2. Long-distance healing (Bio-energy, Reiki, radionics)
  3. Recommendation and sale of remedies as: Native Remedies (homeopatics or herbal) Bach flower´s remedies, Cristal essences. All this remedies are of highest quality, and have also money-back guarantee in case people are not satisfied.
  4. Prepare individual homeopathic/remedies which completely match the need of my clients and are highly efficient: I can combine much more remedies and healing vibrations then any of the companies which produce them for massive use.


1. E-mail healing consultations are great for the people who are a lot on-line, or because of various reasons have no opportunity or wish to go directly on appointment with healer.

They include:

  • communications through the e-mail or directly through the chat service
  • recommendation of must appropriate remedies (homeopathic or/and herbal)recommendation of most appropriate diet
  • radiestesy analysis with pendulum
  • The price of consultation is 50 US$.

2. If someone is interested in long-distance healing (reiki, bio-energy, radionics), WHICH IS ALSO HIGLY EFFICIENT, you can contact me through my e-mail

  • Price for 30-40 minutes healing treatment is usually 25 US$ - or 30$ per hour. Number of treatments needed vary from person to person.

3. Price of Native remedies and Bach flowers is circa 25 - 40 US$ per remedy

4. Price of my homeopathics/radionics remedies is circa 25 US $ per remedy.


I wish you all the best health possible,

Tatiana-Michaela Pribic

Usui and Karuna Reiki teacher and alternative healer

Links to my Health Hubs




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