Self-care for artists

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    healinghands1668posted 4 years ago

    I am a massage therapist writing a self-care manual for artists. It will actually be a revision of one I did for an artist friend of mine whilst I was still a student, but this time I want to make it relevant to a broader audience. So, that being said, there are some questions I would like to pose to the artists on Hubpages. Answers are very much appreciated, as they will give me some much-needed direction and focus.

    1.) What day-to-day aspect of your chosen career do you find most difficult or challenging?

    2.) On any given day, generally speaking, what is it necessary for you to accomplish professionally? For example, a certain number of pages, networking, sending out samples, ect.

    3.) Which areas of your body tend to ache the most?

    4.) What's one thing you wish you had more time for?

    5.) What are some things you do to relax?

    And finally, 6.) What is a question you would like answered about self-care?

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      Hui (蕙)posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I am a fashion designer, and make embroidery projects and crafts, not sure I am an artist, but I'd like to answer those questions.

      1) For the design, all my fashion designing involve dress style and embroidery patterns. Then, when I catch an idea about a dress, I need to think the fabric material, the color, the pattern, where to land the embroidery part, and for what group of people. So, the most challenging is to know the understanding and attitudes of potential customers for wearings. For the embroidery work, which I believe is a form of fine art,  it is how to use needles and threads to make a good piece of art. For example, when embroidery a cat, the cat must look vividly like in a good painting.

      2) For the designing, I only finish one at most. I usually do pencil drawing first, then put it in a three dimensional space of my software to check various colors, various figures, and ask opinions from others sometimes. For the embroidery, it depends on the project, how big and how complex. For the one below in the picture (still in the middle of the work), I finished the first peacock and the below flower in one day continuous work. If you want a professional embroidery work, you should put a lot thoughts in it. Every part is not only one layer. I guess I am a slow worker!

      3) The top back, i.e. ends of arms.

      4) Go outdoor, to observe all those things that could appear in my work, such as flowers, tree leaves, and women wearing styles. Actually, it is relax both in mind and in body at a time.

      5) Physical exercises (I like Hula Hoop, and Yoga), take a walk in a quiet area (e.g. rive bank), and listen to music (light music and popular songs). Actually, I so love dance, but few chances to do it.

      6) Is social activities helpful, and to what degree?