1. Blessdanovelize profile image50
    Blessdanovelizeposted 10 years ago

    Finally She call
    Me again
    So that we can talk
    Or at least that's what I thought
    She scream on her end of the phone
    My ears hurt at my end
    In Conclusion
    We not lovers
    We not Friends
    & never going to talk again
    Or at least I
    She had the first and last word
    Or what I like to say
    She yell until my phone die out
    Never let me Speak
    See Ya women Never Listen
    & Ya Wonder
    Why ya so unhappy
    In ya relationships
    It's not my fault
    Communication is a Two way streets
    So let us men speak from time to time
    I listen to her
    Trust me she never heard a word I said