Martial Arts Do's and Dont's.

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    Amber Kornposted 9 years ago

    I have been in Martial Arts most of my life,  I have trained in several diffrent syles.  Recently I was asked to go to the abused women shelter to train women in self-defense.  I was actually appalled at the situation I was walking into.  The person that had previously been teaching the class had a very narrowed look at the whole picture.  Meaning this.......  Not everyone is prepared to take it to the mat.  Let me explain....  I personally grew up learning that either you defend yourself,  or you get the crap kicked out of you daily.  Whether or not I liked it, I learned the meaning of the word "HEART"  This is the most important part of the fight,  because without it,  no matter what "Classroom trained Self Defense"  you have learned and no matter the belt you achieve......  In a real fight that isn't judge by a point system,  YOU WILL LOSE.  Nothing breaks my heart more than admitting that.  I watched these women who believe that what they were taught will protect them.  Unfortunately,  all it will most likely do is get them  hurt or killed if they try to exhibit their newly found art against their attacker.  I know that sounds harsh,   not to say that if they were using their Self Defense training against a stranger that it wouldn't work.........  Most will be trying it out on the person that knows them and has also abused them before.   I have met women who have been abused all of their lives, that did have the aggression and anger it takes to commit to the action of hurting someone who has hurt them.   Most women who have been beaten all of their lives are beaten down to the point they have no self esteem.  If you don't have that,  it is almost impossible to carry through with total confidence in your self defense method,  resulting in the hesatation,  that will allow their attacker to recipracate with a even more furious reaction.  If you are being abused or have questions,  please E-mail me back and I will help in anyway I can.
    A. Korn

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      defenderposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Interesting comments Amber. I agree with a lot of what you said. I wish more self defense instruction included discussion about self esteem. What did you teach that class when you took over?

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        Amber Kornposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you.   Jeet Kune Do...  is what I have extensive training in.  Comprised of 26 forms of martial arts.  I have also trained in  Bushido,  Krav Magna, and Dim Mak, is one of my favorite,  However it took three years of training in healing Methods before the actual defense training started.  The training for the women is based on several aspects:  Both physical and Mental.