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Top Paying Best Hot Jobs in Philippines

Updated on March 26, 2013

Philippines and its high paying career options

The republic of Philippines is a South Asian country towards west of Pacific Ocean. It is the world’s 12 most densely populated country with an estimated population close to 92 million. Philippines is expected to bounce back in its economic situations in the coming years. It is estimated that the country will be earning largely from IT and electronics sector, BPO segment, retail, property, tourism and agriculture business. These few segments are supposed to give a great economic rise to the country.

Philippines is a place for a large number of career options. It gives caters to international job seekers as well. Since it has a number of job options available people can make choice for their career in respective fields depending upon the selection criteria. Some of the career options that Philippines offer include:

Manila Skyline, Philippines
Manila Skyline, Philippines

Wow Philippines

Call Center Jobs

  • One of the most easily available and highly paying jobs is of call centers. This is the kind of alternative which is a source of income for many people. The best part of this is that it is open to even students who are looking to start their career. This gives a good start as there are multiple call centers open, in fact almost every firm has their own customer care center, so people willing to serve the customers are most welcomed. Another reason why this industry is very popular is, people from almost every field are open to join even if they are not graduated.

One basic skill that a BPO agent is expected to have is good command over the local language, patience, cheerfulness and confidence as most of the business is done over the phone. Nearly every company pays around $300 per month which is close to 15000 pesos. This is a good start for people who want to start earning as early as possible. It is expected that the BPO segment is going to expand around $9.5 - $12 billion in the following years.

It is not necessary that people shall get jobs that are voice based but call center do offers back office services like finance, designer and various corporate services.

Technical Support Jobs

  • Similar to the BPO segment another highly paying job is the job in technical support. These jobs fall in the category of the business process that act as an outsourcing medium for many companies. They are business based and are dealing with various sectors. So people who have some technical background can join these sectors that provide technical support to most of the companies that are dealing with electronics, mobiles, banks, computers and even service providers that have their own internet connectivity.

The trend of this sector is upward because most of the companies believe that giving the best solution to their customers will give them the best business. So most of the companies have hired or have open technical support centers for their users. These can be either voice based or can even be working only on emails and chats.

Jobs in the Medical Profession

  • Apart from customer service sector Philippines is still in demand for many medical professionals like doctors and nurses. However nursing is still one of the highly paid professions in medical field. Registered nurses are always in demand by most of the hospitals that are private and government based. It has been observed that most of the girls still opt for this profession in spite of the hard work that it requires. This field not only gives good salary but also gives respect.

IT Jobs

  • The jobs of IT professionals in Philippines is still in demand. With most of the companies now believing in internet marketing the demand of the IT people is also increasing. Most of the bigger firms are coming with big projects which require people who are technically qualified. Therefore people from various technical backgrounds can apply for jobs. Getting the right salary depends on the skills of the professional as the companies can pay good salaries for people who are well qualified.

Jobs in Sales and Marketing

  • For women who are good at their marketing skills can get highly paying jobs in this country as multiplexes and similar projects are always coming up. So malls and other multiplexes require women in their sales department. Thus women can look for these opportunities with big shopping complexes as they pay really well.

Jobs in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

  • Tourism and hospitality is yet another alternative open for the people who have tourism or hospitality background. This industry accounts well to the economy of Philippines so a large number of skilled professionals are always in demand like the chefs, crew, accountants, receptionist and so many other people that serve the hospitality industry.

Jobs in Manufacturing Sector

  • Manufacturing and labor jobs are also highly in demand. People ready to relocate can work with various firms as they have so many projects and they are always running short of manual labors. So people who want to earn a handsome amount but are not much educated can get some of the best options in this industry.

Apart from these many online jobs for teachers and virtual assistants are also available. Philippines’ offers many opportunities to people but all depends on individual skill and how one can use them to get the best job.


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