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High Demand Jobs In the Best American Cities

Updated on May 11, 2015
Some of America's Best Cities are in Colorado.
Some of America's Best Cities are in Colorado. | Source

Best Places to Live 2000 - 2020 and Their Jobs

Money Magazine highlighted ten cities and towns in the US that appeared as the Top 10 highest listed in the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America. Looking at the history of these Top 10 Best Places, they are suburbs of large, expanding metropolitan areas that demonstrated economic growth despite the Great Recession from 2008 - 2010. The Best Cities have been recognized in various slots among the Top 100 for a number of years and will likely remain high on the list the 2020.

The Top 10 Best Places to Live offer residents and business concerns affordable housing and commercial properties, substantial business incentives, low crime rates, successful school systems, effective transportation infrastructures, planned ongoing urban revitalization, lively arts and cultural attractions, entertainment and nightlife, a substantial number of job openings; and room to grow. All of these cities and towns have adopted green living and Eco-friendly job development as well as to offer something unique to draw new residents and businesses.

The Best Place to Live in the United States

1. Louisville CO - Located between Boulder and Denver, this smaller town offers a lot of character as the Best Place to Live in America according to Money Magazine for over a decade, with a small- town community emphasis. It is a place that supports healthy business of its own as well as its proximity to the big cities. A local business park development offers ample room to expand and bring in new businesses.

For a complete City review and job trend analysis, visit the link HERE.

Economic Recovery Began for Louisville Co in 2010 - 2011.

Jobs have been on the upswing overall since 2011.
Jobs have been on the upswing overall since 2011. | Source

Louisville CO

A markerLouisville CO -
Louisville, CO, USA
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2. Chanhassen MN- Near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Chanhassen is a friendly city that is growing as a suburb and in its own right. Numerous jobs are available in Sales, Teaching, and Business Analysis, Accounting, Software Engineering, and Physical Therapy. It is a diverse area, including various religions and cultures. The largest local employer is Rosemount, Inc. (Aerospace and Electrical). Job listings peaked in June '09, declined somewhat, but rose higher than June's figures, beginning in September '09. Jobs are expected to increase in number in the future in this Second Best Place to Live in America. Visit Chanhassen HERE.

3. Papillion NE- Named after the butterfly, this city is also home to several dog breeders of the canine known as the Papillion. Unemployment in Papillion is only half that of the rest of the US on average. It is a Child Safety Community that features many greenways and conservation initiatives. A diverse industrial base offers numerous job openings in Business Management, Healthcare, Food Services, Sales, and IT Engineering. The Downtown area is a richly revitalized business and residential place, not far from the many postsecondary schools in the area. Click this link for more information and job trends.

4. Middleton WI - National Mustard Day and the National Mustard Museum give Middleton a unique personality just outside of Madison and Lake Mendota. This personality goes hand-in-hand with the continually revitalized and developed Downtown Middleton and its community business and residential activities. Leading high demand jobs include IT, Sales, and Healthcare positions, as well as Business Analysis and Management. See Middleton.

National Mustard Day happens in Middleton WI.
National Mustard Day happens in Middleton WI. | Source

5. Milton MA- Milton is in need of workers in Insurance, Healthcare, and IT/Computers, as well as in other fields, because of its proximity to several major nation hospitals and universities. These institutions work with local governments and business in order to provide a seamless transition from education to internship to career, and provide impetus for developing new jobs in emerging technologies. This Boston suburb needs new workers to fill thousands of jobs within a 25 mile radius. Click this link.

6. Warren NJ- Warren is also a Best Place to Live and offers numerous job openings in town and in nearby Newark, New Brunswick, and other cities. Education in dozens of colleges, universities and technical/career schools combine with an enormous number of major local and regional hospitals to offer new employment opportunities in Healthcare and IT. The hospitals are particularly amazing in their research and new treatment techniques. Warren NJ.

7. Keller TX- A church near Keller, Texas was the inspiration for the novel and movie Lonesome Dove. This is another fast-growing suburb of the gigantic Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area. Just north of Fort Worth/Dallas, it enjoys access to 50,000+ job openings (Nov. '09). Healthcare is in need of many workers in nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and other health/medical positions. Both seasonal and permanent work at Six Flags Over Texas. Visit Keller TX.

Texas Longhorn
Texas Longhorn | Source

8. Peachtree City GA - This lovely city of the South is different, because it is the Golf Cart Capital of the world. There are over 10,000 registered golf carts in the city and residents use them often instead of cars on 100 miles of specially paved paths. Covered bridges on these paths cross over the highways. Kids even drive them to school. A suburb of Atlanta, Peachtree City joins Alpharetta and other fast-growing suburbs as fantastic places to live. Visit Peachtree City.

9. Lake St. Louis MO- This upscale community began as a planned private resort area and exceeded planners' expectations and its boundaries to become a large, successful suburb just west of St. Louis and east of Meramac Caverns, off I-70 and I-40. Route 66 is also nearby, to round out the historic past, present, and future of this suburb as it expands with St. Louis. It sports its own lakes and golf courses as well for outdoor sports and recreation to add to the cultural and nightlife entertainment. See Lake St. Louis.

10. Mukilteo WA- In 10/09, the Unemployment Rate here was HALF that of the nation, making it a great place to live and work. This historic city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest is a Seattle suburb to the north, well connected by commuter rail. Before 2020, a higher-speed commuter rail service will be offered to cover the 25 miles in record breaking time. Other improvements are are the horizon as this city plans its own successful development. Over 35,000 jobs were open in the 39 miles between Everett and Seattle in November, '09; with jobs increasing overall through May 2015. For additional insight click HERE.

© 2009 Patty Inglish

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    • profile image

      directsaurabh 8 years ago

      I have hardly heard these names earlier. Thanks

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 8 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      You do well to stick close to your parents, so unselfishly, lest they need you. In the future, you will have many years to explore. Cheers!

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Reading this hub makes me want to travel to all of these different places, Patty. Time and again, I thought about moving away to some distant place to start life anew but worry about my parent's health as I don't want to be too far away from them. Aside from that, I don't have anything tying me down at the present moment. Thank you for a wonderful and informative hub and thank you for the links. I'll certainly look into them.