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How to motivate people, The core theory of motivation

Updated on November 29, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Motivation redefined

Stay motivated, motivation redefined
Stay motivated, motivation redefined


Mainly motivation of a person has two reasons.

1. Pain
2. Pleasure

Either we do things to escape from pain or gaining some pleasure. For example, if you are working on losing some weight, the reason for doing so is to feel good or you are frustrated about your weight and appearance. If you are doing it for staying healthy, and feel good you are doing it for your pleasure aspect.

On the other hand, people those who see you always mention about your weight and appearance or you are tired of your weight as it is painful for you to move around and you want to avoid such painful events, then your motivating factor is the pain.

So whatever you do, you do it to avoid pain or gaining pleasure. If you are working, you are doing it for gaining some money or you love to do it as it helps you to have fun or meeting new people which you like. There are two aspects. One is to avoid pain and the other is to gain pleasure.

Pain aspect of motivation

For example, you decided to lose some weight to avoid nagging by the people around you or avoid the pain of your joints, which are aching due to overweight. During the course of the weight loss program, you have to avoid many things such as ice cream, meat or food with high fat or sugar. You have to avoid many dishes which you have enjoyed earlier. It would be a very difficult task for you. You may need pushing from an outside source, very often, to complete the program. You hate to do it but still, you have to do it. To achieve the objective of losing weight you have to do exercises very often which you dislike.

Still, you do whatever it cost, because you have a goal in front of you. Achieving the goal is most satisfying situation than you stay overweight and feel the pain in your joints and stay out of shape.

Pleasure aspect of motivation

You know people who are going for skating or climbing mountains is doing it to get some pleasure. Or they are enjoying that event which allows them to see new places or enjoy nature. They are ready to take the pain to reach the hight of the mountain. Reaching the top of the mountain is their pleasure. Many are doing it for pleasure. But the guides who lead the trekking group is doing it for getting some money. They are doing it for avoiding the pain. The pain of lack of food and other necessities.

But the important thing is that if you do something for getting the pleasure, then you would be enjoying while doing it even if it is painful. For example, climbing a mountain is a painful task. But people enjoy it while doing it. They never feel it is very difficult even though it is very difficult and painful and involve many activities, money, and dangerous situations. Why they do not feel that pain or difficulty while climbing the mountain? The answer to this question is the essence of motivation.

In short, if you do something for the pleasure, whatever it is, you would never feel the pain. On the other hand, if you do something to avoid the pain, it would be a painful task and you'll have to push yourself very hard to reach the goal.

True motivation

When you know this truth, when you enjoy doing what you do, that is the true motivation. Do it for pleasure. Not for avoiding the pain. That is what all the motivational "guru's" are trying to tell you. Do whatever you do for the pleasure aspect.

If you want to lose weight, imagine that healthy, skinny, happy and slim body shape in your dreams. Imagine yourself running around with your kids or friends. Imagine a situation where you can eat whatever you want to eat and drink. Then your loss weight program would be much easier and help you stay in the course till you reach your goal. Do not look at the pain aspect of the weightloss program. Do not think that it is hard and cannot do it.

When you eat salads and vegetables and other healthy food, enjoy it. Don't think it is a burdensome task. Eat only when you feel hungry. When you feel hungry, whatever you eat will taste good. If you are full, you won't feel good about the taste of salads. So wait for you to feel hungry. Keep away from places where food is freely available. That is the trick of the game.

In short, find out the pleasure aspect of your goal. Pleasure side of your work or task in your hand. Then imagine and feel how it would be if you complete the task. It'll motivate you to do better than excellent.

How can you motivate yourself.

Now you know what makes a person motivated. Constantly reminding yourselves the pleasure aspect of the outcome is the best way to motivate yourself. Reminding the pain aspect will not help you to stay in the course. It is the human tendency to always talk about the pain aspect of life than the pleasureful events of the life. Looking at the pleasurable moments will help people to forget the short-term pain and difficulties. So, if you truly want to motivate one person, help him to look at the pleasure aspect of the outcome.

Reaching the height of the mountain is a pleasurable event. That will help the climber to forget the short-term pain and difficulties. Living a healthy life will help people to leave their smoking habit. Take out a pen and a paper and write down your goal in the top of the paper. Divide the page into two and then write down the pleasure aspect of the goal in the left side and pain aspect of your goal in the right side. Create a picture of you when you complete that goal in your mind. Create that colorful picture with the pleasure aspect of the goal and keep it with you always. Forget the pain aspect and go for it with a smiling face.

Focusing on the pleasure aspect every day will help you to complete your goal fast and easy. If you focus on the pain aspect of your goal, it would be very difficult for you to complete it and would take time and efforts. You have to drag yourself to complete the task.

What you want in your life, is it money, fame or leaving those bad habits? Whatever is it, you can complete it with much ease, if you only focus on the pleasure aspect. It would be a joy to follow your dreams if you focus on the pleasure aspect. And that is the best way to do it. Just go and do it.


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