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Most Annoying Work Habits

Updated on September 26, 2012

This hub contains work habits that could irritate colleagues.

My friend once quoted "We work to live not we live to work." I was wondering what he means by this, after pondering for few days I realized that, earning a living is indeed essential for the income we generate after hard days work will supplement us with the needs and even luxuries in life in order to survive each day. While earning it is vital not to be a slave to our respective jobs, in other words, we must find ways to relax and unwind sometimes, not just we set our sight at the earnings we could get.
It is given that we must work with high degree of professionality to deliver optimum results but oftentimes as humans we tend to have some work habits that can be annoying to others. Doing our jobs with bad habits will certainly anger colleagues and superiors and could even inflict a resounding blow to performance and image.

Here are some annoying work habits according to Washington Post, this is in no particular order:

Loud phone conversations - It is okay to have phone calls from love ones and acquaintances but having a conversation with them in a manner that you are creating noise will surely give them a shaky heads, you might disturbing their focus doing their tasks. Try to lower your voice and as much as possible limit the time you converse in a phone (if it is not necessary) because that is a company's property, to allow others to use it or to receive incoming calls which can be more urgent.

Use of speaker phones
- Unpleasant sight, avoid using speakerphones to avoid getting the attention of colleagues. Giving your colleagues the impression that you are relaxed and having some good time is a pain in the neck on you in the days ahead for it will certainly dismay your co-workers. Using speakerphones will instantly make you a target for stinging criticisms.

Constant complaints with workloads - Complaining about workloads will indeed give someone a bad taste in the mouth especially if it is dished out constantly. Love your work, try to be organized and endure any tasks given to you, complaining will certainly not help you finish your work and might affect your performance if you keep on doing this habit.

Cliques among co-workers - Colleagues forming an exclusive group binded by common interest, purpose or views during work will certainly make others feel left-out.

Arriving late to work - Sometimes coming to work late is unavoidable, but doing this occasionally will certainly tarnish your image. (A tip for being late, just say sorry to your superiors and only say the reason if you are asked to).

Talking to oneself - Doing this might let your colleagues think that you are going nuts hehehe. Psychologically self-talk can boosts confidence but doing it all the time is no longer normal, and not plausible.

Talking to co-workers over cubicle walls - If it is not necessary avoid talking to your colleagues over cubicle walls this might disturb your colleagues with their work.

Bad Hygiene - Be sure to work neat and clean at all times. Who will love to work with a colleague that stinks?

Loud Eating
- Eat quietly hehehe people might think you as a noisy glutton if you eat loud. People tend to judge others with table manners.

Other annoying work habits includes:
Getting absent in work without good reason, failure to do a job on time, and inability to bond well with colleagues.

Funny thing here is, people doing these irritating work habits are not confronted because they can be as guilty themselves.

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