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The Importance of Leadership and How to be a Good Leader

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Essence of Leadership and Ways to be a Good Leader

Any team in any field of expertise needs a leader to pull through and obtain desirable outcomes and success, otherwise all efforts whipped out will be out of sync and goals will be out of reach. A leader need not be old, for as long as he has ample knowledge and wisdom, necessary skills and appropriate attitude, tough and mundane tasks will be doable with zest and gusto.

A leader must be equipped with a brave heart to withstand internal and external pressures, for if not, the boat which he steers will sink. Yes, a leader is like the captain of a ship and should be an expert skipper, so that they will cruise through a course to the right direction utilizing resources efficiently and moving at the right pace.

Here are some effective tips and pointers to be a good leader:

  • A leader must know to strike the guts of his target, without hurting someone’s self-esteem, give reprimands to those who are not productive whilst recurrently give nod, praises and recognitions to individuals, who are performing well. Motivation should also be given to keep their spirits high.
  • A good leader is a good follower. If rules are set then the leader should be the first one to be under it and should serve as a good role model to all as much as possible.
  • A good leader must be capable of handing out concrete and viable decisions at all times, if not problems great or small may derail performance and productivity.
  • A good leader should be unbiased and all of his dealings should be fair and square. People tend to look up to a leader and it is a pity not to live up to the expectations. Additionally, a leader must think of the welfare of the majority.
  • A good leader must be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of many and these good deeds will resonate to each of the members of the team and soon enough, members will give their due share and will exhibit pleasant attitude.

  • A good leader must be expert in knowing when things seemed to be not in equilibrium by virtue of solving conflicts, and eliminating obstacles. It will also help if a leader is stable and consistent.
  • A good leader is also a good problem solver. Keep in mind that the ability to come up with rock-hard solutions in times of troubles and even crisis is the benchmark of good leadership.
  • A good leader should also have the fervor and fire in tormenting any odds and challenges along the way.
  • A good leader must be oozing with immense charisma. It is true that you cannot please everyone else, but at least you can be pleasant to everybody.
  • Ability to make adjustments is one of the most important attributes a leader should have.
  • Ability to make changes is also vital to a leader, although this can be a tough task do. If possible get rid of attitudes that disrupt the team’s progress and irks most of his members.
  • A good leader must have the commitment and dedication towards his tasks, so that people will perceive you as unyielding, mature and consistent.
  • A good leader is careful with every word he utters. Keep in mind that hurtful words can be as sharp as a dagger. It is wise to say few words and let your actions do the talking. But he is free to voice out thoughts and feelings if rights are trampled already.
  • Do not assail any of your members if you are a leader, will it be face to face or via back door, bear in mind that retaliation can be a bitter pill to swallow and besides kinks can be ironed out one after the other though it may take some time and great effort in doing so.
  • A good leader knows the word empathy well, which is the ability to listen and speak sensibly at the most opportune time.
  • A good leader knows the value of winning and losing.


Parting words

Being a leader requires a lot of difficulties and responsibilities, and is vital to be smart, sincere and brave at all times.

(This is for Ma'm Chona my colleague in the school I work, she need this for her masteral.)


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