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The Desirable Qualities of an Applicant

Updated on May 7, 2011

“The job will teach you how to do it,” but before experiencing how to have a job you have to get through the eye of the needle first.

Finding job nowadays is indeed difficult, the competition is so stiff no thanks to the global economic crisis we’re facing right now. Applying requires a lot of rituals hehehe you must be well-dressed (as if your going to birthday bash or a wedding ceremony nyahahaha), well-rehearsed in answering typical interview answers, well-prepared for a demonstration (for teaching positions), need to review and recall previous knowledge obtained in college (for battery tests) and well-prepared with your portfolios and pertinent documents. As an applicant you must know what lies ahead of you, to have a clear understanding of what the competencies needed by an industry or an organization. My seminar taught me that competencies are actually sets of skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed in a workplace, efficient tools that could help you perform well in your job or in the tasks given to you.

Employers now are putting premiums on the ability of an employee to master competencies to produce exemplary outcomes.

Here are the lists of competencies the employers are looking for in an applicant.


The ability to give an all-out effort and focus in every task given will help you earn good or even excellent results. This is the much needed drive to work well no matter what. Commitment is synonymous to love of work.

Interpersonal Abilities

This is your ability to gel well or to have a working chemistry with your colleagues to your workgroup. Relating well with individuals around you, triggering others to perform well with their own tasks and preventing and overcoming imminent conflict with co-workers forms the core of interpersonal abilities.


The sayings “No man is an island,” and “It takes two tango,” are a testament that humans are social creatures and are interdependent of each other. A good team player knows the words empathy, flexibility and initiative. Many jobs nowadays is associated with working in one or more workgroups, thus the ability to work with others well professionally could stir your group to accomplished a common goal.

Communications Skill

Without communications we’re helpless. The ability to listen and speak well truly exhibits great personality. Conveying information in a very clear manner will guarantee that your co-worker(s) understand the information or message.


The willingness to make adjustments to the needs and goals of the organization will help you how to align yourself in the system to be productive and prolific.


This is your ability to give steady performance in a day-to-day basis. Always ready and eager to get down and dirty to get the job well done all the time. This is also the ability to take full responsibility of every actions made.


Passion has something to do with being enthusiastic with work and always have the positive attitude. The energy and drive to give your all in your work.


Sometimes you need to work on your own with minimal supervision. Carrot approach is not in the vocabulary of a future professional like you

Willingness to Learn

The ability to learn and acquire new knowledge, techniques and skills needed in the workplace. Remember that jobs are constantly changing it is always a wise move to be updated with the trend. Attending seminars, workshops and trainings related to your work and career will surely bolster your stock and help you snatch the elusive and much coveted promotions or increase in salary.


Always feel confident with your abilities and to the things you can give to the organizations. Be heard and try your best to stand out from the rest. Walk the talk though, If you can say it you can do it, otherwise you'll be called boastful and inept.


If you’re rewarded well with your work, getting due recognition and paid fair and square, stay to your organization. Its difficult to keep on moving from one work to another since you’ll need to make inevitable adjustments and changes.

Computer Literate

Computer skills are now a must in today’s applicants especially the MS Word, Excel and Internet browsing (making electronic mails or e-mails and researching).

Knowing to Respect Other’s Culture

This is the ability to be sensitive and aware of the different people around you, like their beliefs, religious practices, cultures and traditions.

Results Oriented

Getting the job done with exemplary results. Work must be free from errors, at par with the standards or better, and must be clean and neat.

Managing Change

Must be supportive with the changes or innovations the organization makes for improvement and effectiveness.

Problem Solving Skill

Your ability to detect problems, find possible solutions and be a part of solving the problems and issues that could pose a threat to the organization.

Decision Making Skill

Ability to take action or make innovations or initiative when a need for it arises will be a sure merit to you and will be appreciated by any organization.


Working to the best of your capabilities, doing the right thing always, and a great role model and inspiration to others is what excellence is all about.

I hope this hub will work well with you good luck with your job hunting endeavors.


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    • GeneralHowitzer profile image

      Gener Geminiano 8 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Yeah your right there reetaulk... no doubt about that... thanks for dropping by and commenting...

    • profile image

      reeltaulk 8 years ago

      At the end of the day loyalty---Period. Performance, professionalism as well as efficiency plays a major role, but loyalty is at the top of the list. You will be forced to perform as well as compete because most employers love hard workers. Regardless of your experience or degree, they will discipline and train you on how they want things done as well as how they would like for you to do the job.